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Monday, November 25, 2013

Survivor Series 2013 - Is this episode of Raw over yet?

People Power returns! To shill merch with the lower-mid card!

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that I said when I started this blog that I didn't want it to turn into me complaining about wrestling but I just wanted to do a quick recap of Survivor Series results and my thoughts. The preface is necessary because Survivor Series was just kinda there. A few memorable moments but honestly, nothing more interesting than could happen on any episode of Raw.

I got to watch the pay-per-view over a friend’s house so at least I didn’t have to pony up the $50 or whatever it is now to buy a WWE PPV. The running joke over the course of the night was that Survivor Series (or Surbibor Series if you’re Alberto Del Rio) was “the worst episode of Raw ever” and while that’s a bit of an embellishment, it was also pretty apt. Besides Mark Henry’s return and John Laurenitis showing up during a WWE Power Slammers commercial (nothing like in-house ads during programming you pay extra for), nothing really stood out as memorable about the show.

Except Zeb twerking. That was pretty memorable.

The show started with Miz and Kofi in the pre-show match. This feud is already kinda ridiculous in how it’s being presented. First, Miz bails on Kofi during a tag team match. Then, Miz says on commentary that he did it, not because he’s a jerk, but because he wants to help Kofi! He did it so that he and Kofi would have a match at Survivor Series and it would be awesome or something! Okay? The match itself sure was a match but it got even more confusing as Miz offered a handshake to Kofi after the match…and Kofi slapped him! What?? So try to follow – Miz pulls a heel move by bailing on Kofi. Miz says he did it with good intentions so they would have a match. Miz wins the match and tries to shake Kofi’s hand (a face move) but Kofi slaps him instead. I guess Kofi is a heel now? Who knows – I sure don’t.

Triple H and Stephanie came out before the first match to tell everyone that there wouldn’t be any physical interference in any match at Survivor Series. Which, come on, you all know what that means.

The show proper opened with the 5-on-5 elimination match between The Shield and Real Americans versus the Usos, Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio. Solid match overall. Dean Ambrose was eliminated first, followed by the Real Americans, leaving only Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Reigns went full-on beast mode, spearing an Uso, Cody, Goldust and Rey to pick up the win. Ambrose will surely have something to say about being the first eliminated or that he is still superior to Reigns since he has a title. It definitely seems like they are gearing up for a Reigns face turn, though. Lawler even said something to the effect of, “You did it, big guy!” about Reigns as the segment was ending, basically cementing the idea that he’ll turn soon.

Every spear Reigns hit at Survivor Series

Big E continued being awesome by beating Curtis Axel in his Intercontinental title rematch. Nothing much else to write about. I’ll be surprised if Axel doesn’t disappear into obscurity now. The only other thing this brought to mind was I hope Big E’s newfound popularity can maybe help get Dolph Ziggler back on TV. They were in a tag match together the other week so there’s hope.

The Divas elimination match wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it was still pretty bland. It was weird how sometimes a Diva would tag in, have one move done to her, and get pinned. But considering how much time they usually give one-on-one Divas matches, they probably wanted to get a 7-on-7 done as quickly as possible. Nikki Bella and Summer Rae had a brief dance battle and The Worm made an appearance on WWE TV again.  Natalya eventually got the win when she made AJ tap with the Sharpshooter.

Nice moves, but you're still no Summer Rae, Nikki

Ryback also continued being awesome, interrupting the panel consisting of Mick Foley, Bret Hart and Booker T that was being hosted by Josh Matthews. The Big Guy basically continued his new bully gimmick, talking down to the crowd and the legends he interrupted when he came out. He issued an open challenge that was answered by a returning Mark Henry, who is still in Rick Ross mode. Decent but short match with Henry picking up the win after a World’s Strongest Slam.

John Cena successfully defended his World Heavyweight title against Alberto Del Rio in a very solid match. Cena and ADR are two guys who don’t get a whole lot of credit from the “hardcore/IWC” fans but they put on a really good match last night. Nothing really stood out but it was solid nonetheless.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were victorious against the Wyatt Family in a great match that I only wish could have been every match on the card. I really hope that Punk and Bryan’s program with the Wyatts doesn’t end here because there’s still plenty of life in the story – especially once Daniel Bryan or Punk set their sights on the WWE Title again.

The WWE Title match also sure was a match. Nothing too memorable happened during the match itself until the conclusion. At one point, Triple H’s music hit and he and Steph come out of the entrance, distracting Big Show long enough for Orton to bring back the Punt and pick up the win. Unfortunately, the actual Punt itself looked about as good as Michael’s Sweet Chin Music at Hell in a Cell (read: they didn’t look good at all).

But just as it seemed for sure that this was indeed “the worst episode of Raw ever,” something happened that surprised even me because it was actually interesting – John Cena shows up! His music hits and Trips and Steph both look confused, as does Orton. Cena looks focused on Orton and brushes past The Authority as he makes his way into the ring. An epic confrontation must be in store, right?! Actually, they just kinda stared at each other for a while and the show went off the air.

Post Survivor Series thoughts
-How much longer will The Shield be together? Reigns and Rollins have seemingly been unhappy with Ambrose recently and depending on how the US champ reacts to the events of Survivor Series, the trio’s days may be numbered.

-What happens to ADR and Curtis Axel now? The defining character trait for both guys in recent months has been “being the World/IC champ” and now that they both have lost their belts and respective rematches, it might be tough for WWE to find new roles for them.

-Where does Punk and Bryan’s feud with the Wyatts go now? I’m sure that Bray won’t take the loss to “The Beard and The Best” very well but I’m very interested to see what happens next.

-The Rhodes don’t need the tag belts anymore. The tag team division is starting to grow, with believable heel and face contenders, and keeping the belts on Cody and Goldy doesn’t really help expand the division so much as it helped during their clashes with The Authority. But now that the Rhodes’ hostilities with the McMahons seems to have died down, keeping the belts on the Rhodes boys doesn’t help them as much as it hurts the tag division.

-I don’t mind that Total Divas is getting the Diva division at large more screen time, but I wish the WWE would put a bit more care into developing the Divas as characters rather than just lumping them into the “On Total Divas” and “Not On Total Divas” categories instead of, you know, faces and heels like you’re supposed to do in pro wrestling. Now the Bellas are faces and Kaitlyn is a heel and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. (If you couldn’t tell, I’m completely disillusioned with Kaitlyn’s sudden alignment.)

-Big E needs a believable contender for his IC belt to keep his current momentum going. Ryback, perhaps? It would make E look even stronger if he, as the IC champion, stood up to Ryback’s bullying and heck, it could even win The Big Guy his first championship in WWE. I doubt that’s the direction they will take Big E in but it has potential.

-I honestly thought Xavier Woods would answer Ryback’s challenge. Mark Henry returning was a pleasant surprise though. Ryback totally should bully Xavier Woods though. He’s the new guy, kinda nerdy and he has a lot more fancy book learnin’ than Ryback – all perfect targets for Ryback’s newfound love of bullying.

-WHY did the show go off the air just as it seemed something interesting might happen near or with Randy Orton? Cena coming out to confront him following the WWE Title match creates a lot of questions. Was it because no one can stop The Authority except WWE’s resident Superman? Was it because he has a problem with Randy Orton? Could a WWE/World title unification match be in our future?  Hopefully we’ll get answers tonight on Raw and this storyline doesn’t fizzle into nothingness like when Shawn Michaels superkicked Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell. 

(All images/gifs from r/SquaredCircle)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wrestling is Fun! "Peel Slowly and See" results and recap from November 23 in Reading

It was the last Wrestling is Fun! show of 2013 and the fans who turned out to the Goodwill Beneficial Association in Reading, PA on Saturday, November 23 were treated to some epic contests and a few surprises as well.

Frightmare vs. El Hijo Del Ice Cream
The show, titled “Peel Slowly and See” kicked off with a simple but fun battle between Frightmare and El Hijo Del Ice Cream, one half of the devious Los Ice Creams. There was a ton of great crowd interaction to start the match with the Hijo getting a Yes! chant going for a few kids wearing Ice Creams masks. Frightmare and Hijo joked around with two young fans wearing their respective masks, making like they were going to get in the ring and wrestle instead of Frightmare and the Ice Cream.

Ice Creams matches are great because they pretty much commentate themselves, with Hijo telling fans to how to cheer for him and calling his spots while Frightmare was his usual incoherent self. Frightmare nearly won at one point with a stiff looking DDT that stood Hijo up on his head. Later, Hijo caught Frightmare as he went for a diving cross body off the top rope but Frightmare rolled through, flipping Hijo over and pinning him with a crucifix.

The Baltic Siege vs. The Bloc Party
The next match was a tag team bout between the Baltic Siege’s Latvian Proud Oak and Lithuanian Snow Troll and the Brown Morning of Belarus and the Proletariat Boar of Moldova of the Bloc Party. I’m not too familiar with these Baltic-themed wrestlers, though I did talk to Estonian Thunderfrog at a Wrestling is Respect show in September and he told me that the Boar actually broke his mythical hammer at an earlier Wrestling is Fun! show and that he would have his revenge.

Green Ant checks on Latvian Proud Oak
Well Thunderfrog was with the other Baltic Siege members in Reading and made a bee-line for the Boar before the match started, pummeling him and forcing the officials to send him to the back. Once a measure of order was restored, Proud Oak (who was sporting an amazing “Thriller” style leather jacket) informed the crowd that due to the Brown Morning biting his leg and giving him “root rot,” he wouldn’t be able to take on the Bloc Party. The crowd was bummed until Proud Oak announced who would be taking his spot – none other than the Colony’s Green Ant!

The Bloc Party picked up the win when Brown Morning used a foreign object Proletariat Boar brought to the ring to get a three count on Snow Troll. The Baltic Siege was stunned by the loss but I’d bet that their clashes with the Bloc Party are far from over. It was a fun match but the Bloc Party could use a little more charisma or presence in the ring. The Baltic Siege are over-the-top and outspoken and the Bloc Party doesn’t have their ability to connect with the crowd yet.

Princess Kimber Lee vs. Portia Perez
The next match featured two female competitors squaring off. Princess Kimber Lee was accompanied to the ring by Lance Steel, who seems to be her protector of sorts – which makes sense being that he’s a chivalrous knight. Though, over the course of the evening, Kimber Lee acted in some ways very unbecoming of a princess. She was up to face Portia Perez, who I’m completely unfamiliar with.

This wasn’t a bad match overall but I couldn’t really tell who the heel was supposed to be and I think the crowd was a bit confused as to who they should be rooting for. Lance Steel is a good guy but Kimber Lee acted pretty arrogantly over the course of the match, talking down to Lance and even using him as a step stool to get in the ring. I guess Portia was supposed to be the good guy but it seemed like everyone else knew as much about her as I did and didn't know if they should cheer or boo her.

Lee hit Portia with a lot of stiff looking elbows and kicks over the course of the match which Perez countered by trying to work holds in a technical style. At one point, Lee even pulled out the old American Dragon “I’ve got til 5!” line when the ref was admonishing her. Lee scored the victory after faking a knee injury from an awkward landing and rolling up Perez for the three count.

Fire Ant vs. Kobald
The hot property Fire Ant and the goblin Kobald were up next and the two Chikara vets put on a wild, action-packed match. The match started with Kobald trying to get an early advantage, attacking Fire Ant before the bell. But the resilient Ant fought back quickly, turning the tide with a fireman’s carry and a tope to the outside. Later, Kobold countered a top rope dive by Fire Ant with a lungblower and nearly had the Colony member tapping with what looked like a Rings of Saturn variation.

As Fire Ant started to pick up steam, he backed Kobald into the ropes using a series palm strikes that Street Fighter’s E. Honda would’ve been proud of, following the strikes with a brainbuster but only got a two count. Kobald weathered the attack and hit numerous spears on Fire Ant, but Fire Ant battled back to score the win with a sort of Air Raid Crash variation. (Started as an Alabama slam but Fire Ant dropped down, slamming Kobald’s back to the mat.)

Intermission followed this match but even the break held something special in store for the fans. The consummate gentleman Jervis Cottonbelly was in attendance and led the crowd in a rousing rendition of the Monty Python classic “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” However, as Jervis made his way around the arena, he ran across Oleg the Usurper, an associate of the dastardly Sidney Bakabella. Oleg was not impressed with Jervis’ musical stylings and belched loudly into the microphone and insulted the world’s sweetest man. And if that wasn’t enough, Oleg even threw a glass of water in the face of Jervis! Completely overwhelmed by this unbecoming, uncouth and all-around ungentlemanly behavior, Jervis cut his song short and stormed to the back.

Jervis Cottonbelly, with Gavin Loudspeaker, leads the crowd in a song

Shynron vs. Juan Francisco De Coronado
This was to be the final confrontation between “The Dragon of the Sky” Shynron and Juan Francisco De Coronado. De Coronado got a unique reaction from the crowd – namely making a majority of them walk out after taking the mic. Referee Dan Yost seemed to be falling asleep at ringside and announcer Gavin Loudspeaker also seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes open as De Coronado spoke. Apparently the two have been at odds for several months and after some verbal sparring, a stipulation was added to the match – whoever lost would be forced to be the manservant for the winner!

Shynron possesses an amazing quickness and used his speed to hit big kicks and work a lucha-based offense against De Coronado, who countered with equally impressive power moves as well as trying to work the legs of Shyron to take the base away from the high flyer. It seemed Shyron was going to tap at one point when De Coronado locked in an inverted cloverleaf but the Dragon of the Sky fought to the ropes to break the hold. De Coronado used some impressive moves for a guy his  size, evidenced when he tossed Shyron into the corner with a German suplex. Shyron picked up the win in the end, pinning De Coronado with a springboard corkscrew moonsault off the ropes. Next time we see De Coronado at Wrestling is Fun, he’ll be carrying Shynron’s bags.

After the match, Jervis Cottonbelly came back out to the ring with a demeanor rarely seen from the gentleman. Jervis was furious with Oleg’s actions earlier, saying that Reading is known for three things – outlet shopping, soft pretzels and table manners, which brought on a “Table manners” chant from the crowd. Jervis demanded a match with Oleg, who seemed happy to oblige. It was long before Sidney Bakabella came out and put a stop to the confrontation, saying he won’t give away a match like that for free. Jervis challenged Oleg to a match for Wrestling is Fun’s return to Reading on February 22, adding that he would be delighted if fans brought him soft pretzels afterward.

Lance Steel vs. Kodama
Lance Steel is a Chikara vet and even though Kodama, representing the Batiri, is a much newer addition to the Chikara-verse, the Batiri are menacing demons not to be taken lightly. Steel was again accompanied by Princess Kimber Lee who was still beaming about her victory earlier in the night.

Steel started the match with a show of confidence, taking off his chest protecting armor, saying he didn’t need it to defeat Kodama. Steel got the upper hand early, taking the action to the outside where he got fans to hold Kodama for him while chopping the demon’s chest. Kodama eventually turned the tide, using big shots and impressive power moves to keep Steel at bay. Kodama even hit Steel with a big, overhead belly-to-belly suplex from the second rope.

Though Steel seemed to have the match in hand, Princess Kimber Lee eventually, one would hope, unintentionally, getting Steel disqualified. Lee jumped into the ring at one point, throwing her tiara to Steel, and promptly hit the mat hard causing the ref to check on her. Steel seemed unsure what to do with the tiara but while the ref was checking on Lee, Kodama feigned having been hit with the tiara. When the ref returned his eyes to the action, he saw Kodama on the ground, apparently having been hit with a foreign object, and had no choice but to DQ Steel. After the match, Steel still walked Lee to the back, kissing her hand much to the chagrin of the crowd.

The Throwbacks vs. the Devastation Corporation
The main even of the evening was a first time meeting between the Throwbacks, Dasher Hatfield and Mr. Touchdown, taking on Sidney Bakabella’s menacing Devastation Corporation, Blaster McMassive and Axe Smashmaster (possibly the best names of ever). Though the Throwbacks are universally loved by the fans, their foes on this night are two imposing giants not to be taken lightly.

Touchdown started the match against McMassive but tries to brawl with the much larger man and predictably, doesn’t end well. Touchdown eventually is able to take the big man off his feet and the Throwbacks take the momentum, taking the Corporation members to the outside and hitting big dives which took out the section of chairs I was in (Touchdown with a plancha and Dasher with a tope suicida). However, the size of the Corporation is too much for Touchdown to handle and needed to tag out, but Bakabella distracted the ref, causing him to miss a critical tag from Touchdown to Dasher.

The match neared the end with a series of impressive high-risk maneuvers. Touchdown crotched
Smashmaster on the top rope and the Throwbacks got a two count on McMassive after a double muscle buster from the corner. Touchdown superplexed McMassive and avoided a splash from Smashmaster then used him to try and keep McMassive down for the pin but still only got two. Bakabella eventually involved himself in the action but even that wasn’t enough as Touchdown eventually scored the pin on McMassive with an Ace Crusher from the top rope. 

Dasher Hatfield, Bryce Remsburg, Fire Ant and Green Ant pose for a photo at the merch table
After the match, the Throwbacks brought a loyal Chikara/Wrestling Is fan, known as Wrestle Granny, into the ring and thanked her for her years of supporting the company and the Throwbacks. She was very moved by the display and it was a great moment to see the Throwbacks personally thanking a die-hard fan for their support – a great ending to a spectacular show.

Wrestling is Fun! returns in 2014 with a show on January 22 at the Easton Funplex followed by a return to Reading on February 22. For directions to the venues and line ups for these upcoming shows, visit

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PWS offers latest show for free

Most independent wrestling companies live or die on whether they can draw crowds to their live shows. This means that most independent wrestling companies do whatever they can to make sure you either buy their DVDs or attend their shows if you want to see their product.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate, a company located in northern New Jersey, is giving away their most recent show – Wrestle Bowl – for free viewing online. The show from November 16, held in Rahway, NJ, featured stars such as Dan Maff, Justin Credible, Stevie Richards, the Blue Meanie and Big Van Vader. Wrestle Bowl also featured the first match back on the independent circuit from Chris Hero as he took on “Sugar-Cane” Shane Helms.

And the Insane Clown Posse was there, too, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

Check out PWS on Facebook or hit this link to see the show. Or just watch it right here.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18 Raw Recap - Big E! Xavier Woods! Musical chairs!

It was the first Raw back in the states after a European tour for WWE and fans were “treated” to a special edition of “Raw Country!” starring some band I’ve never heard of and plenty of shills for equally awful music. But let’s move past that because there’s bigger news at hand – like Big E. Langston winning his first singles title!

And two elimination matches have been set for Survivor Series – a classic 5-on-5 battle between Cody Rhodes, Goldust, the Usos and a mystery partner versus The Shield and the Real Americans and a 7-on-7 Divas match between “Team On Total Divas” Natalya, the Bellas, the Funkadactyls, Eva Marie, and JoJo and “Team Not On Total Divas” AJ Lee, Tamina, Summer Rae, Kaitlyn, Aksana, Alicia Fox and Rosa.

Oh yeah, and Rey Mysterio came back.

Plenty of other stuff happened on Raw last night but I’m just going to hit on the things that stuck with me the most:

A rift in The Authority?
The show opened with Randy Orton complaining that Triple H and Stephanie don’t do enough to protect him. This led to Orton clashing with the Shield later in the episode, perhaps setting up feuds further down the line when the Shield breaks up and Orton is out of the WWE Title picture again. A Randy Orton/Seth Rollins feud has the most potential to me, especially since Rollins (or Reigns for that matter) will have the easiest time going face after the Shield – and because Orton should stay heel for as long as he can. Also – what was with Orton’s hoodie last night? Is he CM Punk all of a sudden?

Trips and Stephanie also put General Managers Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero in matches on Raw. Maddox against Orton and Vickie against Divas Champion AJ Lee. Maddox actually looked pretty impressive in his short match against Orton, which wasn’t completely a squash (just mostly one). The match ended in a referee stoppage, which was weird because Triple H made it a No DQ match. But, you know, whatever – WWE logic.

Setting up a Maddox face turn, eventually? It’s too early to tell but my gut says he’ll likely continue putting up with the Authority’s abuse for some time.

Big E. Langston wins the Intercontinental title
For the past few weeks, ever since Big E. Langston took offense to the insulting words of Paul Heyman, the former NXT Champion has been on a tear in the WWE. He’s been taking part in huge matches, even running in to save guys like John Cena from further attacks. But last night on Raw, Big E. made history being the first Superstar to hold an NXT title and WWE title in the same calendar year. Big things (some pun intended) are in store for Big E. and this is only the beginning. 

What will happen to Curtis Axel now is anyone's guess. With Paul Heyman out of the picture and both Axel and Ryback cutting ties with him, Axel will be at a serious disadvantage on his own. He's competent in the ring but doesn't exactly shine on the mix. With Heyman speaking for him, Axel was actually a believable champion, although not the most dominant. Now though? I wouldn't be surprised if Curtis Axel fades into the background once again.

Divas playing musical chairs in vaguely southern outfits? 
Sure. Why not.
Mostly a time waster but if you like seeing gorgeous Divas in cut off denim shorts then it at least kept your interest. We learned a couple things from this segment – most importantly none of the Divas know how to play musical chairs. When the bit started, they all just sort of stood there, staring at the chairs and each other, as if contemplating just starting the huge brawl without even pretending to play musical chairs.

Natalya was eliminated first (which must have stung after losing her one-and-only shot at the Divas title). But then she came back later to take part in the fight so it wasn’t a total loss for her, I guess. But most importantly, after weeks off TV, it seems like Kaitlyn is a heel now! At the end of the segment, Kaitlyn was with Summer Rae and the other heels outside the ring and when the 7-on-7 match was announced an, sure enough, Kaitlyn is on “Team Not On Total Divas.” 
Miz is a heel now. Because.
Kofi Kingston teamed up with the Miz to take on the Real Americans. At one point, Kofi went for a tag but Miz threw up his hands and jumped off the apron. I guess he’s a heel now? Why? Who knows. At least Miz being a heel might make him interesting. But probably not.
Vickie faints, Steph is not amused
In trying to get out of her match with AJ, Vickie pretended to pass out in front of the WWE medical staff. (Eddie would have been proud.) Stephanie was not fooled and ordered her taken to ringside for her match. AJ made short work of her, submitting Vickie with the Black Widow Stretch. At least Vickie knew how to tap out correctly.

Broadway Brawl between Ziggler and Sandow. 
Because reasons.
At one point when Triple H was setting up this match, he said something along the lines of “And make it entertaining.” As if being entertaining was something Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler had a problem doing.
3MB continues to try and find themselves. 
Ever since they mentioned a few weeks ago on Raw about Xavier Woods starting a petition to get Big Show his job back, it seemed obvious that the NXT star was bound to show up on TV eventually. I doubt anyone would have guessed his debut would be last night on Raw, teaming up with R-Truth to take on Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre of 3MB as The Rhinestone Cowboys.

The match itself was decent but nothing too special. Woods looked great in his first appearance on WWE programming, hitting the Honor Roll and Lost in the Woods before picking up the win. Not to mention showing off some slick dance moves with Truth to celebrate the victory.

Big things are in store for Xavier Woods. He’s charismatic, talented in the ring and naturally likeable – a dynamic not seen enough in WWE today. He also has a Ph.D. too, which WWE will put over as much as they can. 

I’ve never missed Great Khali matches
Until this Florida Georgia Line performance on Raw. Moving on.

12-man main event action
The main event saw CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, the Usos, Cody and Goldust take on the Shield and the Wyatt Family in a spectacular match. Started kinda slow but mainly because the heel team couldn’t exactly get on the same page. Once the match got into the swing of things, the heels used their size and power to keep the good guys at bay,  despite begrudgingly being partners.

It was a really good match to set up the 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series – though I’m sure many fans would have been just as happy to see the 6-man main event from Raw in place of the planned Survivor Series match.

The biggest surprise of the night came at the end of the show. After the Real Americans hit the ring to tip the scales in the bad guys' favor, Rey Mysterio returned from a long absence to help send the heels packing. Rey and the good guys cleared house and Mysterio hit a 6-1-9 on Harper and Swagger. Though I don't want to be cynical about Rey returning, he just didn’t seem the same. Rey seemed sluggish and there were even reports online (take with a large grain of salt) that he was limping up the ramp after the show ended. Rey is returning from a lengthy medical leave and I’m not entirely sure if he’s really ready to return or if they are pushing him out there to try and get more buys out of Survivor Series. I hope he feels he's ready to go and isn't returning too soon because I'd rather not see Rey Mysterio's knees explode in the middle of the ring.

(Big E picture from WWE NXT Facebook page and Divas pic from Gif credits to r/SquaredCircle)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: WWE 2K14 celebrates wrestling’s biggest spectacle

Wrestlemania, the biggest annual show for World Wrestling Entertainment, has become synonymous with events like the Super Bowl and the World Series in its 30 years of existence. The show is a spectacle of the highest order, with the WWE putting on a week-long celebration in the host city featuring all sorts of events with Superstars, autograph signings, shows featuring up-and-coming talent and more. To commemorate the upcoming Wrestlemania 30 event, this year being held in New Orleans, WWE included “30 Years of Wrestlemania” to its newest video game, “WWE 2K14.”

Similar to WWE ‘13’s “Attitude Era” mode, 2K14’s single player mode lets fans relive some of the biggest matches and moments in the history of Wrestlemania. Hogan vs. Andre; Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold; Punk vs. Undertaker and so many more epic contests are part of 30 Years of Wrestlemania. Along with each match, you’re treated to photos, videos and information retelling the story of the match and relating its place in the history of WWE. It’s a great trip down memory lane for older fans who have experienced many of the biggest moments in the history of the show and also a great way for younger fans to be exposed to some of the classic matches in Wrestlemania lore. 30 Years mode is also where players will unlock new playable characters, championship belts, arenas and more.

For the full review, head over to Grizzly Gaming
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