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Monday, December 7, 2015

Wednesday Wrestling Minutes - Your Weekly Source for NXT, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and Independent Wrestling News

NXT, 11/25
Michael Cole opens NXT, and people aren’t that happy to see him. William Regal isn’t at NXT right now (which people boo) but only because he is recovering from successful neck surgery (which people cheer). And apparently Regal has put Michael Cole in charge, for some reason.
Cole goes on to talk about the challenge Eva Marie laid down to Bayley for the NXT Women’s title. Regal did not want the match to happen but corporate called Cole and told him that, yes, that match will happen and happen tonight. (Basically making the story that WWE is pushing Eva Marie to the top regardless of horrible fan reaction. Are they like, real-time satirizing main roster fans’ treatment of Reigns with this angle?)
But Cole is also there to oversee the contract signing between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe for the NXT Title at Takeover London.
Balor gets to the ring and cuts a promo. He says that Joe did what he felt he had to to get an NXT title shot. But it taught Finn that trust and friendship in this business are a rarity (hmm…I seem to recall saying this situation would make Balor more cautious in the future). He wants Joe to come out and sign the contract, look into Balor’s eyes and know that he isn’t entitled to anything.
As Joe heads to the ring, Balor takes off his jacket and gets ready for a fight. Joe gets in the ring, signs the contract and leaves, without ever once looking at Balor. What a sign of disrespect. Not only that, but the head games displayed by Joe. By not even regarding Finn with a glance, he makes it seem like Balor isn’t even a threat.
But as Finn heads up the ramp, Joe attacks him from behind. Joe throws Balor into the ring but Balor uses his quickness to turn the tables immediately and the refs have to pull them apart. As the refs separate them, Joe locks in the Kokina Clutch and chokes out the champ.

The Vaudevillains head to the ring for their tag title rematch against Dash and Dawson. The Vaudevillains take over early but it isn’t long before Dash and Dawson start using some smart teamwork to turn the tide. They start to work over the shoulder of English, keeping him isolated away from Gotch. This is Dash and Dawson proving that they don’t need to take advantage of weaknesses – they are proving they are capable of breaking down anyone as well as showing an ability to keep opponents on their toes by changing strategies on the fly.
English is finally able to make a tag to Gotch, who takes charge. But once again, quick tags and teamwork by Dash and Dawson end his brief rally. Dash makes a blind tag behind the back of English, leading to Dash and Dawson teaming up to hit the Shatter Machine for the win.
As the champs celebrate, the music of Enzo and Big Cass plays and they go right at Dash and Dawson, brawling with them in the ring.

Tom Phillips talks to Eva Marie. They’re in William Regal’s office for some reason. Eva says she needs a bigger place to prepare for her championship match, and she knows Regal won’t mind. (Is this the beginning of Eva emasculating every man on the roster without ever getting comeuppance, sorta like Stephanie? No, exactly like Stephanie.)
Tom asks her why she said her title match was inevitable and she says she’s the hottest prospect, all-around, in a long time. She’s been beating every opponent since she returned and Bayley is a great champion, but it’s time for a real woman to become champion. She says it’s all because of the support from the WWE Universe and thanks Total Divas for that. Holy shit, they are going all-in on this tongue-in-cheek stuff about how much the smart fans despise her.
But better than gifts, is friendship and introduces everyone to her new friend, Nia Jax.

Elias Sampson vignette? Dude’s playing a guitar and singing and shit. Because that worked so well for Aiden English when he was a heel before the Vaudevillains became faces.

Next match, Asuka vs Dana Brooke. Before Brooke heads to the ring, she says she’s gonna slap the smile off Asuka’s face and then Emma blindsides Asuka! Asuka tries to defend herself but Emma chop blocks her and locks in the Emma Lock as Dana berates Asuka.

Tom Phillips talks to Bayley about her title match. She says that to some people, Eva is the perfect champion. She’s pretty, star of a reality show and has the backing of WWE corporate. But she has something Eva doesn’t – Bayley is a wrestler and Eva isn’t.

Video package for…Sami Zayn returning?! No word when but it seems clear he’s going back to NXT when he returns. Kinda sucks though. I felt like that US Title Open Challenge was his main roster debut so that’s where he should be now. He should come back and knock Owens out of the Royal Rumble to kick off a feud with him and reintroduce himself with the main roster fans.

Apollo Crews heads to the ring next, he takes on Jesse Sorensen. Rich Brennan says it’s a surprise to see him and Corey Graves asks why, and Rich has to dance around why it’s a surprise.
Sorensen holding his own for a bit but Crews is never in any real trouble in the match as he goes on to pin Sorensen following that crazy spinning powerbomb.
Afterward, he calls out Baron Corbin. Corbin cost him his shot at becoming NXT Champion and accepts his challenge for Takeover London. They call Corbin the lone wolf but when he gets in the ring with Crews, Crews will lay him down (“lay him out” or “put him down” would’ve been better but, whatevs)

Backstage, Corbin says Crews will end up being the answer to a trivia question, because his career won’t be long enough to remember. He’s been getting better at being an insufferable douchebag lately.

Little Naitch makes his way to the ring before the main event and he tells the ref something, then tells Greg whatever-his-name-is something as well. Greg announces that WWE Corporate has sent Charles Robinson to ensure that there is no controversy in the Women’s Championship match (so basically, to ensure there’s all sorts of controversy).
Eva makes her way to the ring with Nia Jax to all sorts of boos while it’s complete opposite for Bayley.
Bayley is going to need to do everything she can to get even a passable match out of Eva. Yoshihiko is a more competent worker than Eva Marie. Mere minutes into the match, Eva walks into a Bayley to Belly because she’s terrible and as the ref is counting the 3, Nia Jax pulls him out to the floor! (and he hits hard too, landing right on his chest) Other refs come out to check on him but Charles Robinson isn’t that concerned about Nia’s interference. In fact, Eva rolls up Bayley and Lil Naitch is there to count, but it’s only 2.
Bayley can’t believe Robinson would do something like that and as Robinson goes to try and talk to the other refs about what happened, Nia gets involved again, headbutting Bayley. Eva completely whiffs trying to hit a running senton (the camera angle has to switch suddenly to hide it) but Bayley kicks out. So far, Naitch’s counts have been steady but we’ll see if that continues.
Bayley gets a few pin combos on Eva but she only gets 2 counts. Eva is surprisingly in control for most of this but Bayley isn’t giving up. Bayley hits a series of shoulders in the corner and sets up for a back elbow, but Robinson steps in front of her to buy Eva some time. As Bayley argues with Robinson, Eva takes advantage of the opening to hit a Sliced Red – but Bayley kicks out! Eva claps her hands 5 times to mimic the 3 count that Robinson should be counting and then almost forgets that 3 comes after 2 (am I getting worked?).
Eva sets up for another Sliced Red but Bayley pushes her off and Eva hits Robinson and sends him flying. Eva goes up top but Bayley stops her and sets up for a Bayley to Belly but Nia Jax grabs her leg and pulls her to the floor. But Bayley sweeps Nia’s legs out and she hits the apron face first. Bayley climbs back in and hits the super Bayley to Belly but there’s no ref! Wait, yes there is! The original ref is back and count the 3!
(So even with Bayley and one of the most over-produced Women’s matches in NXT history, Eva Marie only looked competent – not even close to good.)
Afterward, Nia lays out Bayley and flattens her with a standing leg drop. Nia grabs the women’s title and drops another leg on Bayley, dropping the belt on her and walking out.

Huge match to be included in “NXT’s Greatest Matches, Vol. 1”
The fabled Kassius Ohno/Cesaro vs CM Punk and Seth Rollins match will be featured on the upcoming NXT's Greatest Matches Vol. 1
-Worldwide on March 16

ROH TV, 11/25
Moose out first to take on some jobber named Dominic Carter, who looks pretty concerned to be in there against Moose. Carter shakes hands then Moose spears him and pins him. 
Afterward, Stokely says it's a matter of when, not if, Moose gets another title shot and he will become the World champ. Stokely says they heard the same things from Michael Elgin last week. He says, bruh, we go way back. But, face facts, Moose is bigger, Moose is stronger and Moose is a better wrestler. And Moose beat his jobber faster than Elgin did last week. Add that up and you get the fact that you can't beat Moose.
But Big Mike has heard enough. He asks am I talking to Stokely or Moose? He says when Moose wants real competition or to speak for himself, Elgin is right here and doesn't back down.
Moose takes the mic from Stokely and says they can do this right now, but they're interrupted by the House of Truth and...TAELER HENDRIX. Well, there goes my concentration. 
Truth says they can't sit back and let them take Jay Lethal's name in vain. He says Lethal's name shouldn't ever come out of their mouth because they aren't on the same level. Truth says when reality doesn't check them, he will.
Elgin says the only thing he will be checking is Truth's new side piece and checking her into a motel later (what will MsChief think?!) after he beats Dijack and Diesel on his own. Truth is furious that Elgin would speak to Taeler like that and he sics Dijack and Diesel on them and the brawl around the ring begins. 
Back from commercials, Moose and Elgin work over Dijack and it seems like they are more interested in trying to show up the other rather than focusing on winning the match. Things break down a bit and Taeler grabs the leg of Elgin (making her presence felt in her first appearance and getting Elgin back for his comments, allowing Dijack and Diesel to focus on Moose.
Commentary says J Diesel wants to compete by his full name now, which is Joey 'Diesel' Daddiego. K. J Diesel is way better. There's something to be said for brevity - for a quick, hooky wrestling name, and that new one ain't it. 
Anyway, Elgin and Moose start to fight back into it. Elgin takes Taeler and dips her at one point, like he's going to kiss her even though she clearly doesn't want it, then he spins her away instead. Back in the ring, Moose blind tags himself in and spear for the win after a Elgin bucklebomb. Moose stares down Elgin as he gets the pin and Elgin is can't believe it. Then they have a staredown.

Strong vs Lethal 3. One more match. This time for the TV Title. Roddy cuts an impassioned promo about how all he needs is one more shot at Lethal. Their first match was an hour draw which Lethal was happy with, but not Roddy. Then in Philly, Roddy saw that Lethal was scared. It's not about titles - it's about pride. He isn't just taking the TV l, he's taking his pride.

BJ Whitmer talks trash on Steve Corino. That he saw through his words last week, that Corino is just scared of Whitmer. That Corino is making excuses not to fight him and everyone bought it. Then Whitmer talks trash on Nigel, that Nigel did the same thing a few years ago when he quit. And Nigel gets in the ring and says that he's sick and tired of hearing Whitmer whine and talk and moan when they should be watching Lethal vs Strong for the TV Title. So if Corino can't be at Final Battle, neither can Whitmer! Or Page!
Kevin Kelly says that Final Battle is the biggest payday of the year. This is another thing that sets ROH apart from WWE. These people aren't all making big money like everyone in WWE. They need to work to get paid and wrestling often and winning means more money.

Main event - Roderick Strong vs Jay Lethal for the TV Title. No House of Truth at ringside and TWO referees to keep everything on the up and up. Kelly says Lethal was too busy getting his hair done to talk earlier today, so clearly he isn't taking Roddy seriously. 
Great technical wrestling in the feeling out process but Lethal keeps trying to duck Strong, jumping out of the ring and literally running away. As they fight on the outside, Lethal gets the advantage, throwing Roddy into the guardrails and taking over in the ring from there. Roddy trying to fight back into it but Lethal cutting him off. Lethal hits two topes, but Roddy sidesteps the 3rd and lands an Olympic Slam on the floor. 
Next week, Adam Cole vs Dalton Castle, who we haven't seen in a while. And Mark Briscoe back on commentary, by popular demand allegedly.
Anyway, Roddy hits a big superplex from the top for 2. Lethal superkick and Lethal Injection, but Roddy kicks out! Roddy hits several jumping knees and a series of forearms and sets up for a superplex but Lethal turns into a cutter at the last moment and Strong kicks out! Roddy stuns Lethal with two knees, a Sick Kick, the End of Heartache and locks in the Strong Hold! And Lethal taps! Roddy is the new TV Champion! The House of Truth is out to console Lethal, who is incensed that he lost and he is no longer the undisputed champion.

This week on ROH TV
Adam Page vs Will Ferrara
Jay Lethal calls out AJ Styles on their way to Final Battle
And Dalton Castle vs Adam Cole

New Japan Pro Wrestling
World Tag League results (As of 12/3)
Block A
Hiroshi Tanahashi and Michael Elgin - 6
Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma - 6
Kazuchika Okada and Yoshi-Hashi - 6
The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) - 4
Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi - 4
Toru Yano and Kazushi Sakuraba - 4
Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga - 2
Block B
Tetsuya Naito and EVIL - 8
Meiyu Tag (Hirooki Goto and Katsuyori Shibata) - 8
TenKoji (Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima) - 4
Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows - 4
Shinsuke Nakamura and Tomohiro Ishii - 4
AJ Styles and Yujiro Takahashi - 2
The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Michael Bennett with Maria Kanellis) - 2

-Elgin/Tanahashi and Los Ingobernables de Japon seem to be the front runners to winning the WTL and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Los Ingobernables wins it all.
-In Block A, Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma didn’t start strong (losing to Sakuraba/Yano and Nakanishi/Nagata) but have won their next 3 matches. Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi also have three wins but still have two matches left. They look like gimmes (Tonga/Fale and Sakurabab/Yano) but Tanahashi has problems with both teams. Fale and Tana have had several run ins and Yano and Tana have been feuding off-and-on for years. I could definitely see Yano stealing a win for his team, putting Tana and Elgin at even points with Makabe and Honma. And unless Honma’s personal life troubles sink his professional prospects (more on that in a bit) I’m picking them to win Block A.
-In Block B, Ingobernables still have to face Meiyu and have only lost once, to Nakamura and Ishii. Meiyu Tag has also only lost once as well, falling to TenKoji. So it seems likely that these two teams will decide the winner of Block B. This block was a little depleted because of an injury to AJ Styles, but since he was tagging with Yujiro, I don’t think they were going to be winning much.

Just a little over a week left in the tour. The final day of block action is Dec. 6 and the finals will take place on Dec. 9.

AJ Styles misses several World Tag League days
AJ Styles was pulled from NJPW WTL D6 due to injury. He’s been dealing with a lower back injury for some time now and it seems like it’s catching up with him.

In fact, he’s missed several days of the WTL tour. It’s been reported that New Japan made a statement that he would be back as soon as he’s ready – but I’ve seen conflicting reports, citing an interview Styles did with a Japanese wrestling magazine, which states that he would take time off until Final Battle to be ready for his title match against Jay Lethal. (In the same article, it was also allegedly said that Styles would stop taking indy bookings in 2016 and focus on what’s important – ROH and New Japan.)

New Japan World turns 1
NJPW World 1 year anniversary playlist, everything on it is free! Seems like it’s only matches from December, so a lot of the more recent matches on it are WTL matches but there’s matches on there going back to the 70s, so lots of Inoki matches. Looks like on page 5, it goes from 2011-12 to the 90s and then lots of matches from the 80s and into the 70s. Guys like Dusty Rhodes, The Great Mutah, Vader, WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami, friend of the show Bob Backlund, Bruiser Brody, Hulk Hogan, Stan Hansen, some dude named Andre the Giant - all on this free playlist.

NJPW/Revolution Pro uploaded to NJPW World
Global Wars UK, October 3, 2015
-Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Big Damo
-Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay
-Bullet Club (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) vs Shah Samuels and James Castle
-Shinsuke Nakamura vs Marty Scurll
-TenKoji vs Mark Haskin and Joel Redman
-Gedo vs Lord Gideon Gray
-Tetsuya Naito vs KUSHIDA vs Martin Kirby

Tomoaki Honma accused of domestic abuse, responds with his own allegations
Oh my god. Hulk Hogan cursed Honma. Honma has been accused of some serious domestic abuse and if the reports are true, it sounds like Honma is a real piece of shit. I'm really disappointed. I loved the underdog Honmamania character but it sounds like he's done for. Stories about Taichi cheating on his wife resulted in his push disappearing and getting suspended.  So if this Honma stuff is true, I wouldn't be surprised if they cut him entirely.

Honma has responded, denying all claims made by Ichiki. In fact, Honma is claiming that HE has been the victim of HER domestic abuse.
What the hell is going on? Is Honma going to be the underdog in real life too? Or...just a piece of shit. Really hard to say in these personal, domestic quarrels. It’s all he-said, she-said - who do you believe?

Other puro news notes
World’s Cutest Tag Team headed to DDT
One half of WCTT, Joey Ryan, recently took part in a tour of Japan for DDT (his first for DDT, I believe). And recently it was announced that Candice LeRae would be joining him on an upcoming tour.

Stardom 2015 USA Tour recap. It’s in Japanese though so it might be kinda hard to follow. The wrestling is cool though.

Indy Wrestling
-The first ever Evolve Tag Team Champions will be crowned during a three day tournament in January 2016

-The shows will be
Evolve 53 (Jan. 22, Ybor City, FL)
Evolve 54 (Jan. 23, Orlando, FL)
Evolve 55 (Jan. 24, Orlando, FL)
-This is the same weekend as the WWE Royal Rumble, which will also take place in Orlando

Confirmed teams:
Previously announced
Johnny Gargano and Drew Galloway
RPG Vice
The Premier Athlete Brand (Tony Nese and Caleb Konley)

Recently announced
Drew Gulak and TJ Perkins
Team Tremendous
Evolve Champion Timothy Thatcher and Zack Sabre Jr.
Chris Hero and Tommy End
The Bravado Brothers
-8 teams have been announced so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all of them

Some big PWG DVD news a week before All Star Weekend 11
-Two new compilations coming soon:
Young Bucks – Five Stars

Not Another Steen DVD

Not only that - PWG Blu Rays coming!

Young Bucks FWE documentary

Chuckie T/Gargano vs London and Kendrick chicken fight

Not familiar with Tommy End?

Sami Callihan returns
The recently released Solomon Crowe returned to the independent scene in a big way, attacking the newly crowned AAW Pro champion Eddie Kingston Friday night at the Windy City Classic.
There were also rumors last week that Callihan may be headed to ROH/NJPW in the future, but these reports are so far unfounded.
Callihan is also slated to appear at CZW’s Cage of Death 17 on Dec. 12, which will be live on iPPV.

Apparently, Callihan asked for his release to head back to the indies and reinvent his image, stated in a story recently published by He’s already made an appearance at AAW in Chicago and won the 2CW Championship, so it seems like Callihan is just getting started turning the indie scene on its ear.

Mentioned CZW and Cage of Death before…
Dec 12, Voorhees NJ

CZW World Championship
Cage of Death
Matt Tremont (c) vs Masada vs AR Fox vs Devon Moore

CZW Tag Team Championship
Team Tremendous (c) vs TV Ready (Blk Jeez and Pepper Parks)

CZW Wired Championship
Joey Janela (c) vs Lio Rush

I Quit match
Tim Donst vs Joe Gacy

Deathmatch rules
Danny Havoc vs Ricky Shane Page

The Amazing Gulaks vs The Beaver Boys

Greg Excellent vs Ton Nese

A scramble match for a spot in Best of the Best

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