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Saturday, November 7, 2015

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NXT Nov 4
Apollo Crews vs Finn Balor NXT title match tonight.
Asuka makes her way to the ring first. Man her music is great. Reminds me of The Sword. She takes on...Cameron??? Wow. Don't know what to say. Haven't seen her in a while. But we probably won't see her again for a while after Asuka kills her.
Asuka is so damn quick. Cameron threw a slap and Asuka snatched it and took her over into an arm bar with ease.  But after that Cameron spends a minute or two in control. But then Asuka turns it on and really takes it to Cameron, mocking her and making her look completely amateur. Asuka just shows off, hitting all sorts of crazy moves and making Cameron tap to the Asuka Lock.
Next, Carmella gives Tom Phillips an update about Big Cass and he has a sprained MCL. Then Dash and Dawson show up and act like dicks. Carmella says they'll be sorry when Enzo and Cass come back, but Dawson says the only thing they're sorry about is they didn't do this sooner. And next week, they have a NXT Tag Title shot. And they leave a wheelchair for the Vaudevillains.
(Looking back this segment was almost prophetic – it was just a day later that WWE announced WWE Champion Seth Rollins will miss 6-9 months with a severe knee injury, tearing his ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. In response there will be a tournament held at Survivor Series to crown a new champion)
Jordan and Gable promo, Jordan talks about how they earned everyone's respect at Respect, but still aren't where they need to be - the champs. But Gable says chill, they are still on the rise. Jordan wants to challenge the greatest NXT tag team, The Ascension, and Gable agrees.
Next, Bull Dempsey comes out to new music but still looks the same and wearing the Dr Death robe. Commentary says he is on a carb only diet, so yeah, his gimmick is just that he's a fat dude. He takes on Angelo Dawkins. Sawyer Fulton is with him. I don't get these guys.
Dawkins is actually beating up Bull early on as Fulton yells at him. But then Bull starts his comeback. Bull uses his gut for a lot of attacks and to block Dawkins, so, yeah, fat guy gimmick. Bull hits the ass drop from the top rope for the win. Then Fulton walks off and leaves Dawkins in the ring. Angle I guess? Anyone care? This is like when Jordan and Dillinger broke up except I don't really see potential for either.
Next, Tom Phillips talks to the Vaudevillains about the wheelchair. Talk about how Dash and Dawson are not gentlemen and are their toughest challenge. But they will retain their tag team titles - indubitably.
25 years of Undertaker at SS? Hmm...farewell tour beginning?
Tom talks to Bayley. She says it wasn't hard to find partners to meet Alexa's 6 man challenge. Her partners are - The Hype Bros! They run down BAMF and Bayley seems to like staying hype.
Yes! Eva Marie is back! I can't wait until Asuka kicks her head off her shoulders. She takes on some blonde gorgeous blue eyed angel. Gionna Daddio? Dunno. She gets a jobber entrance.
Eva Marie does one arm drag adequately then taunts and flips her hair in Gionna face. Gionna does one or two things then Eva takes over. To this point, they still haven't said blonde girls name. Blondie starts to come back, hits a few drop kicks but Eva cuts her off. Looked it up and yup, I was right. Gionna Daddio as Marley. What an awful name. You're either a stoner or a dog who dies in a movie.
Then Eva wins after a horrible looking big boot and an even worse flatliner she hit while Marley was on her knees and Eva kinda slid in there. It was bad. Lots of boos. The big boot got a “What Was That” chant. And she blows a kiss to the crowd.
Takeaway? Less Eva Marie, more Marley.
Emma and Dana Brooke call Asuka childish and Brooke wants to get back in the ring with her. Emma says she's going to give Asuka a welcoming to NXT. Sure you will.
Oh shit, Ace of Spades is the official song for NXT Takeover London.
Main event time now. Looks like it will get a decent amount of time. Crews out first then Finn in his badass leather jacket.
Very evenly matched at first. Crews surprising Balor, but Balor staying right in it. I think it's interesting to note that Balor is taking on the heel role of applying rest holds and submissions to slow things down and Crews is the one popping the crowd and hitting high impact moves. But then Finn hits a huge tope after sending Crews to the outside then...a commercial for “The Condemned 2” starring Randy Orton.
This has just been a really hard hitting, really intense match where neither guy can maintain an advantage. Then somehow, Crews hits the Gorilla Press but Balor gets the knees up on the moonsault. Balor hits a Bloody Sunday implant DDT but Crews kicks out at 2. Crazy back and forth and both dudes are down - then Baron Corbin runs in and attacks them both! But mainly, he's focused on Crews.
Corbin throws Crews into the steps and Balor attacks Corbin to try and distract him but Corbin has none of it. He hammers Balor with punches until Samoa Joe runs off Corbin. They stare each other down until Corbin leaves the stage - then Joe turns and attacks Balor! He puts Balor on the corner, says "I did this to you!" then plants him with a Muscle Buster. Joe grabs the NXT Title and stands over Balor with it. Joe drapes the belt over Finn and leaves.
ROH TV 11/4
O'Reilly says he respects and admires Styles but he will do whatever he has to do to get his hands on his former friend, Adam Cole.
Nigel and Mark Briscoe on commentary.
First out, Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser with the Boys, who are sporting new clothes –
jeans, wife beater, slicked back hair and sun glasses. Next out are the Young Bucks. The Bucks are set to take on Young and the Bruiser. The Boys are still trying to fan people, but they're fanning the Bucks which makes Silas even madder. The Bucks take control easily and it isn't long before Silas forces the Boys to take their spot in the match, saying they were supposed to be in the match anyway and he and Bruiser warmed up the Bucks for them.
The Boys actually able to start getting some offense in, but the Bucks cut them off with superkicks, dive on Silas and Bruiser then a DOUBLE More Bang For Your Buck (Matt double Finlay roll, Nick 450 on both for win). Silas is furious the Boys lost. He and Bruiser get in their face but the Bucks sneak back in, superkick Bruiser and set up to superkick Silas but he runs off before he can get his.
After a commercial, BJ Whitmer is at commentary, yelling at Nigel to fire Steve Corino. Mark yells that he's on commentary and for Whitmer to get out and then they kinda stare each other down. Moving Whitmer from the Corino feud to a feud with Mark? I’m not mad about it but, this feud is even more adjace than Whitmer/Corino.
Replay of Corino punching Whitmer. Also, Veda Scott has apparently served Nigel with papers, a lawsuit about an unsafe work environment.
Roderick Strong vs Will Ferrara next. Ferrara looks to start quickly but Strong has much more experience and is able to impose his offense easily. Roddy just going to town, throwing Ferrara around with suplexes, stretching him with a camel clutch and crazy chin bar and an abdominal stretch. He gets a few 2 counts but Ferrara fights back and hits a tornado DDT for 2. But Roddy, out of nowhere, hits a double knee gut buster, jumping knee and locks in Strong Hold for the win. They shake hands after the match surprisingly and Ferrara leaves.
Main event - Jay Lethal replaces Mark Briscoe on commentary for Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly vs AJ Styles. Kingdom with Cole and Fish and Elgin with O'Reilly. I'd imagine the Bucks will be with Styles (yup). And man, his music is awful. Is this the kinda stuff Rocky makes? Geez. Not great.
Before the match starts, Nigel orders everyone not in the match to the back so we have a clean match. At the bell, Cole runs away but O'Reilly tricks him into getting in the ring with Styles. Gonna be tough to take many notes since this is so fast and things happening very quickly. After a lot of insanity, Styles gets wiped out on a dive and Cole goes to work on O'Reilly's leg in the ring. On commentary, Lethal talks about how he isn't afraid to face Roddy again, he's just worried what Roddy might do when he loses to Lethal a 3rd time.
But once Styles gets back in, it's back to high octane three way dance action. O'Reilly gets a close 2 on Cole after a flurry of strikes and a brain buster. Then O'Reilly triangle on Styles, Styles setting up for Styles Clash until Cole superkick him in the back of the head and he sorts hits a Styles Clash on O'Reilly. Cole throws Styles out and a neckbreaker on his knee to O'Reilly for the win! Didn't expect that to finish it.
Then the Kingdom runs out and attacks O'Reilly but then Fish, Elgin and the Bucks run in and it's mayhem. Everyone gets taken to the outside and the Bucks hit a big tope to take everyone out. Styles and Matt hold Taven and Bennett for a double Indytaker. But then Lethal gets in the ring and gets in the face of Styles.
Survival of the Fittest 2015
Night 1 Nov. 13 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Night 2 Nov. 14 in Hopkins, Minnesota
Night 1 (Don’t think this is a PPV or iPPV for some reason)
ROH World Tag Team Titles
The Kingdom (c) vs reDRagon
Best of 5 series finale and SOTF qualifier
ACH vs Matt Sydal
4 Corner Survival
Mark Briscoe vs Christopher Daniels vs Hanson vs Kenny King
4 Corner Survival
Jay Briscoe vs Frankie Kazarian vs Ray Rowe vs Rhett Titus
Triple Threat
Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole vs Moose
Triple Threat
Dalton Castle vs Silas Young vs Adam Page
Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander
Night 2 (TV Taping?)
6-way Survival of the Fittest finals
Women of Honor
On Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been seeing lots of posts about “Women of Honor” matches lately at ROH live shows and I’m wondering if they will ever show up on TV episodes.
I’ve seen matches like Veda Scott vs Heidi Lovelace, Ray Lyn vs Kelly Klein (aka May Elizabeth Monroe), “Crazy” Mary Dobson vs Leah Von Dutch and more advertised for live shows – but they’re never on PPVs or TV episodes.
Hopefully they show up some day – the caliber of female wrestling talent on the indies has never been higher than it is now and women’s matches would really help to add variety to the ROH product.
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Road to Power Struggle results
Nov. 1
Liger, Tanaka and Komatsu def. Tiger Mask, White, and Finlay

Hirooki Goto, Katsuyori Shibata and Mascara Dorada defeated Juice Robinson, Captain New Japan and Togi Makabe (Teased Goto/Makabe with a pull apart brawl)

Timesplitters defeated Chase Owens and Kenny Omega (Omega had to be pulled off Alex Shelley by refs after they lost, so singles feud there maybe?)

Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale defeated Toru Yano, Kazushi Sakuraba, Yoshi-Hashi and Shinsuke Nakamura (Anderson hit Yoshi-Hashi with the Gun Stun for the win, and also took out Nakamura with one, before their IC Title match at Power Struggle)

Kazuchika Okada, Gedo and Tomohiro Ishii defeated Tomoaki Honma, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Ryusuke Taguchi

Super Jr. Tag Tournament Semifinals: Matt Sydal and Ricochet defeated The Young Bucks
(Such a good match, one of my favorites of the tournament so far. The crowd is nuts for Ricochet and it’s not hard to tell why - he consistently makes incredible acrobatics look effortless. Definitely a great move to put them over and give them cred going forward)

Super Junior Tag Tournament Semifinals: Roppongi Vice defeated reDragon
(Another awesome match. Much better than their last one. And even though they’ve faced each other a lot, this might have been their best.)

Power Struggle, Nov. 7
IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson
Katsuyori Shibata and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kazushi Sakuraba and Kazuchika Okada
NEVER Openweight Championship
Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs Tomoaki Honma
Yoshi-Hashi and Toru Yano vs Bad Luck Fale and AJ Styles
Super Jr finals
Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs RPG Vice
reDRagon and The Timesplitters vs The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Chase Owens
Hirooki Goto vs “King of Darkness” EVIL
Juice Robinson, Captain New Japan and Togi Makabe vs. Cody Hall, Tama Tonga and Doc Gallows
Mascara Dorada, Ryusuke Taguchi, Tiger Mask and Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs. Jay White, David Finlay, Sho Tanaka and Yohei Komatsu
-First show on the World Tag League Tour will be Nov. 21, so they get a few weeks break between Power Struggle and Tag League tour. But really, wrestlers don’t take breaks so more likely guys like Nakamura and Styles will be taking indy bookings.
I think that NJPW/Rev Pro show are in those weeks.
(Make sure to put this in the show this week)
Kota Ibushi out indefinitely with neck injury
-Write out the deets and mention he was supposed to be on Power Struggle in a tag with Tanahashi against Okada and Sakuraba (pretty good placement on a big show) but that will now be Shibata in place of Ibushi
-Despite the injury, he will remain under contract with NJPW until such a time that he can return to the ring and a new deal made (since Ibushi works so extensively with DDT, he won’t just be NJPW exclusive)
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Global League Tournament, 2015
-The Global League is NOAH’s G1 tournament
-Two blocks of wrestlers face off with the winners of both blocks facing off on Nov. 8

Results (as of 11/6)
Block A
Naomichi Marifuji – 10
Takashi Sugiura – 8
Masato Tanaka – 8
Chris Hero – 8
Satoshi Kojima – 8
Davey Boy Smith Jr. – 6
Lance Archer – 6
Quiet Storm – 2

Block B
Shelton X Benjamin – 13 (Went to a draw with Suzuki)
Minoru Suzuki – 11  (Went to a draw with Benjamin)
Colt Cabana – 8
Katsuhiko Nakajima – 8
Maybach Taniguchi – 6
MuhammadYone – 6
Mitsuhiro Kitamiya – 2
Takashi Iizuka – 0

Winter Sale happening now
-Tons of DVDs going back to 2004
-Doesn’t have hugely popular shows like Steen Wolf or the most recent BOLA right now.
But those shows are usually added as the sale goes on – and it usually lasts
until the New Year.
-Lots of compilations for sale right now so get them before they’re gone
--Many Adventures of El Generico
--Super Dragon Destruction
--PWG Sells Out 2
--PWG Sells Out 3

Evolve 51 and 52 this weekend
Evolve 51, Nov. 6
Ybor City, Florida

Evolve Championship
Timothy Thatcher (c) vs Johnny Gargano

Drew Galloway vs Caleb Konley

Drew Gulak vs Matt Riddle

TJ Perkins vs Anthony Nese

Andrew Everett vs Tracy Williams

Ethan Page vs Peter Kaasa

(Note – according to, Andrew Everett may
be dealing with a knee injury. Everett told the website that during recent TNA
tapings in the UK, his knee gave out on him a few times. Concrete details
aren’t known just yet but this could be another huge setback for Everett, who
missed much of 2013/2014 with a knee injury)

Evolve 52, Nov. 7
Orlando, FL

Non-title rematch
Timothy Thatcher (c) vs Drew Galloway

Caleb Konley vs TJ Perkins

Tracy Williams vs Matt Riddle

Anthony Nese vs Peter Kaasa

Ethan Page vs Lio Rush

“Nowadays, professional wrestling is way too much of a cartoon
show. Too many pretty boys, too many people who are interested in being famous,
than are interested in being sportsmen.”

HOH and JAPW next weekend
HOH 10
Philadelphia, PA
Nov. 13
Tajiri and Tommy Dreamer vs EC3 and Eric Young

Rhino vs Abyss

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Chris Hero vs Lance Hoyt

Eddie Kingston vs Tommaso Ciampa
Tony Nese vs Alex Reynolds vs JT Dunn

Also appearing:
Colt Cabana, Guido Maritano, Tony Mamaluke, Thea Trinidad, Mia
Yim, Justin Roberts and more
Dean Malenko is being inducted into the ECW Arena Hardcore Hall of Fame at HOH 10

HOH 11
Corona, NY

NY Street Fight
Tommy Dreamer vs EC3

The Wolves vs Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

Monsters Ball Match
Sabu vs Abyss

Tajiri vs Chris Hero

Jade vs Thea Trinidad

Also appearing:
Colt Cabana, Eric Young, Lance Hoyt, Eddie Kingston, Tommaso
Ciampa, Brian Myers, Justin Roberts and more

Jersey All Pro Wrestling 19th Anniversary
Nov. 14, Rahway, NJ

First Time Ever
Rey Mysterio Jr vs Low Ki

JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
BLK Jeez (c) vs Joey Janela

Shane Strickland vs 2Hot Steve Scott vs “The Product” David Starr
vs Lio Rush vs Lance Anoa’I vs Azrieal

World’s Cutest Tag Team vs Chris Dicksinson and Heidi Lovelace

MVP vs Monsta Mack

Kimer Lee vs Shelly Martinez

Also appearing
The Hardy Boyz
LAX reunites (Homicide, Hernandez and Shelly Martinez)

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