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Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: WWE 2K14 celebrates wrestling’s biggest spectacle

Wrestlemania, the biggest annual show for World Wrestling Entertainment, has become synonymous with events like the Super Bowl and the World Series in its 30 years of existence. The show is a spectacle of the highest order, with the WWE putting on a week-long celebration in the host city featuring all sorts of events with Superstars, autograph signings, shows featuring up-and-coming talent and more. To commemorate the upcoming Wrestlemania 30 event, this year being held in New Orleans, WWE included “30 Years of Wrestlemania” to its newest video game, “WWE 2K14.”

Similar to WWE ‘13’s “Attitude Era” mode, 2K14’s single player mode lets fans relive some of the biggest matches and moments in the history of Wrestlemania. Hogan vs. Andre; Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold; Punk vs. Undertaker and so many more epic contests are part of 30 Years of Wrestlemania. Along with each match, you’re treated to photos, videos and information retelling the story of the match and relating its place in the history of WWE. It’s a great trip down memory lane for older fans who have experienced many of the biggest moments in the history of the show and also a great way for younger fans to be exposed to some of the classic matches in Wrestlemania lore. 30 Years mode is also where players will unlock new playable characters, championship belts, arenas and more.

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