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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exclusive Ring Rust Radio interview with Ring of Honor and former TNA star Chris Sabin

The hosts of Ring Rust Radio – Donald Wood, Mike Chiari and Brandon Galvin – recently had the chance to speak with Ring of Honor and former TNA star, Chris Sabin. Having recently returned to ROH, Sabin talks about his career in pro wrestling, working through an injury and the possibility of NXT in his future. You can listen to this interview on the YouTube link below or continue on and read the entire interview here,

Ring Rust Radio: You’ve been back with Ring of Honor for a while now, and your style has obviously always meshed well with what ROH likes to do, but what went into the decision to return to ROH, and how are things different in comparison to your previous stints?

Chris Sabin: Basically my decision was to work anywhere that was willing to give me work or work anywhere they were willing to pay me.  ROH and I made contact and worked something out.  I do have a little bit of history there but not as much history as most of the guys that have worked there throughout the years.  I have worked there sporadically through the last ten years or so.  I enjoy ROH and they have a really great crew.  Their production is getting much better and the locker room has so much passion.  People will say this locker room has the most passion or this one does, but I can fully and confidently say ROH really does have the most passionate locker room I have ever been in.  That has a lot to do with it and you want to surround yourself with likeminded people that love the business as much as you do.

Ring Rust Radio: While you have been great in your role helping the Addiction, many fans can’t wait to see you get back in the ring. It was reported that you suffered an injury earlier this year, so could you update us on your health and when we can expect you wrestling again?

Chris Sabin: I am doing ok and getting better.  I have a few things going on outside of wrestling right now, but probably start wrestling again sometime next year I imagine.  I want to take it easy and fully heal up.  I had a pinched nerve in my neck that had a disc bulging out and pinching it.  I was getting the symptoms down my arm and everything and that’s just not fun when you’re getting numbness and pins and needles down your arm and hand and fingers with no feeling.  I just want to make sure I am 100% full healed before I come back and get in the ring.  Wrestling isn’t an easy business on your body and I want to take care of my health long term.

Ring Rust Radio: Do you think you're going to change your wrestling style after coming back from such a serious knee injury?

Chris Sabin: Possibly.  Honestly it all depends on how I feel when I get back in the ring, see how my body feels after taking bumps because it’s really rough.  It really depends since I haven’t really been in the ring yet because I wanted to give myself time to heal.  Once I actually get back in the ring and see how my body tolerates wrestling again I’ll be able to have a better answer then.

Ring Rust Radio: You have worked for several major wrestling companies during your career, but not WWE. I’ll preface this with I’m sure you’re happy with your current role in ROH, but with the rise of NXT and the brand’s popularity, is there any long-term interest from you in a possible run with WWE’s NXT brand?

Chris Sabin: Right now my focus is on ROH and I want to help them as much as possible.  The entire reason I got in the wrestling business and the entire reason it was my dream growing up was to be in the WWE.  That’s what I watched as a little kid and that was my life, it still is my life.  I was absolutely obsessed with the 90s WWF.  So to say that I wouldn’t go there is a lie.  Of course I would go there.  That’s the main stage, where you get the most success, and you accomplish the most.  Of course I have interest in going there.

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