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Friday, October 23, 2015

Wednesday Wrestling Minutes - Your Weekly Source for NXT, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and Independent Wrestling News

Women’s Champ Bayley opens NXT this week. Says NXT made history at Respect. Not just her but the Dusty Classic too and the whole show was about respect. Says they started a whole new level of the Divas Revolution and want women's wrestling to be respected. OK promo, nothing special though.
Bayley is interrupted by BAMF with Alexa leading them. Alexa talks up Bayley's accomplishment at Respect. Crowd tries to what her but she shuts it down with her cadence. Alexa says that's all she wanted to say, that Bayley is an incredible champion. Says the NXT women have no limit and raises Bayley's hand with the belt - then snatches it and Blake and Murphy step between them. Alexa says they are the future together but she deserves the belt more than Bayley and she will take it from Bayley.

Talk to Finn and Joe after the Dusty Classic. Regal congratulates them. Joe says tagging with Finn has been a pleasure and an honor. But he's been undefeated since he came to NXT and he could've gone about this a lot of ways, but he wants an NXT Title shot. Finn says he's a fighting champ so Joe can have a shot. Regal says it's not that simple and everyone should get a chance to be the champ. Announces a battle royal for this show. Joe says he deserves the shot, citing his record and stuff, and Regal agrees but says that everyone will have a chance in the battle royal.

Dillinger, Crews and Rhyno cut short promos about the battle royal. Crews us still a little plain, Rhyno was Rhyno but Dillinger did well with the short time alloted.

Vaudevillains out next. They take on Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. Dawkins looks about the same (sorta like MVP almost, could just be the headband) but Fulton has a new look though it's very dull and sort of Sheamus adjace. Guess they're gonna do their own thing soon. Cause they were jobbers before but at least they had matching outfits. Now they have different clothes and no monentum so why stay together.
English starts out against Dawkins and works a few holds and then takes him over. But English gets cornered and Dawkins and Fulton tag in and out and work him over. English finally makes the tag and Gotch turns the tide. They hit the Whirling Dervish for the win soon after.

Afterward, Dash and Dawson talk down about the champs to Devon. They say that wasn't impressive but they are. That they are the rightful #1 contenders because they because the Vaudevillains in Dallas during the Dusty Classic. Not only that, but they are ghe rightful champs. But instead, they have to face Enzo and Big Cass.

Recap of Asuka destroying Dana Brooke and Emma at Respect. They show a trainer checking on Dana Brooke’s neck and Asuka walks in. She feigns concern for Dana and pats her on the head then stares at Emma and gives her a creepy smile and leaves. Dana Brooke also apparently thinks she beat Asuka and Emma wants them to check her head more.

Next, newcomer Evie out to get squashed by Nia Jax. She's from NZ, which is weird (Billie and Peyton are from AUS). Evie has worked in NZ, AUS, Japan, Shimmer and Shine, the last of which being a WWNLive company. I don’t mean to be offensive…but Nia Jax’s outfit does not do her any favors. Her demeanor doesn't make sense either (she's been presented like a monster but she's all smiley and shit) and her music is crap.
They lock up and Nia throws her easily. Evie hits the ropes for a line but bounces off. Hits the ropes again and Nia with a big bear hug. Showing lots of intensity in the hold. Evie fights out and tries sunset flip but Mia picks her up and throws into the corner.
Evie tries to fight back but Nia grabs her and slams her with basically a Rock Bottom (started like one, standing front slam sorta uranage but she picked up the leg to sorta make it different.) I also found it funny Graves said Evie couldn't prepare because there's no tape of Nia Jax.

Tyler Breeze says if there's anyone who deserves a title shot, it'd him. Truer words were never spoken. Then Baron Corbin says some stuff.

Eva Marie video promo from Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. Says hey, it's your favorite and that all her grueling matches left her needing a vacation and she misses everyone and hopes they miss her. Man they are really going full steam ahead with this meta Eva Marie gimmick. Fans think that's what she's like, so NXT is using it to work them. She might still be bland at best in the ring, she sure draws a lot of heat.

Battle royal main event time. Rhyno gets an entrance as does Baron Corbin and Samoa Joe. Corbin, Rhyno, Dash and Dawson go after Joe first and everyone else does their own thing. Even though they have jobbers like Danny Birch, Elias Sampson, Steve Cutler and some dude I don't even recognize (even Gargano and Ciampa) - Solomon Crowe is MIA.
Lots of scores being settled (familiar foes) and Crews eliminates Cutler first. Then he tosses Birch and Sampson. Crews picks up Gargano and tosses him into those dudes. After a break, everyone still in it. Tag teams are all still in it, which is cool cause it makes the battle royal/title so important even they want to win it. Breeze and Dillinger going at it, which is a feud I called that would help both dudes.
Cass eliminates Riddick Moss (the dude I didn't know) then Dash and Dawson throw Cass out. Then Enzo throws BOTH them out! But then Dillinger tosses Enzo out (and people chant for him?). Bull then starts hammering Dillinger and throws him out. Bull tries to throw out Corbin but Rhyno stops him and he eliminates Bull. Corbin eliminates Rawley. Then Ryder. Crowd really behind Breeze, no surprise. Then Corbin double cross Rhyno and throws him out! Joe uranage Ciampa onto the apron and out. Corbin trying to get Breeze over the ropes but he lands on the apron. Joe tosses both Blake and Murphy as they were working Joe.
Final four - Crews, Corbin, Breeze and Joe. Supermodel Kick to Joe. Crews trying to pick up Corbin in the corner. Joe blocks another Sm Kick and follows with a big combo of strikes and a uranage. Then Joe gets a head of steam and sends Breeze over the ropes. People are not happy about that. Corbin sends Joe to the apron but Joe fights back with an enzi. Before he can get in, Breeze trips Joe off the apron to eliminate him.
Crews and Corbin left. Showing off their power and trading big shots. Corbin controlling but Crews fights back. Crews hits several big kicks and stuns Corbin then lines him over to become the new #1 contender!

Every episode of Lucha Underground

Ring of Honor
ROH DA 10/14
ACH vs Matt Sydal, Best of 5 #4 
Starts off with some good back and forth technical wrestling. Is ACH acting more cocky and overconfident than usual? Picking up steam now and they show off the crazy speed both Sydal and ACH possess. ACH starts to work over the arm of Sydal after a double stomp to his back but Sydal isn't making it easy. Back from commercials, ACH is still in control, sending Sydal to the outside with a dropkick. Sydal tries to get back into coming off the cop, but ACH catches him with a spinning heel kick. Sydal gets a close 2 count with that standing, guillotine leg drop.
Even though ACH controlled early, Sydal is hammering ACH with stiff kicks to the body and head now. Sydal realizes ACH is kinda loopy after a big head kick and goes for numerous pins to try and end the match but ACH won't stay down.  Sydal wants a stoppage but Paul Turner says no. ACH starts to mount a comeback now. ACH German for 2. Then he hits a big flurry of moves after flipping out of a rana to his feet, but still can't keep Sydal down.
Sydal rolls out of the ring to avoid a 450 but eats an ACH flip over the ropes (like a moonsault from the ring over the ropes). ACH sets up for 450 (Corino called it Midnight Star) but Sydal gets his knees up, nails a reverse rana then a SSP for the win.
Afterward, Sydal and ACH face off and each hold up 2 since it's 2-2. Then the Addiction with Sabin attack and hit Celebrity Rehab on both. After a commercial, Kaz talks about how the tag belts were stolen from them at ASE. Then says roh has turned into a tyrannical dictatorship and rags on Texas.
Daniels says he isn't addressing you people in the crowd because they are beneath The Addiction. He's addressing the charlatan that wore a red mask and attacked them at ASE and shame on everyone who made it happen and who let it happen. They weren't pinned so they weren't beaten so they are still the champs and demand The Kingdom get out there now. The lights go out and ANX show up. They say they weren't pinned for the belts when they lost them either and challenge The Addiction, who back down. Next week, ANX vs Addiction.

Next, Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser lead the Boys to the ring. Silas runs down their ring gear saying he told them to dress like men, not this Dalton Castle crap. Then he has Beer City Bruiser beat them both down. Hits a big Saito suplex, a corner splash on both, then a double suplex.
BCB goes up top for a splash but the Boys move out of the way. They hop on the back of BCB and start headbutting him like Castle does but Silas breaks them up. Silas hits Misery on a Boy for the pin. Then Silas and BCB carry the Boys out on their shoulders.

In the main event, Jay Lethal vs Watanabe for the TV Title.  Lethal in control early but Watanabe staying right with him, looking to set up any of his suplexes. Kevin Kelly says next week, Jay Briscoe vs Adam Page no DQ (along with ANX/Addiction).
Lethal sends Watanabe outside and lands a series of suicide dives which sends Watanabe crashing into the guardrail. Lethal still in control after commercials and gets a 2 off a snap suplex. Lethal pounds on Watanabe with punches and then tells ref Todd Sinclair they were open hand. Lethal has been controlling pretty much this whole time and has been content now to sit in chinlocks.
But Watanabe starts to fight back and drives Lethal from corner to corner then hits a big overhead belly to back suplex. Watanabe gets 2 off a big lariat. Watanabe sets up for more but Truth slides his book in to distract the ref and Lethal mule kick Watanabe in the ding ding and uses the opening to hit Lethal Injection for the win.

New Japan
@e_key_oide tweet about NJPW pres Kidani regarding NJPW on WWE Network from a BushiRoad column (I think BushiRoad owns NJPW – could be wrong)

Tanahashi interview:
-If he loses January 4th at the Tokyo Dome, he’ll never challenge for the IWGP Heavyweight title again
-If he wins, he will defend the IWGP Title in an open challenge at every upcoming show
Was kinda hard to follow the translated page but I didn’t notice anything about never challenging for the title again. Maybe that was a challenge Okada laid down?
I did notice the other titles – IC and NEVER – mentioned in that article. Maybe this is hinting at Tana leaving the World title picture for good? Maybe moving down to IC and feud with Nakamura for the IC belt

Also, the Super Junior Tag Team Tournament begins on October 24. First round matches are:
-Jushin “Thunder” Liger and Tiger Mask vs. reDRagon
-RPG Vice vs. Kenny Omega and Chase Owens
-Mascara Dorada and Ryusuke Taguchi vs. The Young Bucks
-The Time Splitters vs. Matt Sydal and Ricochet

Indy wrestling
Evolve 49 results
October 17
Queens, NY
-Andrew Everett def. Tony Nese, Matt Cage and Peter Kassa
-Matt Riddle def. Jonathan Gresham
-Chris Dickinson def/ Tracey Williams
-Trevor Lee def. Drew Gulak to get an Evolve title shot the following night
-Tony Nese and Caleb Konley def. Milk Chocolate
-Willie Mac def. Earl Cooter
-RPG Vice def. Timothy Thatcher and TJ Perkins
I Quit Match – If Gargano Loses, He Will Leave WWN
-Johnny Gargano def Ethan Page
(Page came out for the match like Triple H. He took the ropes down first but it was Gargano who used them in the Gargano Escape to make Page tap)
when he used the ring ropes with his Gargano Escape

-After the match, Sami Zayn’s music hit and he cut a promo in the ring, putting over Evolve and Gargano and expressing how much he misses indy wrestling.

Evolve 50 results
October 18
Long Island, N.Y.
-Tracey Williams def. T.J. Perkins
-Matt Cage def. Ethan Page
-Peter Kassa def. Andrew Everett
-Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle def. Chris Dickinson
-Drew Gulak def. Willie Mack
-Timothy Thatcher def. Trevor Lee to retain the Evolve Title.
-RPG Vice def. Premiere Athlete Brand (Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley) in a grudge match

Tommaso Ciampa tells Progress crowd he’s being signed by WWE
But then takes to Twitter to say “don’t believe everything you read”

Rev Pro - Jan. 16
AJ Styles vs Zack Sabre Jr
(List of UK promotions on phone - Rev Pro seems to be more import heavy, like PWG of England, but don’t call it that because it can’t be near as good as PWG. It was just a comparison of the use of fly-in talent)

#Rawlternative: European Vacation
-Next one planned for Nov. 9
1: Progress Wrestling
2: Attack! Wrestling
3: Fight Club Pro
4: Tidal Wrestling
5: Westside Xtreme Wrestling
7: Southside Wrestling Entertainment
8: Preston City Wrestling

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