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Friday, October 30, 2015

Wednesday Wrestling Minutes - Your Weekly Source for NXT, Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and Independent Wrestling News

NXT 10/22
Recap of the battle royal from last week.

Asuka opens this episode of NXT. She has a slightly updated mask on, it looks a bit more colorful now. Also, she has a video and it’s mostly the creepy mask too. I feel like the mask is a symbol of Asuka and her character. You’ll only really know about her what she shows you. It doesn’t matter what you see on the outside (the mask) because she could easily change her demeanor (take off the mask) and be something completely different.
She takes on Billie Kay. It looks like she too has a little bit of a visual update to her gear and a new song too. She even gets a short video promo before the match.
Asuka extends for a handshake and Kay accepts but pulls Asuka in for a knee to the midsection. Billie stays on top of Asuka, hammering her in the corner and drops her with a delayed vertical suplex.
Asuka stuns Billie with a kick and starts to unleash a few more kicks. Asuka catches a flying arm bar and turns it into a seated arm bar. Asuka hits a german suplex and a knee right to Billie’s face as she’s seated on the mat. Asuka gets the Asuka Lock crossface chicken wing, Billie tries to fight back but has to tap out.

Video package about Baron Corbin. Pretty sure we’ve seen this before. About how he’s special and he’s going to do what he wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him, blah, blah.

Next out, Enzo and Cass with Carmella take on Dash and Dawson. Enzo and Cass with their usual excellent mic work. Dash and Dawson still have their satin jackets, looking like the new Varsity Club.
Dash and Dawson working together to isolate Enzo and working over Enzo’s knee. Cass tries to help out Enzo but still gets knocked out of the ring by Dawson. He turns around and gets rolled up by Enzo for the surprise win! (I don’t think Cass was ever legally in this match)
Dash and Dawson aren’t happy about that and beat down Enzo after it’s over while Cass is down outside. Cass tries to save Enzo but he’s overwhelmed by D&D who take him to the ground and hammer him on the mat. D&D lost the match but they won the fight and sent a message to Enzo and Cass as well as the Vaudevillains.

Another special message from Eva Marie in Paris. Says she still on vacay, taking in the culture (you know what I’m talking about…well, maybe not). Wanted to give everyone a present – this special message since she’s sure everyone misses her.

Next out, Danny Burch to no doubt do the job to someone. He takes on James Storm?? What’s he doing in the NXT Zone?! Not sure if he’s gonna be full time or if it’s gonna be a Rhyno-type deal. They say he started in WCW and spent the last 15 years on the independent circuit. LOL – didn’t know TNA was considered an indy.
Burch starts out strong but Storm turns the tide quickly. Storm hits, I guess, his finisher (they call it The 8 Second Right) for the win in a short match (started like an Air Raid Crash but he swung Burch around and dropped him on his back). Storm caps it off with his catchphrase “Sorry about yo damn luck.”

Apollo Crews gets his title shot in two weeks – guess they aren’t playing this feud until Takeover London.
The announcement is followed by a Crews video package, “Who is Apollo Crews” letting his personality out a little. Talks about how you have to take chances to reach your dreams and succeed and that you can’t be afraid to fail – even though that is his biggest fear.
It also reveals his upbringing - he’s first generation American since his parents are from Africa. He lived all over America and in Africa, in Uganda, for a while. Talks about his dad watched wrestling so he started and became hooked. How Ultimate Warrior really captured his attention with his energy and his passion. Talks about his dream was always to be a wrestler. His father, especially, didn’t want him to do it but he knew he had to try and had the drive to succeed, despite realizing the years of work it takes to maybe get a chance in the big time.

Why are they still showing Nia Jax vignettes? She debuted already. Did they not realize this? Yeah, next week, we get it. Lots of people are going to be on the show next week – why don’t you give them vignettes? The answer to that riddle is “Because they aren’t related to The Rock”

Alexa Bliss with Blake and Murphy out next. So Blake and The Murphy are just her enforcers now, right? I’m down with that. Was their tag title run to just build their names so it’d be meaningful when they take a backseat to Alexa’s career? Possible, since I don’t see Blake and Murphy getting near the belts again nor going to the main roster, since they are more bland than the Matadores.
Alexa Bliss takes on Peyton Royce. Is this new music too? Is this the same music Billie used?
Niether can really maintain an advantage early on. Bliss showing that she’s more than capable enough to deliver quality singles matches, transitioning to moves well and working heel effectively.
Royce hits several big kicks and a dropkick but only gets a 2 count on Alexa. Alexa starts hammering on Peyton and then hits a Glitz Flip on the downed Peyton. Alexa climbs the ropes and hits a Sparkle Splash to win.

Main even time – Baron Corbin vs Rhyno, former partners explode.
I’ve kinda figured out why Corbin’s stomach looks weird – it’s his pants, they are way too low. They are like chick jeans, hip huggers than ride way too low.
Anyway, they go right at each other to start and I have a feeling this will be much of the match, just a hard-hitting brawl. Rhyno controlling early but Corbin turns the tide after throwing Rhyno into the ring steps.
While in control, Corbin keeps Rhyno on the mat and off his feet so he can build up momentum and work for the Gore. Rhyno tries to fight up but Corbin is able to hit a huge sidewalk slam for 2.
Rhyno starts to fight back into it and finally has Corbin in position for the Gore. Rhyno hits it – but Corbin kicks out! Rhyno up and sizes up another Gore but this time Corbin catches him and hits the End of Days for the win.

Then after the main event, Samoa Joe cuts a backstage promo about how he’s gonna kill Tyler Breeze for ruining his chance to win the battle royal. I don’t know why this was shown after the main event. It was pre-recorded – it could’ve run literally any time during that episode. Like during that pointless Nia Jax vignette.

Rich Swann, ZZ, Patrick Clark and others report to Performance Center
Among the several Tough Enough contestants who were given developmental contracts, such as Patrick Clark and ZZ (pretty much everyone from the final few rounds was given a contract), I noticed a few indy names on there – Richard Swann, Adrienne Reese (Athena), and Christopher Girard (Biff Busick).
There has been a few pictures of Athena working NXT live shows in Florida and there have been rumors of Busick’s signing for what feels like months now. This isn’t Swann’s first time trying to get a WWE contract either. He’s taken part in training camps before with the hope of being offered a contract but it seems like he finally accomplished that goal. They all bring unique styles and personalities to WWE so let’s hope they can build on those strengths in NXT and not just try and mold them into something entirely different.

Lucha Underground
Biggest news is that tickets are on sale for S2 filming of Lucha Underground – Nov 14, 15 and Nov. 21, 22.

With ADR back in WWE, what does that mean for Lucha? Allegedly, per the dirtsheets, AAA had no idea that Alberto would be back working with WWE – even though he is the AAA Mega Champion.
I'd guess that it means Johnny Mundo won't be getting revenge on Alberto El Patron for getting thrown through a window at Ultima Lucha. 

Da Meltz is reporting that Cheerleader Melissa will be on LU S2, taking on the role of Marty the Moth's sister. Her name has been in the news lately, as she was recently named USA Branch President for Stardom Wrestling, as they recently started doing shows in CA.

ROH DA 10/22
Out first, Addiction to take on ANX. Kaz starts fast and Sabin trips up King. Sabin gets thrown out and ANX takes control. Kaz lifts Titus for backdrop and Daniels rakes his eyes so the Addiction can stop their momentum. King gets a hot tag and starts to turn the tide but Addiction cuts him off and all 4 guys are down.
Daniels sets up for BME but someone in KRD gear runs out and distracts Daniels. He gets Daniels to chase him and allows ANX hit their finish (tandem blockbuster/powerbomb). Who is this KRD guy? Is it Sabin again? If so, why is he messing with the Addiction? Regardless, ANX has a win over the former champs.

The Kingdom out next. The tag champs, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis, and Adam Cole are all looking slick (Maria in a little black dress - my god). Bennett tells a story about how The Kingdom are best friends and how they're snakes  (the story from Natural Born Killers).
Cole says O'Reilly doesn't deserve to be anywhere near the World title. Cole says they have been compared their entire careers and he is the better member of Future Shock. Says it makes him sick that guys like O'Reilly, AJ Styles and Michael Elgin are in the World title hunt and he is not (and runs down Elgin gaining popularity from the G1, saying he had to go all the way to Japan to become relevant again and calls him Little Mike).
Cole says The Kingdoms goal is to win the TV and World titles too. But then reDRagon comes out. Security holds them back from getting in the ring. Fish says they want to take out Cole and The Kingdom. Cole says there's 3 of them and only 2 of you - then Elgin shows up, with new music too, and runs off The Kingdom. Next week, Kingdom vs reDRagon and Michael Elgin. 

Main event time now - Page vs Briscoe, no DQ. Bj Whitmer on commentary. Jay out next, no Mark though. Whitmer says this is the biggest match of Page's career and he's beyond ready.
Page asks for handshake then slaps Briscoe. Briscoe hits a big boot and a line over the ropes to the outside and Page thrown into the barricade. Briscoe for a dive but Page smashes him with a chair as he flies out. Page gets out a table and it's getting crazy early. Page yells at Briscoe in the corner to say his name, referencing when Briscoe said he didn't know who Page was.
Briscoe down in the corner and Whitmer handing crutch to Page but Mark runs in and grabs it and walks out with it. Page big DDT on a chair and back from commercials, Page is still in control. Briscoe dodges and Page bad shoulder into the ring post. Page lands on the table he set up and Briscoe double stomp him through it. Briscoe neckbreaker with a chair and gets another table set up in the corner. Page ducks and a pump handle suplex through the table. 
Back from commercials and they're still battling. Page sets up another table at ringside. Jay sets up for Jay Driller but Page turns into Right of Passage (thr Dudebuster). Jay grabs a chair and hits Page then Jay Driller through the table. Jay rolls Page in and covers but only 2 count! Page ducks a big boot and hits his own, tries to get BJ attention (probably for the other crutch) but he's too wrapped up with Steve Corino and Page gets Jay Driller and pinned.
Whitmer in as Briscoe gets up and hammers him with the crutch. Corino gets in to distract Whitmer and let Briscoe roll out. Corino in his face and Whitmer says hit me, so Corino punches him but he also had a roll of quarters in his hand and Whitmer is out cold. Corino heads out and hugs Kevin Kelly and walks up the ramp - is he done on commentary?

Corino suspended indefinitely, Nigel will make a ruling at the TV taping on Oct. 23.

Young Bucks sign exclusive ROH contract

This announcement was unexpected but not necessarily unbelievable. The Young Bucks are the hottest free agents in pro wrestling so obviously, every company out there was looking to lock them down.
If you watched the recent Young Bucks documentary from Highspots, you learn just how important family is to both Nick and Matt. An exclusive deal with ROH guarantees that they will be able to provide for their families and also be able to spend more time at home and less time on the road. Matt also stated that this contract is the biggest exclusive contract ROH has ever signed.
Having signed an exclusive contract like reDRagon, Michael Elgin and Adam Cole, this guarantees the Bucks will be at all future ROH shows. But unlike past exclusive contracts, the Young Bucks will still be participating in New Japan as well as being able to take select indy dates – specifically PWG, since the Bucks view it as their home promotion and really helped launch their careers.

Top matches for ROH Final Battle, Dec in Philly, are Lethal vs Styles for the World title, and The Kingdom vs War Machine for the tag titles. Styles was slated to work a recent ROH TV taping but hurt his back against Okada at King of Pro Wrestling and made it worse on a long flight. He believes he will be fine for Final Battle. 

New Japan Pro Wrestling
Super Jr first round has been pretty good. Bucks/Taguchi and Dorada was good and worked in a lot of comedy. Timesplitters vs Ricochet/Sydal has been great. Plus all these guys have a lot of history.
Kushida faced Ricochet in the Super Junior tournament final, which Ricochet won, and Sydal defeated Kushida at an ROH TV taping recently. Plus Shelley and Sydal were influential indy guys in the mid 2000s, who have had a big influence on the style today. And Ricochet too has had a big impact on the junior heavyweight style, but to a lesser degree since Shelley and Sydal debuted several years before him.
The show on the 24th was pretty good overall and the first round of Super Jr tag really delivered. The crowd was really vocal all night long too. I feel like there was more chanting than usual and there was even dueling chants. Chanting is much more typical in American/British crowds than in Japan. WWE/NXT/ROH fan influence perhaps?
Also, Chase Owens (an NWA wrestler in NJPW) has apparently joined Biz Cliz as he started teaming with Omega in the Super Jr. tourney. But we’ll see how long that partnership lasts since Owens and Omega lost in the first round.
So the semifinals are reDRagon vs RPG Vice, which we've seen 1000 times but should still be good. And Young Bucks vs Sydal and Ricochet, which will be insane. Guessing reDRagon vs Sydal and Ricochet, cause otherwise the finals will be a match we've seen a lot already. 

Road to Power Struggle
Nov. 1
(I’m assuming this will be on World, since it has Super Jr matches)

Sho Tanaka, Yohei Komatsu and Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Jay White, David Finlay and Tiger Mask

Juice Robinson, Captain New Japan and Togi Makabe vs Mascara Dorada, Katsuyori Shibata, and Hirooki Goto

The Timesplitters vs Kenny Omega and Chase Owens

Yoshi-Hashi, Sakuraba, Toru Yano and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, Doc Gallows and Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson

Ryusuke Taguchi, Tomoaki Honma and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Gedo, Tomohiro Ishii and Kazuchika Okada

Super Jr. semifinal
Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs The Young Bucks

Super Jr. semifinal
RPG Vice vs reDRagon

Power Struggle
Nov. 7

Super Jr finals

Hirooki Goto vs “King of Darkness” EVIL

Yoshi-Hashi and Toru Yano vs Bad Luck Fale and AJ Styles

NEVER Openweight Championship
Tomohiro Ishii (c) vs Tomoaki Honma

Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Sakuraba and Kazuchika Okada

IWGP Intercontinental Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson

-Enuhito reports that should Nakamura retain at Power Struggle, he’s said he will defend the IC belt in an open challenge match at Wrestle Kingdom 10
-If he retains at Power Struggle, this will be the 4th year in a row he’s defending the IC belt at WK (2013 vs Sakuraba, 2014 vs Tanahashi, 2015 vs Ibushi)
-As with many years past, Nakamura’s WK challenger usually appears at the November Osaka show and is expecting this year to be the same. He says “It is a chance. Anyone, any promotion. I am waiting at Osaka.”
-The next big event for NJPW after the Power Struggle tour will be the World Tag League from Nov. 21 to Dec. 9. And then the Road to Tokyo Dome begins Dec. 11.

Pro Wrestling NOAH
Global League Tournament, 2015
-The Global League is NOAH’s G1 tournament
-Two blocks of wrestlers face off with the winners of both blocks facing off on Nov. 8

Results (as of 10/30)
Block A
Naomichi Marifuji – 8
Takashi Sugiura – 8
Masato Tanaka – 8
Chris Hero – 8
Davey Boy Smith Jr. – 4
Satoshi Kojima – 4
Lance Archer – 2
Quiet Storm – 2

Block B
Minoru Suzuki – 10
Shelton X Benjamin – 10
Katsuhiko Nakajima – 8
Maybach Taniguchi – 6
Muhammad Yone – 4
Colt Cabana – 4
Mitsuhiro Kitamiya – 0
Takashi Iizuka – 0

-I would not be surprised if this is leading to Marifuji winning, beating Suzuki for the GHC Heavyweight Championship and finally ridding NOAH of Suzukigun
-Hero also posted a picture from his recent Global League match. After he beat Kojima, he was given a “winner’s present” (wut?) of a lifetime of free beer at a bar in Sasebo, Nagasaki. Only problem is, he doesn’t drink.

Listening to Colt’s podcast (the one featuring Bob Holly) and Colt mentions he’s doing another Wrestling Road Diaries, this time with Kikutaro (saw him in CZW as Ebessan) and Grado, titled “Wrestling Road Diaries 3: Funny Equals Money” – a play on the highly-publicized Jim Cornette slight against Colt from their ROH days together where Cornette claimed that “Funny doesn’t equal money.”
It’s a really unique idea because not only is it going to focus on the use of comedy in wrestling from three of the top, most well-known and well-liked comedic wrestlers of the time but it is also highlighting three wrestlers who have a similar style but come from completely different backgrounds (Colt in America, Grade in Scotland and Kikutaro in Japan). Haven’t filmed it yet but Colt mentions that it will hopefully be on DVD “before Wrestlemania next year” which would be WM33.

Maybe get the first champs crowned in GFW. I think they were 
Nick Aldus def Bobby Roode Global Championship
Christina Von Eerie def Amber O'Neill womens
The Bollywood Boys def Reno Scum tag
PJ Black def Virgil Flynn, Jigsaw and TJP Nex*Gen Championship 

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