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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

NXT, Lucha Underground and Indy Wrestling Minute - Your weekly source for independent wrestling news

NXT 4/1
Sami Zayn opens NXT, who we haven’t seen in a while (over a month I think). In a blazer and his trademark hat so it doesn’t look like he’s wrestling tonight. But the crowd is going crazy for the return of NXT Daniel Bryan.
On the mic, says it’s good to be back (Was on the tour in Abu Dhabi). Timing was unfortunate, leaving a lot of questions and concerns since it was right after he lost the belt at Takeover. Says the tour should’ve been great but the only thing that was on his mind was Kevin Owens. The Kevin Owens he faced at Takeover was a different person than he came up with when they started. Not just as an in-ring talent but as a person, he looked in Owens’ eyes and saw that he’s changed as a person.
Zayn has had a lot of time to think and formulate a plan. Going to use his rematch and win back the NXT Championship. But at the top of his priority list is to kick Kevin Owens’ ass.
In the first match, Rhyno takes on some guy I don’t recognize.
Rhyno rushes him quickly then tosses him across the ring with a belly to belly. Rhyno gores him out of his boots for the win in under a minute. I hope they aren’t building him up to get fed to Baron Corbin.
Rhyno on the mic, getting a chant from the crowd. He came to NXT to make a statement. He came here for the NXT Championship. Crowd chanting for the “Gore” and he says you hear that? You hear that Sami Zayn, Finn Balor and Kevin Owens? It doesn’t matter who gets in Rhyno’s way, they’ll be ripped in half with the Gore.
Another showing of the Dana Brooke video package. She’s a fitness model so she’ll definitely just be a “I’m beautiful and fit and you’re all gross” typical Diva heel. Basically Aksana but American. She debuts in two weeks.
Kevin Owens promo from after his match against Finn Balor last week. He says he won, that’s all that matter. Because no one is taking the title away from him - not Finn Balor, not Sami Zayn. Nobody.
Bayley out now to face Emma. Emma has been acting quite like a heel in the past few weeks, showing a much different personality than he bubbly, Emma-lution dancing antics.
Emma still doing her usual entrance but she’s not very into it. Not smiling and her body language just looks like she’s depressed. Starts to pull herself over the ring ropes but just rolls in instead. Rich Brennan makes note of her body language too, that she’s almost mocking her former self.
They lock up but Bayley doesn’t seem too upset about Emma slapping her last week, not being very aggressive. Back and forth, not very long or interesting. Emma hits the Emma-mite Sandwich, the low cross body into the corner and drags Bayley out, covering her while doing a half-hearted Emma dance but Bayley reverses her into a pin of her own and gets the three. Bayley picking her up off the mat and I would’ve sworn Emma would attack her but she doesn’t. Bayley leaves the ring and Emma is still standing there, looking confused and upset but not wanting to show it.
Devin talking to Becky Lynch backstage. She says she was this close to winning the title at Takeover if it wasn’t for Bayley. And everybody else in the division has gotten their singles title opportunity but not Becky. Why not? She’s proved herself time and time again. And welcomes everyone to N-Bex-T.
Blake and Murphy take on the Lucha Dragons. Not a title match though.
The Dragons take advantage early, sending Blake and Murphy outside and hitting big dives (Sin Cara through the ropes tope as Kalisto holds them open and then Kalisto hits a moonsault from the corner).
But Blake fakes out Kalisto and he flies through the ropes and hits the barricade then grounds him with a rear chinlock.
Kalisto fighting to try and get back to his corner, but Murphy pulling him back. He finally uses his quickness to evade Murphy and makes the tag and Sin Cara takes over.
Blake cheap shots Cara from the corner, Murphy running suplex on Cara and Blake hits a frog splash for the win as Murphy trips up Kalisto from making the save.
Devin talking to Zayn but Rhyno interrupts them. He says he didn’t come to NXT to wait in line or earn a spot. He doesn’t care about Zayn’s personal vendettas. The line for the NXT Title starts behind Rhyno he says.
Video package for Solomon Crowe. But doesn’t show much.
Tye Dillinger vs Jason Jordan. Looks like Dillinger is the heel even though the crowd isn’t reacting to either and Jordan has some of the most generic, boring music I’ve ever heard. Neither has good music but Jordan’s is worse somehow.
Jordan wearing a singlet now. Walks out with the straps down, puts them on when the match starts only to take them down a minute later. Jordan using amateur wrestling moves to throw Dillinger around and trash talking Dillinger as he wears him down.
Jordan gets the win with a wrist clutch exploder suplex.
Next week, they’re showing “NXT at WrestleMania Axxess” stuff. Mentions Itami qualifying for the Andre the Johnson Battle Royal so maybe they’re showing that mini tournament.
Video package hyping the main event, recounting the Tyler Breeze/Hideo Itami feud.
They lock up a few times and Breeze takes advantage early, sending Itami into the corner and following it up with forearms. But Itami turns it around, hitting a big combination of strikes, a running basement dropkick to the corner and shoots him off for a single leg drop kick for the first fall in quick fashion.
Breeze having trouble getting back to his feet before the second fall begins. Itami trying to engage but the ref holding him back. But Breeze was playing possum! He hits a Beauty Shot as the ref holding Itami back to pick up the second fall.
Kinda don’t like how they just breezed through the first two falls (no pun intended). It’s like, what’s the point of having a 2 out of 3 falls match? Give them more time and make it exciting. The first two falls were basically pointless since they were so fast and now it’s a regular match.
Breeze in control in the third fall. Keeping Itami on the ground with stomps and chin locks. Whoever wins this match will definitely be a top contender for the belt, since there isn’t a named #1 contender right now, after Owens defeated Balor. Rhyno made his claim, Breeze never got his one-on-one match against Neville (got made into a four way) and Zayn can invoke his rematch whenever.
Itami starting to mount a comeback, hitting some strikes and the tornado DDT over the top rope. Hits a discus lariat but only gets a 2. Itami goes for a fisherman suplex but Breeze reverses into a inside cradle for 2.
Trading pin falls. Breeze Super Model Kick and folding press and a close 2. (lol, Graves said Breeze said if he wins he’s gonna annex Japan as part of Cuteville)
Breeze kneeing Itami in the face while Itami is on his knees, then punching him but Itami is hulking up. Keeps getting hit but keeps firing up with that fighting spirit and nails a series of kicks and runs in for the corner dropkick but Breeze rolls out. Breeze goes for the Beauty Shot but Itami ducks it. Itami hits the corner drop kick and Itami sends him off the ropes but Breeze hits the Beauty Shot for the win.

In other NXT news, CJ Parker asked for his release from his contract and he’s no longer with WWE. His split from the company was amicable it’s said, as they let him work the WrestleMania Axxess and weekend events.
In the next few days, it was announced that Parker, using the name CJP, will be taking part in CZW’s Best of the Best tournament, which takes place this weekend in Voorhees, New Jersey.
I was very surprised that Parker not only booked an indy date so soon after leaving WWE but that it will be a CZW show. I can only imagine that Ambrose and Crowe (and others) probably put in a good word for Parker, or suggested he go there.

Also, PWInsider is reporting that Dragon Gate star Uhaa Nation is starting at the WWE Performance Center this week. Nation is a supremely talented and athletic performer who I’m betting we’ll see on TV sooner rather than later.

CJ Parker leaves WWE
CJP announced for CZW BOTB!

Lucha Underground, 4/1
Show opens in Dario Cueto’s office. Big Ryck has two new associates with him – Killshot (Shane Strickland) and The Mack (Willie Mack). They seem to be intimidating Cueto and Ryck says word on the street is Cueto ordered the hit on him. Cueto says he’s introducing the Trios Tag Team belts and tonight the tournament to crown the first champions starts and gives them a spot in the tourney. Cueto goes to shake his hand but Ryck slaps it away, he says “You know what I want,” meaning a payoff – which both Mack and Kill Shot want as well.
Striker says Trios Tournament will be four weeks long
In the first match of the night, Angelico (with the jobber entrance) takes on Johnny Mundo. Mundo gets a big reaction from the crowd.
Crazy exchanges to start the match, lots of quick, high flying exchanges with some really interesting strikes and back-and-forth.
Mundo using the arena to leap off and catch Angelico with a big leaping kick after Angelico escapes the ring. It seems like Mundo has the advantage in every exchange, just a step quicker than Angelico. Sets Angelico up for the End of the World but he rolls away and baits Mundo into the corner and catches him with a kick. They start exchanging near falls but neither can get the pin and Angelico lands a standing double stomp to Mundo’s chest.
Angelico dodges another End of the World and hits a running crucifix bomb (Fall of the Angels) into the corner and Mundo just barely gets his foot on the bottom rope. Sets up Fall again but Mundo wriggles out and sets up on top, nails Angelico with an elbow but Angelico catches him with an enziguri. Mundo knocks him off and wins with End of the World.
Finally getting back to the Black Lotus storyline. Apparently she got kidnapped after finding the guy Cueto keeps locked up in the basement. Got kidnapped by a guy named El Dragon Azteca, claims to be a descendent of the original Aztec tribe. He was also there the day Lotus’ parents were slaughtered and is teaching Lotus the art of lucha libre, which he says will be essential if she ever wants to avenge her parents. This is accompanied by a video of her mirroring the moves of Dragon set to grindhouse-esque music.
In the locker room, Mundo is confronted by Alberto El Patron. (Cool framing, filming Alberto in a dirty old scratched up mirror, as if to say that maybe his intentions and character aren’t as clear as they seem). He says Mundo’s match was a great victory and shakes his hand. Mundo says thanks but asks what’s your deal, bro? You gonna face guys you’ve already beaten, or did you come here to compete? Alberto not amused by Mundo. Says he forgot about his sense of humor – in fact he almost forgot about Mundo altogether. He thought Mundo had given up on wrestling. Mundo says Alberto only showed up after he saw Mundo tearing it up and he says to Alberto don’t forget I’m the face of LU, the place where you work and Alberto just laughs and says “Exactly” as he walks away.
Cueto talking to Sexy Star in his office about the tournament and says he wants her to be a part of it. Says it’s too bad her old partners are still on the shelf but not to fear, Dario has her taken care of. Gives her Super Fly and Pentagon Jr to face Big Ryck and his new crew. Cueto says just think, with a partner as skilled as Pentagon Jr, this could be her big break.
Fourth match between Drago and Aerostar now. Aero lead 2-1
Aero using crazy spring board moves to take advantage first both inside and outside the ring. Aero hits a big splash for a 2. Then uses a mahistrol and a crucifix to get 2 counts. Drago reeling but reverses an electric chair into a face buster. Hooks Aero in a submission but Aero gets to the ropes.
Drago hits a corkscrew off the top onto a standing Aero and locks him up in a tight cradle, crucifix type move and gets the win.
Drago picks up Aero afterward and extends the handshake but Aero seems tentative. He eventually accepts but then pulls Drago in close and raises his hand saying just one more left.
Cueto in his office with the Trios belts on his desk and talking to Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico. He says none of them have really impressed him and none of them have great singles careers (Angelico lost tonight, Havoc won last week after months of losing and Ivelisse got dumped by Havoc).  And he makes them a Trios team and next week they’ll be facing three men who are anything but embarrassing in the ring.
The main event is the first match in the Trios tournament – Big Ryck, The Mack and Kill Shot vs Sexy Star, Super Fly and Pentagon Jr.
Pentagon comes out separately from Star and Super Fly. He gets on the mic and says to his boss, his master that even though he was given weak partners it’s no matter because he by himself will win the Trios titles.
Super Fly and Star try to shake Pentagon’s hand who shakes his own hand (like that three cheers, victory type pose) and ignores his teammates.
Willie Mack starts with Pentagon. Mack using surprising quickness to stay even with Pentagon at first but Pentagon takes advantage with his striking and big chops. Mack hits a pounce and gets a 2 starting to get momentum but Pentagon hits a lung blower and Mack tags out to Kill Shot. Super Fly tags himself in.
Kill Shot and Super Fly exchange lucha moves and he tags in Star. She gets the better of Kill Shot and ignores Pentagon, who wants a tag. Hits a big head scissor on Kill Shot and goes for the pin but Ryck throws her off him and smashes Fly and Pentagon in the corner then picks up Star, presses her over his head and throws her onto Fly and Pentagon. He calls in Mack and Kill who tope con hilo onto Fly and Pentagon. Ryck makes like he’s going to dive but gets caught by a top rope splash from Star. Pentagon comes in and kicks Ryck a few times but he shrugs it off and hits a big chop of his own on Pentagon.
(lol Striker says Kill Shot has a unique way of moving and seems to swerve in and out of his offense – cause Shane Strickland is the King of Swerve or something like that)
Pentagon actually working with his team. He tosses Star over his head into a hurricanrana on Kill Shot followed by a top rope splash from Super Fly but Big Ryck breaks up the pin. Ryck chokeslam Super Fly but Pentagon stops the count and nails several kicks on Ryck. Ryck throws him into the corner and Pentagon headstand on the top but Ryck nails him in the face with a boot and sends him outside. He lariat Pentagon outside and sidesteps a cross body from Star.
Super Fly sets up to dive on Ryck but Kill Shot stops him with a cutter. Mack hits a brainbuster followed by a double stomp to the face from Kill Shot for the win.
Super Fly still down in the ring and Pentagon is in there now looking around, pretty pissed they lost the match. He sets up to break his arm but Sexy Star boots him in the face and saves Super Fly. But Pentagon is pissed and tells her she bit off more than she can chew.

I’ve seen some rumors online this past week that that Lucha Underground will be hosting a live, two-hour event this August to end the first season called “Ultimo Lucha.” Not sure how much validity there is to the rumor but it would be pretty cool if a longer, live event is in the works to cap off each season of Lucha Underground (and yes – there will be a season 2)

Ring of Honor
Another “Field of Honor” event set for August at Brooklyn’s MCU Park

Several New Japan Pro Wrestling stars have been announced for the War of the World and Global Wars shows in Philadelphia and Toronto in May. So far Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Jushin “Thunder” Liger, Tetsuya Naito, Takaaki Watanabe and Kushida  have been announced for the joint shows.
I’m still holding out hope that Shinsuke Nakamura will be announced for the cards as he’s easily my favorite member of the New Japan roster (next to Kenny Omega). But seeing as how they started with Tanahashi and now are announcing lower card guys like Watanabe and Kushida it’s seeming less likely. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Bullet Club shows up as well.

Jay Lethal passes 1 year as ROH TV Champion. Defeated Tommaso Ciampa on Apr. 4 and now has every record associated with the TV Title (length held, defenses, times held). Defeated guys like Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Matt Sydal, Alberto El Patron during his run and no end in sight.

New Japan Pro Wrestling
NJPW Invasion Attack was on April 4. Lots of big news out of the great show – we have new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champs (RPG Vice) and new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team champs (The Kingdom)  as well as Alberto El Patron being announced for the upcoming G1 Climax tournament. Also, even though Kenny Omega is still the IWGP Junior Heavyweight champ, events during the main event between Kota Ibushi and AJ Styles for the IWGP Heavyweight championship are possibly hinting at either a face turn from Omega or his possible move into the heavyweight division. At the very least, I’d say that a feud between the former tag partners Ibushi and Omega is a possibility going forward.
Check out a full run down of results and screen caps here -

Also last week, I read that the New Japan show on AXS TV will get a second season.

Also, The Observer is reporting that the following will be featured on the second season of the AXS TV show, which will largely feature matches from the 2014 G1 Climax.
5/22 has Kushida vs. Taichi, Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Ricochet and the Kushida vs. Ricochet finals in the Best of the Super Junior tournament from June 8, 2014

5/29 has matches from June 21, 2014 in Osaka, with Alex Shelley & Kushida vs. Young Bucks for the IWGP jr. tag title, Toru Yano & Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka and Kota Ibushi vs. Ricochet for the IWGP jr. title. This will be an awesome TV show because the Bucks match and the Ricochet match were incredible.

6/5 has matches from the same Osaka show, with Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima vs. Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr. for the NWA tag title, and Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Togi Makabe for the IWGP tag titles.

6/12 is the third hour from Osaka with Yuji Nagata & Tomoaki Honma vs. Hirooki Goto & Katsuyori Shibata and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bad Luck Fale for the IC title.

There is no new show on 6/19

6/26 airs matches from July 22, 2014, from G-1 with Tanahashi vs. Honma, Okada vs. Styles and Nakamura vs. Shibata.

7/3 airs matches from July 26, 2014, from G-1, with Yuji Nagata vs. Nakamura, Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito, Okada vs. Karl Anderson and Tanahashi vs. Shibata (an awesome match).

7/10 airs matches from July 28, 2014, from G-1, with Tanahashi vs. Fale, Nakamura vs. Honma and Okada vs. Naito.

7/17 airs matches from August 1, 2014 G-1 show at Korakuen Hall, a super card with the 2014 Observer match of the year with Suzuki vs. Styles, Tenzan vs. Goto and the incredible match with Nakamura vs. Tomohiro Ishii.

7/24 airs matches from the August 3, 2014 G-1 show in Osaka, another incredible show with the Honma vs. Shibata match, Okada vs. Yujiro Takahashi and Tanahashi vs. Nakamura.

7/31 airs matches from the August 8, 2014 G-1 show in Yokohama, with Nakamura vs. Fale, Togi Makabe vs. Styles (this was the match where Styles got his neck injury from a German superplex), Tanahashi vs. Smith Jr., and Okada vs Suzuki.

8/7 airs matches from the August 10, 2014 Seibu Dome show with Naito vs. Honma, Ishii vs. Anderson, Goto vs. Shibata and Tanahashi vs. Styles.

8/14 is the final show of the series, airing the Nakamura vs. Okada G-1 Climax final from the Seibu Dome.

A new Grand Champion was crowned on the tour of England - Hallowicked defeated Icarus to win the Grand Championship. Don’t have much more info though.

Combat Zone Wrestling
CZW’s Best of the Best is Saturday, April 11 at the Flyer’s Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ.

The card is:
Tournament match ups
Joey Janela vs. Joe Gacy vs CJP
Tommy End vs. Aaron Williams vs. Caleb Konley
Jonathan Gresham vs. Tracy Williams vs. Trevor Lee
Andrew Everett vs. Buxx Belmar vs. Mike Bailey

CZW Tag Team Championships
OI4K (c) vs. Danny Havoc and Lucky tHURTeen

Deathmatch Trial Series – Scaffold Match
Devon Moore vs ‘Wrench’ Connor Claxton

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
The most recent PWG show “Don’t Sweat the Technique” is up for sale (pre-order) on the PWG merch site. And, unsurprisingly, it looks amazing.
Also, PWG announced the annual DDT4 tournament will take place on Friday, May 22.

Announced teams are:
Team Tremendous
Fourth Gunn (Drew Gulak and Biff Busick)
Beaver Boys
World’s Cutest Tag Teams
Inner City Machine Guns
Monster Mafia
Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee
Love Gun (Matt Sydal and Chris Sabin)

Two non-tournament matches have been announced:
Johnny Gargano vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

PWG World Title match:
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Brian Cage vs. Chris Hero

It’s too bad Best Friends aren’t in DDT4 this year, after winning the tournament last year but it’s not surprising since Trent is busy with RPG Vice. But the announced teams for the tournament look amazing none-the-less. If you’ve read this blog before you know I’m a huge mark for Team Tremendous so I’m beyond psyched to see them make their PWG debut. Officer Dan Barry and Detective Bill Carr are going to kill it in PWG and while there are lots of talented teams in the tournament, I could see them being the big break out stars from the event.

And as I’m typing this, PWG’s Twitter has just announced events for the summer months:
Rock and Shock the Nation – June 26th
Threemendous IV – July 24th
Battle of Los Angeles 2015 – August 28th, 29th, 30th

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