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Thursday, March 19, 2015

I won the Ring Rust Radio PG Era Fantasy Draft!

If you're a fan of this blog, you probably listen to Ring Rust Radio as well and if you are, you probably already know this but...

I won the Ring Rust Radio PG Era Fantasy Draft!

That's right, this week I became the first fourth man (a special guest, if you will) in the history of the show to finish better than last place in any kind of draft. And not only did I finish better than last - I won the whole damn thing!

And, if I can indulge myself for a moment, I think I won because, of all the cards presented, my card presented match-ups that literally would never or could never happen now. Simply put, that of all the cards, mine presented the biggest "fantasy match-ups." Where everyone else's cards featured matches that still could happen or have already happened in some form or another, most every match on my card would be not only an interesting clash of styles but also pits wrestlers against others that they would never have faced in the course of their careers.

You can listen to the announcement of my win (plus a special appearance from myself as well on the show) in the player below and beneath that, read the card that earned me first place. Everyone on the show laughed at my drafting and my card when it was announced but who's laughing now? 

Me. I am laughing.

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Tag Team Title #1 Contender match
World’s Greatest Tag Team vs Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade
Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have been on the hunt for the tag team titles but have been consistently hounded by Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade, who are looking to make a name for themselves in the division by knocking off the World’s Greatest Tag Team. They finally settle their differences in this physical contest, with the WGTT picking up the win and the #1 contendership.

Technical wrestling showdown
Mike Quackenbush vs Norman Smiley
For weeks, Mike Quackenbush and Norman Smiley had been ribbing each other about who was the better technical wrestler and eventually the good-natured joking turned serious and now two of the best technical wrestlers ever face off for the first time. Both well versed in chain wrestling and lucha libre, Smiley and Quack put on a fast-paced clinic, ending with Quack setting up for the Quackendriver but Smiley wiggled out of it and locked in the cross face chicken wing for the win.

Gauntlet match
US Championship
Jerry Lynn (c), Brodie Lee, Nigel McGuiness, Masato Tanaka, Umaga
Several Superstars have been gunning for Jerry Lynn’s United States Championship the decision was made for him to defend it against five others – but in a gauntlet match where he was forced to start at number one. Lynn surprised Brodie Lee early with a roll up but took punishment from Lee after the quick defeat. His bout against Nigel McGuinness was a much tougher contest but Lynn managed to win with a cradle piledriver. Having to face a bruiser like Masato Tanaka next, Lynn was on the defense for most of the contest, kicking out of many near falls but ultimately surprising Tanaka with a cradle piledriver for the win. His final opponent, Umaga, was too much for Lynn to overcome after three grueling bouts and Umaga became the new United States Champion.

Necro Butcher and Sheamus vs Mitsuhara Misawa and KENTA
These teams were originally in the hunt for the tag team titles but became more invested in finding out who are the toughest guys in WWE. Necro Butcher and Sheamus, known for their toughness and love of a good fight, found the same attitude in KENTA and Misawa’s strong style wrestling and have been beating the hell out of each other for weeks. With the Misawa and Sheamus trading blows on the outside, KENA uses his expertly placed kicks to pick apart Necro Butcher in the ring, ultimately knocking him out with a head kick for the pin. After the match, Necro and Sheamus get into an argument and start brawling, needing several refs to separate them.

Goldust vs Delirious
Goldust and Delirious are two of the most outlandish and weird personalities on Smackdown. Bringing the mood back up after the all-out war in the previous bout, this match starts with the two trying to out-do the other with who can act more strangely before engaging in an actual wrestling match. Goldust distracts the ref, hitting Delirious with the Shattered Dreams to win.

Rey Mysterio vs Pac
When Pac came into the WWE, he looked up to Rey Mysterio as a mentor and the two quickly became friends. But as time went on Rey saw the potential Pac had to replace him as the premier high-flyer in WWE and began to sabotage his career. The match between these former friends starts quickly and never slows down. It seemed that Pac might pick up the win but Mysterio avoided the Red Arrow and grabbed the tights as he rolled up Pac for the win.

Tag Team Titles
Triple H and Batista (c) vs the Kings of Wrestling
The Kings of Wrestling, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, began making waves as soon as they entered the WWE. With their sights set on tag team gold, they quickly established themselves as top contenders. But the former members of Evolution and current champs Triple H and Batista weren’t about to give up the gold to the upstarts so easily. Triple H and Batista attack Claudio before the match starts, forcing Hero to fight the champs on his own for the early stages of the match. But once Claudio returns, the Kings begin to mount a comeback. Feeling the momentum shift, Triple H grabs a chair on the outside but is booted in the face by Hero, dazing him. In the ring, Claudio nails Batista with several European uppercuts and Hero delivers a final roaring elbow, knocking out Batista and allowing the Kings of Wrestling to become the new tag team champions.
Grudge match
JBL vs. El Generico
As soon as El Generico entered the WWE, he was an instant fan favorite. His upbeat charisma and never-give-up attitude endeared him to the WWE Universe. But Generico’s sudden success rubbed some people the wrong way – none more so than JBL, who began attacking Generico in the locker room and distracting him during matches causing several losses. Now that Generico could finally get his hands on JBL in the ring, his attitude was much more serious but JBL’s size and strength was too much for the generic luchadore. Generico was almost able to hit the top rope brainbuster but JBL freed himself and when Generico turned around, JBL leveled him with a Clothesline From Hell for the win.

World Heavyweight Championship triple threat
Chris Benoit (c) vs CM Punk vs Tyler Black
Despite his workman-like style and stoic demeanor, no one had been able to unseat Chris Benoit for the championship. With CM Punk’s longstanding claims of being “the best in the world” and several impressive wins, he’s earned a shot at the champ. Tyler Black, on the other hand, only recently hit the scene and immediately began hounding CM Punk and Chris Benoit, being made a part of this match if only so Benoit and Punk could get their hands on him. After Black hit Benoit with a bucklebomb followed by a super kick, Punk surprised Black, picking him up for the GTS and pinning him to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

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