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Friday, March 27, 2015

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NXT, 3/18
Tonight is a special presentation of NXT, the first episode taped somewhere other than the NXT Arena at Full Sail University, at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio earlier in March.
Looks like a pretty big crowd. The entrance is weird though. There’s no ramp and the actual entrance is on a stage then the wrestlers have to walk around to the side of it and walk down some steps to get to the ring – or just leap into the ring if you’re Kalisto.
Kalisto in singles action for the first time in forever. I guess Sin Cara didn’t make the trip. He takes on Tyler Breeze.
Breeze trying to keep Kalisto grounded early but once he gets going, he uses the ropes and his quickness to take Breeze to the mat with crazy arm drags and a ridiculous stalling, hand spring hurricanrana. But Kalisto tries to springboard into the ring and Breeze catches him with a dropkick to the face.
Kalisto gets a nearfall off a 450 but Breeze manages to grab the ropes. Kalisto was getting some boos before that near fall cause Breeze is so damn over despite being a heel.
Kalisto sets up for the Selina Del Sol but Breeze pushes him off his shoulders and when Kalisto collects himself, Breeze hits the Beauty Shot for the win.
Lots of filler. A video package of the Owens/Riley feud. And a long package about NXT at the Arnold Classic. NXT wrestlers visiting sick kids at a hospital, Triple H getting an award from the International Sports Hall of Fame, Hulk Hogan talking about how the NXT title would look good around his waist and more.
Finn Balor talks to Alex Riley. Balor tells him he’s got Owens next week and he’ll be watching like a hawk. Riley says good, he wants him to watch. Riley says he wants to humiliate Owens and there isn’t going to be a tomorrow for him and that it’s time to rage. But Balor tells him not to overlook Owens or there’ll be no tomorrow for Alex Riley.
Colin Cassady vs Wesley Blake up next.
Blake and Wesley come out to a lukewarm reaction. But the crowd is super-hot for Enzo and Cass (and Carmella is there too). The boos are huge for Carmella when Enzo introduces her.
Cass says Arnold likes to pump iron but they like to pump fists. And that Wesley Blake needs to pump the brakes because he’s about to run into a roadblock. Enzo says that “the Australian kid” needs to didgeridoo himself a favor while they still have the NXT tag team titles is kick rocks in flip flops and skedaddle, sweet boys.
It’s kinda surprising how much Cass can hold his own on the mic even though Enzo is generally considered way better on the mic.
Crowd starts a “This guy’s sawft” chant at Blake as the match starts. Then a “We want Blue Pants” chant. They ought to consider putting her with them somehow. Have her and Carmella constantly at odds despite being part of the same group.
At one point, Murphy  jumps on the apron to distract Cass. Carmella jumps up to yell at Murphy and Cass boots him in the face knocking him to the floor. But then Blake shoves Cass into the ropes, knocking Carmella to the floor then rolls him up for the win. (Maybe grabbed the tights?)
Highlighting a new NXT Diva, Dana Brooke, who apparently was competing in the Arnold Classic. She’s pretty jacked but also pretty agile too it looks like.
Now Alexa Bliss takes on Sasha Banks in a nontitle match.
Sasha taking control early, stomping Alexa’s face into the bottom buckle then dropping he knees across Alexa’s midsection. But Bliss comes back, escaping a crossface choke and hammering on Sasha Banks. She hits a Glitz Flip, a back handspring into a double knee drop on Banks.
She hits a Thesz Press on Banks who rolled out of the ring and when she gets up, throws her into the post. Bliss rolls back into the ring and Banks is counted out! Alexa Bliss picks up a win over the Women’s champ!
Kevin Owens says he’s gonna make Alex Riley wish he never quit his coushy commentary job. He knows why Riley quit – he needs to prove he can still do this, but the truth is he can’t. Not against someone like Kevin Owens. And he can’t wait for his match against Finn Balor because he wants to prove that no one is taking the title away from him and his family.
Alexa Bliss talks about how happy she is she beat Sasha Banks in her hometown and showed her who’s boss, but Banks steps in and says she never pinned her. William Regal gets between them and says there’s an easy way to settle this, next week Sasha Banks defends her title against Alexa Bliss.
Main event now, Alex “Say it to my face” Riley taking on Kevin Owens.
Owens gets in the ring and gets right in Riley’s face, holding the belt up and smirking at him. Drake tries to get between them as Riley and Owens start to shove each other and Drake tries to back them up to opposite corners.
Owens takes advantage early, keeping the pressure on Riley hammering him with punches and chops. Riley tries to mount a comeback but Owens puts quick stop to it and hits a cannonball in the corner. Crowd solidly behind Owens with “Kill Owens Kill” chants and even breaking out “Mr. Wrestling.” Owens mocks Riley as he’s on the mat “Come on, Riley! Rage!” and drops an elbow.
Owens lays in a headlock by Riley fights to his feet. Hits a few stiff punches and sends Owens to the outside. Owens goes for another cannonball and Riley avoids it then hits a big spinebuster for 2.
Owens avoids a crossbody then hits three sentons to regain control. He throws Riley to the outside and into the solid steel guardrail of the arena. Lifts Riley up and tosses him into that steel and Riley crashes to the ground. Owens throws him back in and as Riley rushes in, Owens hits a pop up powerbomb for the win.
Riley rolls to the outside and Drake checks on him as Owens leaves. But Owens stops and grabs Riley, dragging him to the apron. He’s about to set up for an apron powerbomb when Finn Balor’s music hits. Owens is distracted by Balor who tells him not to do it and Owens drops Riley. Owens acts like he’s going to leave, but then picks up Riley and sets up for the powerbomb, when Balor jumps off the stage and onto Owens, hammering him on the ground. Balor throws him into the steps then into the ring.
Balor hits him with a big dropkick sending him into the corner and sets up for the double stomp but Owens manages to roll out of the way (and gives Riley another stomp as he leaves) and collects his belt before leaving the ringside area.

At the WWE Axxess events during the week leading into Mania, NXT will be holding a tournament where the winner gets a spot in the Andre the Johnson Memorial Battle Royal. Doesn’t say everyone involved, only that Finn Balor, Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami will be in it.
In the semifinals, Hideo Itami defeated Adrian Neville to advance to the finals and Finn Balor defeated Tyler Breeze in the other semifinal match to set up a meeting between the former tag team partners with a spot at WrestleMania 31 on the line.
In a big surprise to many, Itami defeated Balor and will take part in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Sunday. Many had speculated that the winner would be Adrian Neville with an outside chance of it being Finn Balor (I thought it would be Neville) but WWE swerved us all and Itami now gets a chance to become the second Battle Royal champion.

Also, I just saw this on r/SquaredCircle - the semifinal and final match of the NXT Axxess tournament! Despite the fact that WWE didn't feel the need to film these and air them on the network, someone found fan-cam footage of the three matches and now you can watch them too.
I'd watch them quick because they'll probably be taken down soon.

Lucha Underground, 3/18
Recap of Dario Cueto turning The Crew into his personal wrecking crew and Star and Ryck battling for the chance to face the Crew. As well as the series between Drago and Aerostar and the Fenix/Mil Muertes feud.
The opening match is the third match in a best of 5 between Drago and Aerostar. Both have a victory against the other.
Drago using unique offense to tie up Aero’s legs and keep him on the mat but Aero eventually grabs the ropes. Aero tries to get something going, kips up off a whip into the ropes but Drago catches him and Alabama slam for a 2 count.
Aero escapes the ring and slides through the corner. Drago follows and Aero catches him with a kick and takes control. But not for long as they both hit a cross body on each other and are down.
Aero hits a crazy reverse splash to the outside. Aero sends him out with a big dropkick, Aero springboard to the top and leaps off backwards onto Drago but Aero looks hurt as well.
Both guys hitting huge moves even late into the match and it could be anyone’s game. Aero hit a crazy double stomp on the apron but Drago takes control after baiting Aero in hanging onto the middle and top rope then leaping over the ropes for a twisting corkscrew tope.
Aero hits a rana from the corner then a springboard splash to pick up the win over Drago. Aero leads the series, 2-1, and only needs one more win to earn Cueto’s “unique opportunity.”
Konnan video package likening the art of war to chess. That the strongest and fastest doesn’t always win but the one who wins is the one who positions himself the best and the one who believes he can. (Konnan was playing chess with Prince Puma and beats him, then smashes the clock with his cane)
Crew in the ring for a 3-on-1, no DQ, elimination match against Big Ryck.
The Crew taking it to Ryck early. Hitting “The Treatment” their three move combo in the corner.
Bael brings in the first weapon, wedging a chair in the corner. They try to throw Ryck into it but he overpowers them, tosses Cisco aside and throws Bael into the chair. Cortez Castro tries to sneak attack him with the kendo stick but Ryck no sells it, takes the stick and breaks it over Castro’s back.
Ryck eliminates Bael first with a chokeslam. Ryck grabs Castro by the throat and Cisco comes in and gets grabbed up too. Then boot him in the gut and try to suplex him but he suplexes them both over.
Ryck eliminates Castro with a kendo stick lariat. Cisco realizes he’s the last one and tries to walk out on the match and heads up the steps, but Sexy Star meets him at the top and hits him with a few forearms and sends him tumbling down the stairs. She throws him back in the ring and Ryck levels Cisco with a big right hand. Cisco is busted open and Ryck hammers the cut.  He sets up the chair and hits a uranage through the chair and pins Cisco for the win.
Next week, AAA champion Texano defends the title agaisnt Alberto El Patron in a bull rope match and Prince Puma defends the LU Championship in a Boyle Heights street fight match against Cage.
The main event up now - a “Grave Consequences” casket match.
Several figures dressed up in “Day of the Dead” facepaint bring the casket in. Mil Muertes out first, descending the stairs with the stone. Fenix out next with some new gear, black tights with yellow/red designs (looks like fire) and bright white boots. Catrina also comes out with Fenix, the first time I think that she has actually accompanied him to the ring.
But as soon as Fenix hits the arena floor, Mil dives through the ropes with a tope, picks him up and slams Fenix into the announcer table. Sends him in the ring and just starts hammering on Fenix.
Fenix slams Mil into the casket and then both guys start hitting each other with the decorations brought out for the casket. Fenix then DDT Mil onto the casket and dents it. Fenix runs into the ring and sets up for a tope through the ropes but Mil lifts up the casket and Fenix crashes into it.
Mil, looking like he’s trying to rip Fenix’s mask off, and tries to pull him up on the casket. But as he’s doing so, he rips Fenix’s mask open and Fenix scrambles to try and pull it down over his face. But Mil stays on the attack, undoing the bottom turnbuckle and taking it to use as a weapon and smashes Fenix in the face with it over and over and Fenix is busted open big time and Mil bites the cut numerous times. I don’t know how Fenix mask is staying on.
Mil takes Fenix up the steps and smashes him into the railings and support beams. He throws Fenix over a railing and onto a ledge and Mil threatens to throw him to the floor below. Fenix turns it around, trying to suplex Mil to the floor but Mil lifts him up and throws him into some metal box hanging from the ceiling then into the crowd and they head back to ringside.
Mil clearing the announcer table and powerbombs Fenix onto it but it doesn’t break! Mil drags the casket into the ring but Fenix is getting time to recover. Mil sets the casket in a corner as Fenix pulls himself back into the ring. Fenix rushes in and Mil overhead belly to belly onto the casket! Mil goes back to the cut and bites it as Fenix tries to collect himself in the corner.
Mil rushes into the corner and Fenix superkick and goes up top. But Mil uppercut stuns him and lands a top rope codebreaker.
Blood is pouring out of Fenix’s head. Mil pulls the casket back out and onto the roller. Mil takes Fenix around the arena and through the crowd. Mil smashes Fenix with a chair in the crowd, over and over (wooden chairs too so there’s no give). He misses a kick and gets crotched on the guardrail and Fenix headkick sends him down to the floor. Fenix on the rail and tope con hilo onto Mil on the floor! He’s covered in blood and his mask is barely hanging on.
Fenix tries to whip Mil into the guard rail but gets reversed and he hits hard. Mil then slams his head into the railing over and over. But Fenix somehow has enough to hit two superkicks and climbs onto the railing and hits a moonsault onto Mil!
Catrina very close to the wrestlers, watching the battle intently. Fenix ducks a clothesline and Mil levels Catrina! And she writhes on the ground, Mil is distracted briefly and Fenix enzugari. Fenix back in the ring and Mil follows, biting his head more.
Catrina back up and staggering to the side of the casket. Mil has Fenix in a suplex position, trying to take him over the top to the floor or onto the casket. Fenix blocks as Catrina opens the casket.
Fenix hits a combo of strikes and frees himself. Mil collecting himself on the apron and Fenix head up top and lands a huge double stomp to the back of his head, sending Mil into the casket. Catrina grabs Mil’s stone, licks it and throws it into the casket and closes it giving Fenix the win. The procession of death comes back to wheel Mil away.

Ring of Honor
ROH is hosting “Supercard of Honor IX” in Redwood City, CA on 3/27. Three big main event matches have been signed along with several other matches.

-Jay Briscoe defends the ROH Championship against Samoa Joe
-Jay Lethal defends the ROH TV Title against Jushin “Thunder” Liger
-reDRagon defends the ROH Tag Team Titles against The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Michael Bennett) 
-Original members of The Decade square off as BJ Whitmer faces Jacobs
-Michael Elgin vs Frankie Kazarian
-Christopher Daniels vs Roderick Strong

Evolve 39 results
-Drew Gulak defeated Timothy Thatcher
-Biff Busick defeated Tommy End
-Chris Hero defeated Ethan Page
-Ricochet, Rich Swann and Uhaa Nation defeated The Premier Athlete Brand (Caleb Konley, Brian Cage and TJ Perkins)
Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Championship
-Johnny Gargano (c) defeated AR Fox
(Gargano’s knee  is pretty banged up after the match so we’ll have to see if he’s able to face Drew Galloway on Saturday)
Evolve Championship
-Drew Galloway (c) defeated PJ Black

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
PWG’s “Don’t Sweat the Technique” will be held on April 3 from scenic Reseda, California.
Scheduled matches are:
-Roderick Strong defends the PWG World title against Zack Sabre Jr.
-World’s Cutest Tag Team face Beaver Boys in a non-title match
-Chris Hero vs Tommy End
-Brian Cage vs Biff Busick
-ACH vs. Tommaso Ciampa
-“Speedball” Mike Bailey vs Trevor Lee
-Andrew Everett vs Ricochet

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