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Thursday, April 2, 2015

NXT, Lucha Underground and Indy Wrestling Minute - Your weekly source for independent wrestling news

NXT, 3/25
Show opens with a recap of last week’s show from the Arnold Classic.
The first match on NXT this week is an NXT Women’s championship match between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. Bliss earned the shot by beating Banks last week via count out.
Though Sasha trash talks Bliss, saying she doesn’t deserve this shot at the title, Bliss starts the match getting several quick near falls. But after dropping the knees on Bliss’ midsection, Sasha locks Bliss up in a straight jacket choke in the middle of the ring.
Bliss gets a two-count off a Glitz Flip and a Yoshi tonic out of the corner and the crowd really starting to get behind Alexa Bliss. She goes up top but gets caught by Sasha with a forearm. Sasha throws her to the mat and locks in the Bank Statement and Bliss taps out. Sasha holds it for a while after Bliss taps, trying to embarrass her.
Kevin Owens promo. He talks about how he and Finn Balor are a lot alike. They both fought a long time to reach NXT and got there around the same time. They both made an immediate impact, however Finn did it by painting himself like a demon and Owens did it by becoming NXT Champ in two months. Owens tells him to bring the demon but that it won’t matter because no one is taking the title from him or his family.
Bayley in the locker room texting and Emma comes in. Emma says “Hate to say I told you so but, I told you so.” That Bayley has been too nice and then she lost to Becky Lynch. That Bayley needs to be more aggressive and that the fans won’t get her where she wants to be. Bayley tells Emma she’s wrong, the NXT Universe helped her get to where she is and be number one contender twice but as Bayley is talking, Emma slaps her! And just walks away.
Devin Taylor asks Tyler Breeze what’s next and he says it’s obvious. He beat Hi-de-ous Itami and now he wants to be the most gorgeous champ in NXT history. But Itami comes in and says he must have forgotten, Itami has beaten him too. And next week, challenges him to a 2-out-of-3 falls match.
Another video package for Dana Brooke, coming to NXT soon.
Balor tells Devin that Owens loves to talk and loves the sound of his own voice but that Balor does his talking in the ring. He’s heard what Owens said but he doesn’t need the demon to beat Kevin Owens.
Enzo and Cass are telling Carmella a story but Blake and Murphy interrupt them and tell Carmella how sorry they are about what happened to her last week. That they’d never intentionally hurt a beautiful woman like her and say they’ve bought her a present with their championship bonuses. It turns out to be jewelry that Carmella really like but Enzo says it’s “fugazi” (Italian slang for fake) some real middle of the mall stuff.
Main event time – Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship. Balor isn’t the demon tonight, maybe a misstep since, for big matches, he’s always been the demon.
Things start slowly, with Owens ducking out before Balor can get his hands on him. Back in the ring they tie up and Balor backs Owens to the corner and clean break but Owens kicks him in the stomach. Then grinds it out with a headlock he won’t give up.
Balor keeps Owens on the mat, wrenching on his arm and taking him down to the mat with a missile drop kick and back to the arm. But Owens works up to his feet and pulls Balor down over the top rope to take control, followed by a short arm clothesline and lacing in punches.
Owens keeping Balor grounded with headlocks and chinlocks but the crowd tries to get Balor back into it. Owens throws Balor outside and follows him out, tries to set up for an apron bomb but back body drops Owens over. Throws him back in and tries to take advantage but Owens reverses a crucifix into a slam for 2 and a standing senton for 2.
Owens just smothering Balor, never letting him get momentum going. Picking him up and slamming him back down or sending him into the corner then locking in a headlock so Balor can’t catch his breath.
After a tope con hilo to the outside, Balor throws owens back in and head up top. He lands a double stomp to the back of Owens’ head but he kicks out at 2. Balor pulls him up and tries to go for the Bloody Sunday reverse DDT but Owens snapmares him over. Balor pulls himself up and Pele kick which sends Owens to the corner. Balor follows him in a lands a chop followed by a Slingblade a big lariat and a Bloody Sunday but still only gets a 2 count.
Balor runs in on Owens in the corner looking for the dropkick but Owens moves and Balor jams his knee on the middle buckle. And Owens targets it immediately, kicking it out from under Balor and hitting a chop block on it. Owens drags him to the apron and slams it down, then slams his knee on the post.
Owens Knee-DT and a senton on Balor’s knee and Owens locks in a single leg crab. (Rich Brennan says Owens is 300 pounds? Sure…)
Balor trips up Owens and hits a standing double stomp for a 2 count. Owens gets up top and Balor gamanguri and looks for a superplex but Owens stops him and drives him down with a fisherman suplex, basically a fisherman bomb. Owens chop blocks his knee again and flatten him in the corner with a cannonball. He wrenches it over the rope and then hits a cannonball just on his knee. Owens sets up for it again but Balor moves out of the way.
Balor hits a running dropkick sending Owens into the corner. He pulls him out and lands the Coup-de-Grace double stomp from the top but can’t make the cover because his knee is so banged up. They drag themselves to their feet and Balor rushes in and Owens pop up powerbomb and gets the pin to retain the title.

NXT specials changing?
There are rumors that the NXT Takeover specials will be moving to a monthly format. Many sites reported that it was announced on the WWE conference call on Monday after Wrestlemania.
However, I’ve heard since then that those rumors are unfounded and that the specials will stay at a quarterly basis. We’ll have to see if WWE ever makes an official announcement, or I guess we could just wait a month and see when the next Takeover will be.

-Also, CJ Parker has left the WWE. He asked for his release and was allowed to work Wrestlemania weekend Axxess events but ultimately parted ways with the company. Also, he’s striking while the iron is hot and opened up a store already.

NXT San Jose live event
Lots of people in attendance like JR (in the first row), Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and even Vince McMahon. Over 4,500 in attendance as well.
  - Hideo Itami def. Tyler Breeze (Itami hit the GTS for the win)
  - Jason Jordan def. Bull Dempsey
  - Bayley and Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke
  - Solomon Crowe def. Kalisto with a stretch muffler (In a DG USA rematch)
  - Baron Corbin def. Rhyno
  - Blake and Murphy def. Vaudevillains and Enzo and Cass (Vaudevillains out first and Cass was pinned after he hit Carmella on the apron, so basically the finish from last week)
  - Sasha Banks def. Charlotte in a Womens title match
  - Zayn and Owens cut promos back and forth. Zayn said developmental used to be a dirty word but now things have changed. Owens said Zayn accomplished nothing in his time at NXT and said it's only blown up since Owens arrived. The crowd tried to “What” him but he said they were cute and mocked them "Let's take things back to 2002, yaaay!" Owens teased fighting Zayn, who wanted to go, and teased getting in the ring but didn’t, saying Zayn is lucky he had surgery two weeks ago.
  - Finn Balor in full Demon paint and entrance pinned Adrian Neville 

Lucha Underground 3/25
Two big title matches on LU tonight – Alberto El Patron defends the AAA Championship against Texano in a bull rope match and Cage challenges Prince Puma for the LU Championship in a Boyle Heights street fight.
Angelico out for the first match. He takes on Son of Havoc who’s accompanied by Ivelisse. Ivelisse getting some chants as they enter, Havoc can’t like that.
Havoc going at Angelico fast to start the match. Spears him and dives through the ropes to continue the attack outside. But Ivelisse is yelling at Havoc though, not sure why. Angelico trying to get momentum going but Havoc keeps the advantage.
Vampiro really hates the sound of Ivelisse’s voice, keeps talking about it.
Angelico leaps over the corner ring post to tope con hilo onto Havoc.
Havoc staying in control with sporadic offense from Angelico (mostly strikes and knees) Havoc using his power and speed to keep the advantage.
Ivelisse gets on the apron and yells at Havoc, pulling him out by his beard. He smacks her hand away and pushes her back but it was as Angelico was running at him. He hits an enzugari followed by a double stomp from the top to Angelico’s back into a standing moonsault. Ivelisse can’t believe what just happened though.
Angelico going for a running crucifix bomb but Havoc turns it into a hurricanrana into the corner at the last moment. Havoc goes up top but Angelico cuts him off with big fists. Goes up for a superplex but Havoc fights him off and front suplex onto the ropes. Havoc gets the mic and yells at Ivelisse – says he knows why he’s lost all his matches, Ivelisse is holding him back. And he dumps her! Havoc hits a shooting star press on Angelico for the win!
Ivelisse in the ring after the match, yelling at Havoc as the crowd chants “You got dumped” Angelico kinda motioning to Ivelisse like “come over here babe” and she kicks him in the head!
In Dario Cueto’s office. Signing papers for some tatted up dude, making him officially part of LU. Cueto says he’s been impressed with his work in the past and anxious to see what he can do on his own now that he “won’t be held back by some tag team.” And Konnan speaks highly of him. It’s Hernandez – Super Mex! Cueto wants to shake hands but Hernandez slaps his hand and kinda fist-bumps it walks out.
AAA Championship bull rope match now. Texano takes on Alberto El Patron.
Pinfall or submission viable in this match (instead of just touching all four corners). Texano advantage first, using the rope to choke Alberto but Alberto taking control. Alberto hits a rana off the apron but comes up holding his calf/ankle.
Texano gets a steel chair and hammers Alberto in the back then sets it up in the turnbuckles. He climbs the corner but Alberto hits him with the cow bell and superplex Texano. Wails on Texano with the bull rope he brought but only gets a 2.
Texano brings a table in. Sets it up but Alberto catches him with a superkick. Sets Texano on the top but Texano hammering him back and power bombs Alberto through the table! Somehow Alberto kicks out though at 2. He sets Alberto on top and hits him with the cow bell a few times. Goes in for more but Alberto catches him in the cross arm breaker over the ropes and Texano taps out.
Konnan training Prince Puma in the back and Hernandez shows up. Hernandez says he’s a big fan of Prince Puma and goes for a fist bump and Puma seems hesitant but he bumps him back.
Main event time now – Cage vs Prince Puma for the LU Championship.
Cueto walks out of his office as Cage and Puma are in the ring and he has the new LU title belt with him and it looks amazing. 

These two starting fast, Puma going right at Cage but Cage not phased and using his massive size and strength to try and overcome Puma’s speed and athleticism.
Brining the weapons in early, Puma kicks a steel chair into the face of Cage and Puma hammers him with a trash can lid.
Puma pulls a table out from under the ring. Sets it up on the outside but Cage destroys him with a trash can lid shot to his head.
Puma hits a shooting star from the corner post to the floor on Cage. Drags him to the table and puts Cage through it with a 450 from the top rope to the floor through the table! Puma only gets a 2 count though. He drags Cage to the corner and sets up on top but Cage pushes him to the floor.
Cage gets a chair and wraps it around Puma’s neck and chest and throws him into the corner post. Then he turns his attention to Konnan and throws him into a the railing where the fans sit. Cage grabs the whole trash can and throws it in the ring, followed by Puma.
Puma ducks a chair shot and hits a head kick. Grabs the chair and hits Cage with it followed by a suplex on it for 2. Puma goes up top for a 630 senton but Cage moves and Puma gets leveled with a discus clothesline when he gets up. Cage hits him with a Weapon X but then mounts and rains down punches instead of going for the pin.
Konnan back up and trying to rally the crowd for Puma. But Cage picks up Puma and powerbombs him once then another onto the trash can. Cage calls out Hernandez for some reason, instead of finishing off Puma. Konnan sneaks in behind Cage and when he turns around, Konnan nails him with the cane and Cage is down. Vampiro says there’s no doubt in his mind the cane was loaded…even though it’s made of metal.
Puma goes up top for another 630 and hits it for the win! And Konnan gives a little head nod to Hernandez. And Konnan brings the LU title into the ring and presents it to Puma.

-There are rumors that Lucha Underground is planning a special live event this August called “Ultimo Lucha,” which will be a two-hour event, most likely to end the season.

Ring of Honor
Supercard of Honor IX results, March 27
-Mark Briscoe def. ACH (word going around is ACH left the ROH show early to go to the NXT show so many are speculating that he may be angling for a deal)
  - Michael Elgin def. Kazarian (Daniels ran down for the save but Elgin took them both out)
  - Matt Sydal won a 6 man spot fest (defeating Cedric the Alexander, Caprice Coleman, Moose, Tommaso Ciampa and Andrew Everett. Also a rumor around that Ciampa is parting ways with ROH.)
  - BJ Whitmer def. Jimmy Jacobs in a no DQ match (Jacobs joining WWE Creative. Owens tweeted a pic of them together Friday night)
  - Roderick Strong def. Christopher Daniels
  - reDRagon def. The Kingdom (Tom Lawlor was with the champs)
  - Jay Lethal def. Jushin Liger to retain
  - Jay Briscoe def. Samoa Joe to retain

Wrestlemania weekend independent wrestling results
Evolve 39, March 26
-Drew Gulak def. Timothy Thatcher
-Biff Busick def. Tommy End
-Chris Hero def. Ethan Page
-Rich Swann, Ricochet and Uhaa Nation def. Caleb Konley, Brian Cage and TJ Perkins
DGUSA Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
-Johnny Gargano ( ) def. AR Fox
No Restrictions, No Limits Evolve Title Match
-Champion Drew Galloway def. PJ Black

Evolve 40, March 27
Non-Title Match
EVOLVE Champion
-Drew Galloway def. Uhaa Nation
-Timothy Thatcher def. Tommy End
-Drew Gulak def. TJ Perkins
-AR Fox def. Ethan Page
-Chris Hero def. Biff Busick
-Caleb Konley and Brian Cage def. Rich Swann and Johnny Gargano (Gargano allegedly really hurt his knee and the match ended due to injury. But Gargano toughed it out and wrestled the next night)
-Ricochet def. PJ Black

WWNLive Mercury Rising Supershow, March 28
-Rich Swann opens the show singing “All Night Long.” Like, the whole song.
-Ethan Page def. Caleb Konley
-Shine Champion Mia Yim and Shine Tag Team Champions Kimber Bombs (Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb) def. Andrea and the Canadian Ninjas (Nicole Matthews and Portia Perez)
Title for Title match
-Evolve Champion Drew Galloway def. Johnny Gargano to win the DG USA Open the Freedom Gate Championship. (Many are speculating that the titles will be merged now since there hasn’t been a show promoted as DG USA in a long time and the Mercury Rising show is usually promoted as DG USA but this year was a WWNLive show)
-TJ Perkins def. Biff Busick, Drew Gulak and Tommy End in a four way
-PJ Black def. AR Fox
-Timothy Thatcher def. Chris Hero
-Generation Next (Austin Aries and Roderick Strong) def. Ricochet and Uhaa Nation

King of Indies
-Jeff Cobb def. Brian Cage
-Timothy Thatcher def. Vincenzo Massaro
-Adam Thornstowe def. Luster the Legend
-Willie Mack def. Rey Horus

Special Attraction
-Ultimo Dragon def. Juventud Guerrera

-Adam Thornstowe def. Timothy Thatcher
-Willie Mack def. Jeff Cobb

-Earl Cooter def. Grappler 3
-Buddy Royal and Levi Shaprio def. Bobby Hart and Sir Samurai, Famous B and Marcus Lewis and the RockNES Monsters

-Adam Thornstowe def. Willie Mack to win the King of the Indies tournament

Wrestlecon Supershow
-Disco Inferno def. Mr. TA
-Havok def. Tessa Blanchard

-John Morrison def. ACH
-Matt Striker def. Jake Manning
-Worlds Cutest Tag Team def. Worlds Dudest Tag Team (Caleb Konley and Zane Reilly)
-Brian Kendrick def. Cedric Alexander
-Aerostar def. Jack Evans and Andrew Everett
12 man tag
Colt Cabana (captain) Big Zeke, Matt Sydal, Tommy Dreamer, and Team 3D def. Chris Hero (captain), Drew Gulak, Tommaso Ciampa, Brian Myers, James Storm and Abyss
RVD and Sabu def. The Hardy Boyz

Global Force Wrestling
GFW to debut at Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on July 24. First of three event tapings, next will be August 21 and October 23. GFW has alliances with 13 affiliates on five continents, including New Japan, AAA in Mexico and promotions in Europe, Australia and Africa.

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