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Friday, March 13, 2015

NXT, Lucha Underground and Indy Wrestling Minute - Your Weekly Source for Independent Wrestling News

NXT, 3/4
Hype package for Balor vs Owens, highlighting what Owens did last week to Alex Riley.
NXT starts with Riley in William Regal’s office. Riley says he needs a match with Kevin Owens after what he did to him last week, that he needs to find a way to make this happen. Regal says he can be a competitor or a commentator, he can’t be both.
Riley says Regal did both though and Regal responds that’s true but he got destroyed by Cesaro and hasn’t competed since. Regal says he has a choice - to be a commentator or a competitor, it’s up to him.
Adam Rose is back in NXT because his main roster career ain’t going so good.
Rose takes on Tyler Breeze (who still has his selfie stick thank god). Who is the face in this match? Breeze looks pretty disgusted by the Rosebuds as he walks by them.
I guess Rose is the face, the crowd is cheering for him and doing the theme song and actually booing the arrogance of Breeze, but eventually a “Breeze is gorgeous” chant starts.
Starts off with some comedy spots. Rose chases Breeze around who is put off by his weird prancing. Breeze tries to jump him but gets caught with a Manhattan Drop. Rose goes up top but Breeze catches him with a Manhattan Drop of his own when he lands, so both guys got hit in the ding ding.
Rose gets a few good shots in but Breeze catches him with a Beauty Shot after Rose hits the ropes and gets the pin. Breeze has to use his selfie stick to try and fend off and part the Rosebuds as he tries to leave the ringside area.
Enzo and Cass with Carmella. They do some trash talking about Blake and Murphy for talking down to them and insulting Carmella last week. Cass says once they become the #1 contenders to the tag team titles, they’re gonna beat the bacon off their backs.
Alexa Bliss getting some much deserved screen time. Says she’s been healing since Sasha Banks caused a nose injury during their last match. Says it’s a big night for NXT since Sasha and Charlotte are in the main event for the Women’s title but that she is gunning for Sasha and the Women’s title and is going to show the boss who’s really in charge.
Blake and Murphy up to take on some guys who look Dillinger and Jordan adjace-esque. (Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton apparently) Fulton is a big white dude with a mohawk and headgear and Dawkins looks like Jason Jordan if he stopped working out for a few months (though he’s a bit taller). Albert putting them over as strong amateur wrestlers and Fulton starting off working out of the waist lock, throwing Murphy around and using chinlocks and hammerlocks to keep him on the mat.
Blake and Murphy win after Murphy hits a running suplex and Blake hits a frog splash on Dawkins. I liked Dawkins and Fulton together, I think they have a good chemistry and given enough time could be contenders.
Bayley wishes Charlotte good luck in her match tonight even though they haven’t been the best of friends lately and Charlotte says Sasha is the one who will need the luck. Then Emma comes in, who I guess is back in NXT for good. Emma kinda being a bitch. Bayley asks her if she wants to get the bubble machine and dance but Emma says no and Bayley says “Oh, me either.” Then Bayley asks if she wants to sit with her and watch Charlotte/Sasha and Emma says “Oh that match you should've been in but you aren't cause you lost at Takeover?” cause she was too busy giving high-10s, throwing out headbands and stuff. But that Emma used to do the same thing and went to Raw being really nice to everyone and look where it got her - being back in NXT.
Baron Corbin out to squash some dude in a singlet. Tony Briggs apparently. They lock up and Corbin throws Briggs to the rope but he doesn’t bounce off into him, instead steadying himself and yelling “Not today!” at Corbin, like he knows he’s gonna get squashed.
They cut to the announcer table and Kevin Owens is standing behind Alex Riley staring daggers at him.
Corbin whips Briggs off the ropes, takes him down with a single punch then hits the End of Days for the win.
Back at the table, it seems like Owens is even closer to Riley. Just staring with his arms crossed. Owens takes Riley’s water bottle, drinks some of it then pours the rest on his head. Riley flips out and Albert has to restrain him. But Owens turns his back on Riley, dusts himself off and walks away.
Pretaped video from Sami Zayn. Not in Abu Dhabi anymore, back home in Montreal. Says the landscape of NXT is changing in just the few weeks he’s been away. He’s sorry he’s not there to say these things himself. It’s his 13th anniversary in the sport and for the first time, he doesn’t feel like he’s mentally prepared to be at NXT right now. So he came home to Montreal to get some perspective. Where his story with Kevin Owens started. Hasn’t watched Takeover back again but once he does, maybe then he can put into words what he’s going to do to Kevin Owens once he comes back.
CJ Parker complaining to Regal about being attacked by Solomon Crowe because he wasn’t dressed to compete and Riley comes in hot. Says he quits being a commentator and wants Kevin Owens right here, right now (good to get destroyed and go away hopefully). But Regal won’t give him Owens until Regal thinks he’s ready. Parker is smirking at Riley and Riley is mad about it and basically says “You wanna do this bro?” And Parker says he’s the only one to ever do anything to Owens - look at the scar on his nose, that’s from Parker. Riley says next week, he’s starting with Parker and he’s kicking his ass.
Bull Dempsey taking on Solomon Crowe now. Crowe goes right at Dempsey but getting overwhelmed because of the size difference. Bull infringing on Paige’s gimmick and yells “This is my house!” Crowe tries to get something going and goes for a body slam but Bull is too heavy and Crowe falls backward and nearly pinned but 2.
Crowe actually does slam him later and hits the ropes but Bull hits him with a standing splash. Goes up top for the headbutt but Crowe just gets out of the way. Crowe takes him off his feet with a running knee to the corner and running forearm then gets the win after a rebound splash off the ropes.
Sasha Banks and Charlotte main event now. Charlotte out first.
Sasha avoiding Charlotte to start, ducking tie up attempts. She keeps Drake between them and tries to cheap shot Charlotte but Charlotte smashes her with a forearm and chops. Whips her in the ropes and Sasha holds on and pulls herself outside. She grabs the belt and yells “I don’t need this! Count me out!” and starts walking up the ramp but Charlotte grabs her by the hair, lifts her up and smashes her into the apron, throws her in and roll up for 2. Gets a cravate and knees Sasha in the face, then locks in a Figure Four but Sasha gets to the ropes and rolls out.
Commercial mid match announces that NXT: Next Generation will be March 25 at 8pm with Finn Balor challenging Kevin Owens for the title.
Sasha in control, locking in the Bank Statement crossface and transitioning into a crucifix but doesn’t get the pin. Charlotte powers up and Sasha transitions to a headlock but Charlotte runs into a backpack stunner. Lays out Sasha for a moonsault but Sasha moves. Charlotte lands on her feet and flips forward for a senton but Sasha gets the knees up.
Sasha positions her on the middle ropes but face down this time and drops the knees on Charlotte’s back and it looked really painful. Sasha drags her to the post with an arm and leg and wrenches her across it with Drake giving her the four count.
Sasha drops her with a straight jacket lung blower then but doesn’t flip her over and stretches her on her knees with a straight jacket still applied but Charlotte won’t give up. Charlotte powers out and rolls up Sasha for 2. But then Sasha hits the Bank Statement and crossface in the center of the ring and really wrenching back on it. She rolls over and gets the ropes somehow. Sasha lets go and rushes in but Charlotte tosses her through the ropes and starts mounting a comeback when Sasha gets back in.
Trading chops and forearms, Charlotte drops her with a neckbreaker followed by a spear but gets 2 (and the crowd chants “Better than Reigns”)
Sasha teases a Figure Four of her own but Charlotte kicks her and wraps up a Figure Four on the post on Sasha. Goes up top for Natural Selection but Sasha holds the ropes and Charlotte hits the mat. Sasha rolls up Charlotte and gets her feet up on the ropes and gets the pin! Sasha retains in her first title defense.
Man what a match. Sasha is easily one of if not the best female wrestler in the company and it’s amazing how good Charlotte has become in the few years she’s been wrestling.

In other NXT news, former head trainer Bill DeMott resigned from the WWE amidst numerous allegations of verbal and physical abuse from former NXT and FCW wrestlers.
I’m not going to get into detail about the accusations but you can find any number of posts and tweets from former developmental talents on the subject. I’m also not really going to comment on the situation, mainly because I’m obviously in no way involved in it and couldn’t say one way or the other on who is in the right and who is in the wrong.
It seems like Jason Albert (formerly Prince Albert/Tensai and Baldo/Giant Bernard in Japan) has been made the interim head trainer for NXT. And while I can’t really say one way or the other about if any of those allegations are true, I can say that Albert has infinitely more experience and had more success in wrestling that DeMott did and will most likely be a much better influence on the developmental roster.

Also, as some of you may have heard, WWE sent out a survey the other day as part of the “WWE Fan Council” asking fans which independent promotions they follow, which you can see in a screenshot below from Jason Solomon’s Twitter.

As soon as the news of the survey hit the internet, fans began to lose their collective minds. Why would WWE all of a sudden care about what indy promotions they watch? And the answer which most people came up with was “To sign away as many of the top stars from these promotions as they could.”
With NXT expanding into its own touring brand (see: the shows they just did at The Arnold Classic in Ohio, the just announced show during WrestleMania weekend as well as the rumored by 99% confirmed shows at the 2300 Arena [formerly the ECW Arena] on May 15 and 16 [the same week as the ROH/New Japan joint shows]), WWE is going to need a steady stream of seasoned guys to fill the ranks of NXT when the current crop of top guys get called up to the main roster.
It was definitely interesting to see that PWG was at the top of the list (and also that they called it “Dragons Gate USA” – lulz, it’s Dragon Gate) but it definitely does make me a little nervous about the future of North American independent promotions. While I’m not at the point of “WWE is trying to kill the indies like Vince killed the territories!” just yet – it definitely might reach that point soon.

Lucha Underground 3/4
Opens with ADR in Darios Cueto’s office. Says tonight is a historic night because it is Alberto’s first match in LU. Cueto tries to give him Ricky Mandel lol but Alberto says he wants Texano. (Guess Mandel’s broken arm healed quickly after Pentagon broke it.) Then offers him Famous B. But Alberto insists on Texano. Cueto says he can’t do that, he needs to have time to promote a match like that. He offers him Son of Havoc and Alberto throws everything off Cueto’s desk and leans in and again insists on getting Texano. And finally, Cueto agrees it will be a great main event since tonight will be a historic night after all.
In the first match, Mil Muertes (still without Catrina) takes on Fenix. Catrina is nowhere to be seen but you can bet she’ll show up eventually.
Fenix was the first man to beat Mil and he’s not happy about it. Mil leaves the ring to engage Fenix, who leaps off a railing to rana Mil. Fenix using his speed and high flying to land a superkick and a springboard leg drop and takes control early.
Eventually, Mil overpowers Fenix and takes control, dropping Fenix with big chops and a TKO.
Catrina appears at the top of the stairs and heads down to ringside. She has that stone, a piece of the rubble from the building collapse that nearly killed Mil as a child. Catrina still hasn’t involved herself though.
Back and forth match. Fenix using high flying (step up, springboard moonsault to the outside) and Mil retaliating with stiff shots and a crazy Codebreaker from the top after Fenix set up on top. Mil then hits a Flatliner and pins Fenix as he stares down Catrina. He calls Catrina into the ring and she comes. Mil orders her to Fenix for the lick of death but she shakes her head no. Mil lifts her up by the throat over the ropes and she drops the rock and Mil drags her into the ring. He shoves her into the corner but Fenix picks up the rock and nails Mil with it followed by a spinning kick to the face. Catrina gives a lick of death to Mil (that started from his waist so it’s extra gross) and she kisses Fenix! But then Fenix leaves without Catrina, who is still in the ring.
Video package of Konnan standing outside in the ring and recaps Cage beating him down in the ring the other week. Ends with a graphic saying “Konnan: Revenge is coming”
Ivelisse in Cueto’s office, demanding to be made number one contender. Angelico and Son of Havoc are both there with her (weird) but Cueto says one victory over Angelico doesn’t qualify her to be #1 contender for anything. Cueto says next week, Ivelisse will have a rematch against Angelico with Son of Havoc as the special guest referee.
Prince Puma training in the gym. Alberto shows up and says “I don’t know what Konnan told you to motivate you, but what i do know is that if you want to survive, you’re going to need to man up.” That next time he sees Cage, he should let all his aggression out on him because he’s going to need it. And if I were you, I’d pay close attention to Alberto’s match tonight, because if he keeps the title, Alberto will be coming for it.
Big Ryck vs Sexy Star. Ryck in the ring before Star’s entrance. Apparently, this match is for a 3-on-1 match against The Crew. How is that a reward?
Ryck has a massive size advantage over Star. He tells her to just lay down but she doesn’t back down, instead tries to hammer on his chest with forearms. But Ryck just shrugs them off. She then goes for the legs which seems to have an effect on him but then she tries to whip him and he doesn’t go anywhere. Star is going to have a hell of a time doing any damage to Ryck.
Ryck sends her outside and tells her to stay out and Gordon to count her out but she gets back in at 9. He picks her up for a uranage but doesn’t slam her with it, instead puts her down on her back and leans on her shoulders with all his weight for the pin. He could’ve destroyed Sexy Star but he didn’t.
Afterward, Bael and Cisco show up to taunt Ryck. Cortez must be somewhere nearby. And he attacks Ryck from behind with a kendo stick. They attack Ryck but Sexy Star is still in the ring and attacks members of the Crew as they stomp Ryck in the corner. They do the assisted codebreaker on Star and try to put out Ryck’s other eye with the kendo stick but Ryck gets up and clotheslines Bael and Cisco as Cortez runs away. Ryck tears off his eyepatch in a rage but they never do a close up (probably cause there was either no make up or it didn’t look good).
Main event up now - Alberto El Patron, the AAA Mega Champion, vs Texano.
Video package about Alberto El Patron. About his lucha libre birthright, how he was born into it. His father was Dos Caras and how Alberto became Dos Caras Jr. He created a new legacy for himself in America and became a household name but says as one hand patted me on the back, the other slapped me in the face (thinly veiled references to WWE). He had to leave after years of success because they disrespected him. Says he came to LU to be the best.
This is the first time for El Patron vs Texano on American soil.
Texano using cheap shots to take control early but Alberto comes back strong, hitting a rana, 10 punches in the corner and goes for a cover but gets a 2.
Texano using cheap tactics to gain advantages as well as prefering to hammer Alberto with punches and stomps than go for covers or submissions. Alberto using big moves like a superplex, tilt a whirl back breaker and a big backstabber but only gets 2 counts.
Texano taking the turnkbuckle pad off one corner. The ref sees him and puts the pad back on while Texano uses the bull rope around his fist to hammer Alberto. Texano tries to set up for a superplex but Alberto blocks it, knocks him back and lands a stomp to Texano’s chest.
Alberto calls for the cross arm breaker but Texano reverses it into a sit out powerbomb for a 2 count. Alberto clocks him with a side kick to the head for a 2 count. Texano pulls himself to his corner to grab the bull rope and punch Alberto with , but its blocked and Alberto lands a tornado DDT out of the corner.
Alberto sees the bull rope and  uses it to start wailing on Texano numerous times. The ref calls the match a DQ but Alberto doesn’t care, he keeps hammering Texano with the rope.
King Cuerno (dressed like a cowboy) in Cueto’s office. Apparently Johnny Mundo told Cueto he’s tired of Cuerno attacking him from behind and alludes to a cage match soon. Cueto says, from his experience, it’s better to lock up someone in a cage, that way they can never get away (referencing the guy Black Lotus found?).
Cuerno speaks. Says Mundo should be careful what he wishes for and that next week, he will defeat Mundo in a cage match. And then he will mount his head on Cueto’s wall.

Ring of Honor
Another joint show with New Japan has been added for Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 12 after the show on Wednesday May 13 sold out in a matter of days.
Apparently Matt Sydal is injured and will not appear on upcoming ROH shows. Has a minor neck injury and isn’t cleared to wrestle he will still be at the Milwaukee and Chicago Ridge shows for meet-and-greets. Hopefully it’s nothing serious as injuries basically forced him out of WWE.
Also, the next ROH PPV has been announced. Best in the World will be live at Terminal 5 in NYC on Friday, June 19. The following night, June 20, there will also be a live TV taping at Terminal 5.

King of the Indies
During the WWN Experience show over WrestleMania weekend in San Jose, the first King of the Indies tournament in several years will take place. A tournament which had previously showcased the best talent on the independent wrestling scene had fallen by the wayside in recent years but is being revived and hopefully will continue in the years to come.
The tournament begins on March 27 and in addition to the bracket contests (below) there will be two special attractions – Ricochet (aka Prince Puma) vs. Joey Ryan vs Matt Cross (aka MDogg20, aka Son of Havoc) and Juventud Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon.
Tournament matches are:
B-Boy vs Brian Cage
Jeff Cobb vs Rik Luxury
Rey Horus vs Lil Cholo
Jody Kristofferson vs Willie Mack
Jeckles vs Luster
Adam Thornstowe vs Shaun Ricker
Vinnie Masaro vs El Mariachi
Dylan Drake vs. Timothy Thatcher

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