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Thursday, May 7, 2015

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NXT, 4/29
After a recap of the main event last week, Kevin Owens opens NXT TV coming down the aisle.
He takes the mic and wants to start talking but the crowd interrupts him with loud boos and Ole chants. He tells the crowd they’re cute. Last week he was about to get rid of Alex Riley for good until little Sami Zayn had to play hero. He calls out Zayn, says he’s ready for a fight – but William Regal comes out instead.
Regal tells him he will not use NXT to further his own agenda and that he can’t go making demands whenever he sees fit. Owens says, with all due respect, he doesn’t remember calling Regal out here so he really doesn’t care what he has to say. (Just because you say “with all due respect” doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want – With all due respect, yes it does!)
Zayn’s music hits and he hits the stage and makes his way to the ring but Regal holds him off and says this will not turn into a circus like last week. Regal says since they want to fight each other, on May 20, live on the WWE Network, Zayn will face Owens for the NXT Championship.
Owens says he’ll fight Zayn – but he never said anything about putting the title on the line and what has Zayn done to deserve a title shot? After Owens beat Zayn for the belt, Zayn went home for a month. “Was it the cowardly sneak attack from last week, is that how you earn title shots around here, Regal?”
Zayn says Owens needs this match not because of what happened last week, but what has happened the past 12 years. Anything that Owens has done in his career, has had Zayn’s name next to it. But even now that he’s here and it’s the Kevin Owens show, they’re not just talking about him, they’re talking about what Kevin Owens did to Sami Zayn. Anything he’s ever done and anything he ever is going to do will have an asterisk with Zayn’s name and it pisses Owens off. And I guess you could say Owens has been living in Zayn’s shadow.
Zayn says he’ll give him the chance to get out of his shadow but he fights for a prize and Owens is not that prize – the NXT Title is. Owens agrees but says it’s the biggest mistake Zayn has ever made because he has no idea what’s coming.
That Greg guy starts talking about the upcoming NXT live shows but soon Enzo, Cass and Carmella walk into the room arguing loudly and eventually he just gives up and leaves. Carmella tells them she doesn’t need them looking out for her and they take off. She sits on a couch and Blake and Murphy conveniently walk in and sit down next to her, but they start insulting Enzo and Cass and she tells them no one can make fun of her boys but her so they walk off, but are still in the background, getting coffee.
Alexa Bliss walks up to Carmella and says “For a so called princess, don’t you think you should be carrying yourself with a bit more, you know, class?” And Carmella, proving her point, mushes her and says mind your business. Blake and Murphy see the whole thing and walk over to Alexa and ask her if she’s alright. Do I smell an intergender trios match on the horizon?
Sami Zayn is signing a contract for the title match as Alex Riley barges in and demands another match against Owens from Regal. Zayn tells him that he knows how crazy Owens can make you and to hang in there. And Riley gets super defensive (“I’m sorry, was I talking to you? What does hang in there mean? You don’t think I can beat Kevin Owens?”) and says he just wants one more opportunity – but Regal says he’s out of opportunities for Riley.
Zayn says if you want a match, I need a warm up anyway. Riley agrees but says if Zayn doesn’t make it to Takeover, I get Owens.
Enzo and Cass come out to the ring with Carmella and we might actually see a wrestling match only 20 minutes into the episode (that’s worse than your average Raw). Surprisingly, people sound like they are coming around to Carmella, since she wasn’t instantly booed when Enzo announced her in their entrance.
They’re taking on Blake and Murphy? I guess it’s a nontitle match. There’s no other heel tag teams besides the champs for Enzo and Cass to fight? Where’s the Vaudevillains? Where’s The Mechanics?
Blake and Murphy start off double teaming Enzo, stomping him in their corner. Enzo eventually tags in Cass who takes it to both the tag team champs. Gets a nearfall after a big splash in the corner but Blake breaks it up.
After Murphy blows Carmella a kiss, Cass hits him with a big boot. He tags in Enzo and launches him off the top rope into a splash on Murphy and they get the win. That doesn’t bode well for their title match, which I assume will be May 20.
Becky Lynch talks about how she didn’t start training at 15 and work all around the world to be second best in NXT.
Devin talks to Bayley about her match later with Dana Brooke and Bayley tells her she can’t talk, she can’t find her t-shirt and headbands and she needs to go get ready for her match. But then Emma walks in in a Bayley shirt with a bunch of headbands and sarcastically asks “Doesn’t she need these? I’ll go give them to her.”
A short Baron Corbin video package where he talks about how he likes to take away the hopes and dreams of NXT Superstars and that there’s two kinds of people in the world, people like me and people like you.
Bayley out now to take on Dana Brooke. I really don’t want Bayley jobbing out to Dana Brooke but it’s gonna happen – I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t.
Brooke actually looking pretty good in this match, showing a real aggression that a lot of females in WWE don’t have. They start off trading holds and Brooke takes the upper hand but it isn’t long before Bayley turns the tables, hits a few back elbows and a t-bone suplex. She goes up to the second rope but her theme music plays and Emma comes down the ramp, wearing Bayley’s shirt and headband (and the wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men come out too).
Emma seems to be cheering Bayley on to win but Bayley is really distracted. Bayley hits a back elbow from the turnbuckle and Emma comes to the ring, offering Bayley a headband. Bayley reaches for it and Brooke knees Bayley in the face and hits a Thrill of the Hunt (or a Samoan Driver as some might call it) to win. As Brooke exits up the ramp, she high fives Emma.
Regal announces that at NXT Takeover there will be a triple threat match for the NXT Title #1 contendership between Tyler Breeze, Hideo Itami and Finn Balor.
Now, Hideo Itami out to face Adam Rose.
Hideo gets offense in early but Rose spends a surprising amount of time in control after tripping Itami after running to the outside. But Itami hits a few clotheslines followed by a back trip, a combo of strikes and a corner dropkick. He sends Rose off the ropes and wins with a single leg running drop kick.
Backstage, Bayley is looking for Emma, but she can’t find her.
Becky Lynch out now. She faces Sarah Dobson (otherwise known as Crazy Mary Dobson, either the wife of Mad Man Pondo). She also regularly competes in deathmatches.
Dobson gets a few covers on Lynch but Lynch controlling most of the match. Becky taps her out after transitioning a fujiwara armbar into a Yuji Nagata seated arm breaker.
Rhyno in the back calls out Baron Corbin. He says he’s not just the past – I’m the present and I’m the future.
Main event now – Alex “Rage” Riley takes on Sami Zayn. And Kevin Owens is on commentary.
Owens making fun of Alex Riley on commentary as they trade arm wringers in the ring. Owens can’t understand why everyone else on commentary wants to talk about Riley and Zayn when Owens is with them on commentary.
Good back and forth match until Zayn hits a tope con hilo onto Riley on the ramp and Owens attacks him from behind. Owens throws Zayn back first onto the ramp and stands over him and starts to walk away…but comes back and powerbombs Alex Riley onto the ring apron!
(Just funny to me that the apron bomb is a career ender in NXT when in PWG, I saw Steen do the same thing to Drake Younger multiple times in one match. You know, Drake, the ref of that match.)

NXT releases 4/24
From PWInsider

There were six WWE NXT releases recently. On top of the aforementioned C. Denzel Freeman and Tony Briggs, also released from their WWE deals today were:
*Courtney Freeman - Former amateur wrestler from The University of the Cumberlands. He had signed with WWE out of college and had been training at the Performance Center about a year, to the best of my research.
*Dustin Mueller - A Chicago native with a bodybuilding background, Mueller was signed in late 2014 to train at the Performance Center.
*Leyvonna Zakari - A California actress and model, Zakari signed in April 2014 to train at the Performance Center.
*Laszlo Vandracsek - Originally born in Hungary but living in Phoenix, Vandracsek was a former Olympic Bobsledder. He was recruited and signed to WWE in late 2014, to the best of my knowledge.
None of the four had competed in the ring at NXT events.

Lucha Underground
Recap of Trios Championship finals from last week and the 5th match in the best of five between Drago and Aerostar.
Dario Cueto talks to the Crew inside the Temple. He tells them last week he gave them a layup – an easy win, a gimme if you will – but they couldn’t even beat two losers and a girl with on leg. He takes them inside to where he keeps the monster locked up and Cueto reveals that it is his brother! Cueto tells The Crew if they disappoint him again they can apologize in there (the cage) to him.
The first match tonight, Fenix is already in the ring. Catrina isn’t there so I wonder if that whole thing has been dropped. Seemed like Catrina would be representing Fenix after he defeated Mil Muertes in the Grave Consequences match but she hasn’t been around for a while. He takes on Killshot. (Kinda sounds like Melissa Santos is sick)
Fenix extends his hand to shake but Killshot is reluctant. Seems to show that while Killshot (and his associates Big Ryck and The Mack) aren’t full on heels, they aren’t the friendliest guys at the temple.
Start trading arm wringers but Fenix hits the first big move, using the ropes to slingshot himself through and deliver a rana to Killshot.
Killshot getting the upperhand in a lot of exchanges but can’t keep Fenix down. Fenix begins gaining momentum after a big corner dropkick. Fenix catches Killshot on the top rope and brings him down with a Fire Driver (over the shoulder sit out reverse piledriver) for the win.
Cueto approaches Drago in the bowels of the temple. Cueto says that Drago never said thank you for giving him an opportunity at the LU title and from what he knows about dragons, there’s no greater prize than gold for them. Cueto says he isn’t worried about Drago, he’s survived a millennia as the rest of his kind has died out. He might not have said thank you but after tonight, he will.
Cueto approaches Prince Puma in the locker room. He says he knows what Puma is thinking, that he doesn’t want to end a man’s career. But sending Drago away is a small price to pay to keep the title. Weak men worry about the feelings of their foes but warriors think about nothing but victory. And only a warrior deserves to be Cueto’s champion.
As Cueto walks away, Hernandez walks up to him and asks if they have a problem. Cueto says he was just talking to Puma but Hernandez says he doesn’t care about Puma (which Puma hears, since they’re literally one row of lockers away) and wants to know why Cueto put him in a three way against Cage and King Cuerno. Cueto says they all have a legitimate gripe with Hernandez but he’ll give them each a reason to fight, that their match will be to determine the #1 contender.
The next match is a four way match. Famous B vs Ricky Mandel vs Vinnie Massaro vs Argenis. Weren’t these all the guys who Pentagon Jr broke the arms of?
But soon after they all lock up, Texano rushes the ring and starts attacking them all. He throws Massaro and Mandel out then throws Argenis onto Massaro. Then he throws out referee Justin Borden and powerbombs Famous B and throws him out of the ring.
He gets on the mic and says he doesn’t know who that guy was last week who dared put his hands on Texano but invites him to come to the temple so he can give him the beating of his life.
Outside the temple, some random guy (who doesn’t seem familiar to me at all but looks pretty jacked and is also wearing a yellow t-shirt that says Aztec Pride in plain black letters) comes up to Cueto and says he’s been waiting to talk to him. Cueto tells him he doesn’t have time for autographs and if he wants tickets he can get them online but the dude says he doesn’t want tickets, he wants to be part of the show. He says his name is Marty “The Moth” Martinez and he has Aztec blood running through his veins and that the temple is his destiny. Cueto tells him he can’t just let anyone compete in the temple and he’s afraid if he does, he’ll get squashed, well, like a moth. Cueto locks him out of the temple and says he needs to call security about a crazy fan.
The triple threat match is up now and Cage and King Cuerno work together to take out Hernandez first. They double suplex Hernandez, Cage standing moonsault and Cuerno frog splash but when Cuerno pins him, Cage rolls in to cradle Cuerno and they start fighting.
Hernandez gets back in the ring and Cage and Cuerno go back to work on him. Again, Cage attacks Cuerno first. Hernandez goes to work on Cuerno but spends too long showing off to the crowd and Cage gets involved again.
Cage and Hernandez stare down but out of nowhere, Marty “The Moth” runs in and yells “Marty The Moth is here!” but gets promptly dropkicked into the corner but Cuerno. Hernandez slaps him and then Cage tosses him out of the ring and he backs out of ringside area.
Cage yells as Marty as he leaves and Hernandez drop kicks him out of the ring. Cuerno rushes in but gets caught with a boot to the stomach and Hernandez pins him with a sit out inverted powerslam.
Next, Vampiro interviews Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico about their Trios Championship win.
Vampiro asks them how it feels and Ivelisse says it feels great to be Trios champions. No one thought they could do it but once she stepped up as team captain and told them (Havoc and Angelico) what to do, they finally got on the same page. Havoc says if anyone is the captain, it’s him because he single-handedly advanced them in the tournament. And South African Dean Ambrose says the only reason they have those titles is because of his death-defying leap from Cueto’s office to the ring. Ivelisse says it was only a cross body, the most basic move in wrestling, but Havoc says he thought it was pretty cool.
Angelico says it was a career highlight. Vampiro asks them if Ivelisse can even go because of her ankle now that they beat the Crew, Cueto’s hand-picked winners, who will be out for revenge. Havoc says the three of them might not like each other, they will fight and fight together (Ivelisse interrupts that she was just gonna say that).
The title match is up now – Drago vs Prince Puma for the LU Championship and if Drago doesn’t win he has to leave the temple forever.
Puma show of respect and shakes Drago’s hand to start the match and getting advantage of the early exchanges, using lots of quick strikes and ranas and head scissors.
Drago sends Puma outside and lands a corkscrew dive over the top to the floor and rolls Puma back in. Drago starts chopping him down and kicking him in the legs to try and take away Puma’s speed and high flying.
Puma is in control but gets caught with a kick to the chin as he rushes into the corner. Rushes in again and Drago catches him with a springboard corkscrew. He hits a few strikes and locks in an inventive submission and Puma has trouble dragging himself to the ropes since both his arms are tied up.
They exchange kicks and Drago hits a backfist. Goes for another and Puma gets a 2 count off a Blue Thunder Bomb. They trade punches as they get back to their feet and Puma ducks one and hits a big enzuigiri. Puma picks up Drago for the Benadryller but accidentally hits the ref in the face with Drago’s feet. Drago wiggles out of it and hits a Canadian Destroyer on Puma and goes for the pin but there’s no ref and Puma wasn’t kicking out.
Hernandez comes to the ring and rushes toward both Puma and Drago but Puma gets out of the way and Drago gets jacked up in the corner. Puma seems upset that Hernandez is involving himself again while Konnan keeps the refs attention. Konnan yells at Puma to “finish him – no mercy.” Puma seems conflicted as he drops Drago with that spinning sit out buster of some kind.
Konnan comes in to congratulate Puma but Puma is upset about Drago and picks him up and hugs him. The crowd chants for Drago and Puma raises the hand of Drago. Crowd chants Thank You Drago as he walks to the back.
Drago encounters Cueto as he’s walking out of the temple and says “we will meet again” before leaving in a huge ball of fire.

Lucha Libre World Cup
Last week, word began going around the internet that AAA is hosting a huge tournament of trios teams from all over the world.

AAA's "Dream Team" of Albert El Patron, Rey Mysterio, and Myzteziz was just announced as the latest team to join the world cup.
Also, TNA confirmed that Matt Hardy will be the first member of Team TNA to join the cup.

Dream Team: Alberto el Patron, Rey Misterio Jr., Myzteziz
Team Mexico 1 (AAA): Winner of El Hijo del Fantasma, El Texano Jr., Psycho Clown
Team Mexico 2 (“Outsiders”): Blue Demon Jr., Dr. Wagner Jr., TBA
Team TNA: Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, Mr. Anderson
Team Pro Wrestling NOAH: Taiji Ishimori, Yoshihiro Takayama, Atsushi Kotoge
Team All Japan Pro Wrestling: Kenzo Suzuki, Tiger Mask III, Masamune
Rest of the World: TBA

(I saw that Dixie Carter announced the TNA team as what’s listed above but I just checked the Wikipedia page and that lists different teams. TNA and Lucha Underground are combined and that team is Matt Hardy, Mr. Anderson and Johnny Mundo and the Rest of the World team is listed as Drew Galloway and TBA)

New Japan Pro Wrestling
New Japan World, New Japan Pro Wrestling’s streaming content website, now offers a sign up page in English as well as having a Google translate button at the bottom of every page. Now it’s easier than ever for non-Japanese (well, English speaking) fans to sign up and enjoy the service.

Wrestling Dontaku results
NJPW Wrestling Dontaku results
Jushin Thunder Liger, Máscara Dorada, Tiger Mask, Yuji Nagata def. Captain New Japan, Kushida, Manabu Nakanishi, Ryusuke Taguchi (Nagata pinned CNJ)

Kota Ibushi & Yohei Komatsu def. Sho Tanaka & Tetsuya Naito
(Komatsu tapped Tanaka with a single leg crab)

Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi Kojima, Tomoaki Honma def. Bad Luck Fale, Cody Hall, Tama Tonga
(Kojima lariat and Honma Kokeshi led to the win)

Young Bucks def. RPG Vice and reDRagon to win the IWGP Jr tag titles
(Bucks used More Bang to pin Trent. Writer made an interesting observation in that reDRagon hasn’t taken a pin in NJPW yet. They’re 19-2 and both losses came in three ways where they weren’t involved in the pin)

Kenny Omega def. Alex Shelley to retain IWGP Jr title
(Lots of Biz Cliz interference. Omega announced he’s skipping Best of Super Juniors since he’s worked so hard on this tour and can’t challenge himself)

Maria Kanellis, Matt Taven, Michael Bennett def. Amber Gallows, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson
(Maria pinned Amber after a nothing match. Anderson and Gallows double teamed Maria [phrasing] with the Magic Killer afterwards but got laughs from the crowd. Not the intended effect, I’m sure)

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Katsuyori Shibata, Togi Makabe def. Kazushi Sakuraba, Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano
(Tana pinned Yano with an inside cradle, getting a manner of revenge for the numerous that Yano has scored on him lately)

A.J. Styles & Yujiro Takahashi def. Kazuchika Okada & YOSHI-HASHI
(Styles pinned YOSHI after a Styles Clash. Okada held up the IWGP belt afterwards)

Hirooki Goto def. Shinsuke Nakamura to become the new IWGP IC champ

Global Force Wrestling
I’ve been compiling lots of GFW news over the past weeks but so many things seem to overlap and it’s hard to tell exactly what is important and what is just hype. The most important news just happened on May 6 during a press conference where they revealed several stars which will be regular parts of the GFW roster. The biggest name is perhaps former UFC figher Chael Sonnen who will be part of the organization as an announcer and analyst. The rest of the roster reveal were:

Members of the Bullet Club Karl “Machine Gun” Anderson and Doc Gallows
Members of Suzuigun, David Hart Smith and Lance Hoyt “The Killer Elite Squad”
Sanada, former TNA X Division champ and current Wrestle-1 talent
Chris “The Adonis” Mordetsky (formerly known as Chris Masters in WWE)
PJ Black (formerly known as Justin Gabriel in WWE)
Moose (former NFL offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka and current ROH star)
Lei’D Tapa (former TNA Knockout)
Thea Trinidad (formerly Rosita in TNA)

But GFW also has working relationships with 13 promotions across five continents including New Japan Pro Wrestling and AAA as well as promotions in Europe, Australia and Africa.

Eric Bischoff joining GFW

Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling announced that they will be touring minor league baseball stadiums in Tennessee, Virginia, Iowa, Florida and California on the Grand Slam Tour, leading up to its first live broadcast on July 24 from the Orleans Hotel and Casino, which can seat around 9,500 fans. No word on the specifics of the TV deal or distribution though.

#Rawlternative: Part Deux
The second edition of the independent wrestling event hosted by Beyond Wrestling, #Rawlternative #2, will be held on May 18 streaming live on YouTube. The promotions involved were announced on Twitter during Raw on May 4 and can be found below. Also make sure to sign up for the event on the Facebook page (which you can find at this link) to keep up with all the latest info.

Promotions featured on #Rawlternative #2 on 5/18:
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Alpha 1 Wrestling (or Alphaone Rasslin as their Facebook page is titled)
Beyond Wrestling
Chikara Pro
Freelance Wrestling
Inspire Pro
Inter Species Wrestling
IWA Mid-South Wrestling
Jersey Championship Wrestling
Shimmer Women Athletes
Smash Wrestling

The first match announced for #Rawlternative 2 is Brent Banks vs Scotty O’Shea in an Ambulance Match courtesy of Smash Wrestling.

Absolute Intense Wrestling
AIW posted the brackets for their annual JT Lightning Invitational on Twitter recently and the tournament looks absolutely stacked, featuring 24 wrestlers taking place on Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23 in Cleveland, Ohio.
In the tournament are Little Guido, Nick Gage, Athena, Eric Ryan, Raymond Rowe, Dick Justice, Louis Lyndon, Tyson Dux, Josh Prohibition, Heidi Lovelace, Cedric Alexander, Cheech, Colin Delaney, BJ Whitmer, Alessandro Del Bruno, Jennifer Blake, Flip Kendrick, Tracy Williams, Doug Gilbert, Tyler Thomas, DJ Z (Zema Ion), Davey Vega, Alex Daniels and 2 Cold Scorpio.

Also, I just realized that AIW also is now offering a monthly streaming subscription service for just $7.99 a month. Check out for more info on the titles available to streaming and to sign up.

On 5/9, there is going to be a DVD documentary about CZW star Matt Tremont released. Called “Bleeding Black and Yellow - An Ultraviolent Dream” or something like that, it follows him for 24 and gives a look at his life and career. There was a trailer on PWInsider so you could find it on YouTube and his Twitter I’m sure.

Smash Wrestling
On Smash Wrestling’s June 6 show, Smash Kicks ALS, they are advertising Chris Hero vs Samoa Joe which should be an insanely hard-hitting match. Also seems like maybe the rumors that Joe joining NXT by June may not have been entirely accurate.

Upcoming shows
2CW (
Liberation, May 15

You Only Live Once, May 16

The JT Lightning Invitational, May 22-23
Girls Night Out 15, May 23

Beyond Wrestling (
The Real Thing, May 31

C*4 (
Season 8, May 23
Season 8, June 19

Chikara (
Back to Skull, May 23
Aniversario: A New Attitude, May 24

Dojo Wars, May 6
CZW/WSU Doubleheader, May 9
Tournament of Death 14, June 13
CZW/WSU Doubleheader, July 11

Evolve (
Evolve 43, May 30
Evolve 44, May 31

House of Glory (
High Intensity 4, May 29

House of Hardcore (
HOH 9, July 18

DDT4, May 22
Rock and Shock the Nation, June 26
Threemendous IV, July 24
Battle of Los Angeles, Aug. 28-30

Double Trouble Rumble, May 23

Smash Wrestling (
The Rural Rumble Tour, May 14-16
Gold, May 17
#GiveDivasAChance, June 6
Smash Kicks ALS, June 6

Wildkat Sports (
Heatin’ Up, May 16

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