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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How many times was the WWE Network referenced on Raw?

Even JBL looks tired of this nonsense

How many times was WWE Network referenced on Raw? Anyone have a guess? Anyone want to guess? Because YouTuber TriMoon3 compiled all the times anyone shilled the WWE Network on Raw and well…it was a lot.

41 times. FORTY. ONE.

Pretty much all of the shills for the WWE Network came from Triple H, JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler but if you count the on-screen ads and hand-written signs held up by the announce team, it’s even more. (And I won’t even go into the lame Adam Rose/Oculus movie segment. How hard would it have been to have Leo Kruger in that mirror?!)

It’s clear the WWE doesn’t feel like they have the amount of subscribers they want for the Network right now (a conference call last week on WWE financials put the current number of subscribers around 700,000) but beating fans and viewers over the head with pleas to subscribe isn’t the way to market it.

How about promoting the ECW and WCW PPVs? The Saturday Night Main Events? The archive of older promotion material like WCCW, which will hopefully someday be joined by others like AWA or Smokey Mountain Wrestling. What about their stellar developmental product, NXT? Literally all of these points would serve exceptionally well selling the Network.

But what did we get instead? “Buy the Network for $9.99! Buy it to watch Total Divas and Legends House and SummerSlam! Buy it to watch Extreme Rules 2012 (where Brock Lesnar destroys John Cena for nearly 20 minutes until LOLCENAWINS)!” (Seriously – for a company who likes to dismiss history for the sake of storytelling, why bring up the last encounter between Cena and Lesnar where Lesnar did his best to murder Cena, only to have Cena win out of nowhere? Are they trying to spoil SummerSlam for us?)

I also have to give credit to the Botchamania Facebook page since it was where I found the above video.

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