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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indy Minute - Weekly independent wrestling news round up

 Welcome back to the Delco Elbow Drop for another round of the extended Indy Minute, all the indy news from Ring Rust Radio’s “NXT and Indy Minute” segment plus a whole lot more. There’s a ton of news on the slate for this week so let’s get right into it!

  On NXT TV, the Vaudevillains defeated the team of Bully Dempsey and Mojo Rawley in the NXT tag title number one contender’s tournament and after the loss, Dempsey attacked Rawley. The smarks in the NXT live crowd were actually cheering Bull while he beat down Mojo, making Triple H hate them even more, no doubt.
  Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to become the number one contender for the NXT Women’s title. After the match, Charlotte met Bayley on the stage and offered a handshake, which Bayley was tentative to accept. She raised Bayley’s hand in victory, though it seemed more a gesture to get into Sasha’s head than to congratulate Bayley.
  Sin Cara and Kalisto defeated Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy to advance in the tag tournament. In the next round, the Vaudevillains will face Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady while Sin Cara and Kalisto will face Sami Zayn and Adam Rose. Even if this tournament doesn’t result in new tag team champions (though I hope it does), it’s at least helped build a number of credible tag teams in NXT. Not sure why The Mechanics, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, or the Legionnaires, Sylvester LaFort and Marcus Louis, weren’t a part of the tournament, though.
  In the main event, Tyler Breeze challenged Adrian Neville for the NXT championship but Tyson Kidd interfered, pushing Neville from the top rope. He then attacked Neville, but Breeze attacked Kidd for ruining his title match, leading to a brawl between all three me and it seems like they’re setting up for a triple threat title match at NXT Takeover 2 on September 11.

ACH posted this pic of Steve Corino in full
baseball gear to his Instagram before Field of Honor
  Ring of Honor “Field of Honor” results
  Jay Lethal retained TV title in a cage match against Matt Taven after Truth Martini slammed the cage door on Taven’s head.
  Mark Briscoe defeated Watanabe
  Moose and RD Evans defeated Brutal Burgers (Bob Evans and Cheeseburger)
  Michael Bennett defeated Rocky Romero
  The Decade defeated 3 ROH students (Will Ferrara, Ken Phoenix and John Knockout). Afterward, Hanson attacked the Decade.
  Silas Young defeated Tommaso Ciampa with a foreign object. Afterward, Ciampa slapped the ref and then acted sorry about it, only to hit him with Project Ciampa/
  Cedric Alexander defeated ACH. Reportedly, ACH took a nasty looking neck bump which went right into the finish of the match. ACH was able to leave under his own power and people were worried he was more injured than he let on but he allegedly wrestled the following night so it seems like he’s OK.
  The Ring of Honor tag team champions reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) retained against Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian). The Decade interfered to break up a sure win for Bad Influence.
  There was also said to be a full blown baseball game between ROH staff before the show, since the event was held at MCU Park in Brooklyn.

  Ring of Honor’s Death Before Dishonor weekend is this Friday and Saturday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Michael Elgin defends the World title against Silas Young on Night One and Tommaso Ciampa on Night Two. AJ Styles and the Young Bucks will also be in action on both nights.

Death Before Dishonor XII, Milwaukee, WI (8/22)
ROH World title match
Micahel Elgin vs Silas Young
AJ Styles vs Kyle O’Reilly
The Young Bucks vs The Briscoes
Jimmy Jacobs vs Tommaso Ciampa
Bad Influence vs The Kingdom (Adam Cole/Michael Bennett)
Also, Adam Pearce makes his ROH return

Death Before Dishonor XII, Chicaco Ridge, IL (8/23)
ROH World title match
Michael Elgin vs Tommaso Ciampa
4 team elimination match
The Briscoes vs Bad Influence vs The Young Bucks vs reDRagon
Adam Cole vs Hanson
AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander
Jay Lethal vs Caprice Coleman
Adam Pearce is also scheduled to appear on this show as well

  The Meltz is reporting (so you know it’s true) that New Japan Pro Wrestling is very pleased with their relationship with Ring of Honor so far and are considering having the ROH title defended at their biggest show of the year, WrestleKingdom, in January. This story will be interesting to watch since word is New Japan passed on using current ROH champ Michael Elgin for the final show of the G1 Climax. ROH’s Final Battle is December 7, a few weeks before WrestleKingdom, which might mean a title change is in store if Elgin is still the champion.

  Ring of Honor’s Raymond Rowe suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident last week and will be out of action for the foreseeable future. In addition to bruises and lacerations, Rowe suffered a broken arm that will require surgery and rehab to heal. No date is known for his return.
  This is bad news for War Machine (Rowe’s tag team with Hanson), who seemed to be entering into a feud with the Briscoes. The two teams had a crazy brawl at the TV tapings I went to recently and it looks like that will need to be put on hold for now. In the meantime, it looks like ROH is setting up Hanson to feud with The Decade.

  Alberto Del Rio was at AAA’s “Triplemania” on Sunday and even came out to his WWE theme music because apparently Mexico doesn’t care about copyright laws (Lance Storm tweeted about this too, surprised ADR used his WWE theme and that La Parka entered to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”). ADR, who will now be known as El Patron, or Alberto Patron or something along those lines, cut a promo on the racism he encountered while working in America and how he is too proud of his country and heritage to look past it. It looks like AAA will be his home for the foreseeable future, though I’ve read that WWE is trying to extend his no compete clause from 90 days to one full year.

  Some more recent indy results:
  Ricochet defeated Drew Gulak to become the first House of Glory champion. Next show, “The Movement” is Sept 19.
  HOG is a promotion and wrestling school in Ridgewood, NY run by Amazing Red, Brian XL and Quiet Storm.
  Brian XL defeated JT Dunn
  Ricochet defeated Marq Quen
  Drew Gulak defeated Shane Strickland
  Anthony Gangone defeated Dan Maff
  Drew Gulak defeated Brian XL
  Ricochet defeated Anthony Gangone
  Smiley won an over the top elimination rumble to become #1 contender
  Ricochet defeated Drew Gulak become the first House of Glory champion

  At Chikara’s “Permis De Tuer” in Quebec City, Quebec on 8/16:
  The Osirian Portal defeated The Spectral Envoy, Jaka and Qefka and The Belliveau Brothers in a four-way tag team match
  “Smooth Sailing” Ashley Remington defeated Kodama
  Silver Ant defeated Proletriat Boar of Moldova
  The Shard defeated Eddie Kingston by DQ
  After this match, Decualion, The Flood’s monster heel, killed Proud Oak with a Chokebreaker and the Flood took away the Snow Troll in chains.
  Juan Francisco de Coronado defeated Archibald Peck
  3.0. defeated The Colony: Xtreme Force
  Chikara Grand Champion Icarus, Chikara Camponetos de Parejas The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown and Dasher Hatfield) and The Colony defeated The Flood (Jimmy Jacobs, Axe Smashmaster, Flex Rumblecrunch, Nokken and 17) in the main event

  Just wanted to note – several Chikara characters have been “killed” so far this season, which is a big departure from the light-hearted fare that Chikara usually presents. The first to be killed off by Deucalion was the demon Kobald but since then DeviANT, Estonian Thunderfrog and Latvian Proud Oak have also been killed off by Deucalion’s Chokebreaker. Additionally, the BDK’s Tursas was also killed off by Estonian Thunderfrog’s magic hammer. Hopefully some of these guys make their return at some point and being that this is Chikara, anything is possible. Out of all those lost, Thunderfrog was one of my favorites and I really hope they bring him back somehow.

The Flood's monster heel/leader Deucalion stands over the broken body of Kobald
  At Chikara’s “Vivre Et Laisser Mourir” in Montreal, Quebec on 8/17:
  The Colony defeated Los Ice Creams, the McGoths and the Osirian Portal in a four-way, elimination tag match
  Nokken defeated Kodama
  Chuck Taylor defeated “Smooth Sailing” Ashley Remington
  3Peck0 (3.0 and Archibald Peck) defeated The Wrecking Crew (Axe Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive and Flex Rumblecrunch. New name I guess, I thought they were the Devastation Corporation)
  Jimmy Jacobs defeated Silver Ant via DQ, when Eddie Kingston attacked Jacobs
  Gekido and Colony Xtreme Force defeated The Throwbacks (Mr. Touchdown and Dasher Hatfield)  and the Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis and Hallowicked)
Icarus defeated Juan Francisco de Coronado to retain the Grand Championship

  Several independent promotions have shows coming up:
  Mike Chiari’s favorite promotion Empire State Wrestling is hosting “Meltdown” on August 23 in North Tonawanda, New York. Johnny Gargano, Sonjay Dutt and a “mystery former WWE Superstar” are scheduled for the show.

  Also on August 23, Combat Zone Wrestling is hosting “Heat” in Voorhees, New Jersey and live on iPPV where Biff Busick will defend the CZW title against the returning Joker.

  Johnny Gargano tweeted he’s wrestling Candice LeRae at Absolute Intense Wrestling on Sept 6 (Wrestle Rager Sept. 5-7, Turners Hall, Cleveland, Ohio). Also scheduled are Colt Cabana, Michael Elgin, Eddie Kingston, Tracy Smothers, and Cliff Compton

  2CW in Rome, NY on Sept 12
Matt Hardy challenges Capt. Nick Ando for 2CW Heavyweight Championship
Young Bucks vs Dave and Jake Crist (OI4K)

  Quintessential Pro Wrestling has a show in Las Vegas on September 13
  Evolve 34 and 35 will be on Sept 13-14

  PWS “All Fired Up” on Sept 20
Rahway, NJ
Ricky “Dragon” Steamboat to be special guest commissioner

  C4 in Ottowa, Ontario, Canada Season 8 starts Sept 27

  FWE “ReFueled” on October 3-4, also on iPPV, Brookyln, NY
Scheduled for October 3 is:
Young Bucks vs Bad Influence
Trent? vs Drew Galloway (If Trent is recovered from knee surgery)
Adrenaline Express vs Tony Nese and Jigsaw
FWE Women’s Champion Maria Kanellis special guest on commentary

Scheduled for October 4 is:
FWE tag team championship, TLC match
Bucks vs Bad Influence vs Adrenaline Express (c) vs Tony Nese and Jigsaw
Drew Galloway vs Tommy Dreamer
FWE women’s championship
Maria Kanellis vs Ivelisse Velez
Trent? vs Rich Swann (Again, if Trent is recovered from knee surgery)

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