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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Results from Ring of Honor Summer Heat tour, August 9 in Philadelphia

Last night, at the National Guard Armory in northeast Philadelphia, Ring of Honor held a TV taping event for its Summer Heat tour. Below are quick results from the show and pretty much spoilers for the next three weeks of ROH TV. So if you plan on watching and don’t want the results spoiled, scroll on down and enjoy some of the other great articles and interviews the Delco Elbow Drop has to offer!

Dark match
Veda Scott vs Sumie Sakai
Pretty decent. Short but they worked well together. Sumie picks up the win with what looked like a Heroes Welcome

A few ROH stars - Adam Cole, Michael Bennett and Maria Kanellis, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish - are at New Japan’s G1 Climax 24 so unfortunately couldn’t be at this show. Matt Hardy wasn’t around either to represent The Kingdom.

TV hour 1
Rocky Romero vs Tommaso Ciampa
Good match, lots of high flying, lucha stuff from Rocky, lots of hard strikes and high impacts from Tommaso. Rocky gets DQ win when Tommaso doesn’t release a Rings of Saturn submission.

RD Evans vs Moose
RD Evans' New Streak stands at 138-0. Veda again extends her offer to Moose and Evans also gets on the mic to persuade him. Evans talks to him about how a “locker room vet” like him could really help Moose and that “every lineman needs a quarterback.” Surprisingly, Moose accepts a handshake from Evans and they are apparently a team now. Ramone doesn’t look happy.

ACH vs Jay Lethal
ROH TV Title match
Starts out technical but picks up speed quick. One of the best matches of the night. Seleziya and Truth eventually get sent to the back after interfering leaving Lethal alone to deal with ACH. Lots of really close falls, including one where ACH hit a 450 and it looked to be over - ref counted three, people threw streamers but Lethal got his foot on the rope at the last second. Match goes to a time limit draw. Lethal shakes ACH’s hand but refuses to consider five more minutes and leaves with his belt.

TV hour 2
Prince Nana is back and on commentary with Corino and Kelly now.

War Machine vs The Briscoes
War Machine taking it to Briscoes early, winning the power game. Isolating Mark for a long time till Jay makes the save and the tag. Match breaks down into a brawl and Hanson puts one of the Briscoes (Mark, I think) through the time keepers table. Eventually both teams start brawling on the outside, pulling up the mats and throwing chairs and the ref rules it a no contest. Rowe hits a standing uranage off the apron putting Mark through a table before a mob of referees can break up the chaos.

The Decade (Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas) vs Moose and RD Evans
RD Evans is now 139-0 even though he didn’t wrestle Moose earlier. BJ Whitmer leads Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas to the ring. No Jimmy Jacobs for this match and apparently Roderick Strong is in England.  It’s crazy how over Moose is already even though he has barely had any matches. But the dude is really impressive already. He moves well for a big man, can be really quick and agile as well as powerful and seems to have a good understanding of ring psychology. Moose hits a spear on Thomas but Evans had tagged himself in so he runs in after the spear to get the pin then jumps onto Moose and hugs him. Whitmer is very unhappy with Page and Thomas afterward, slapping them around.

Nana leaves commentary and Nigel McGuinness takes his place.

Cedric Alexander vs Michael Elgin
ROH World title match
I like Elgin as a wrestler but he’s not all that charismatic and as a World champ, a little boring I’m sorry to say. This match had, easily, the least heat of the night with neither man getting much of a reaction on their entrance. Elgin was even getting booed for a lot of the match.
Elgin works the leg most of the match to take away Cedric’s agility, applying the stretch muffler several times. At one point, Elgin spits at Cedric in the corner, yelling at him to hit him. Elgin wins with a stretch muffler while stomping Cedric’s head.
Afterward, Elgin cuts a very Cena-esque “I love ROH because you can boo who you want and cheer who you want” promo and says that the boos he hears and the middle finger some guy gave him only make him want to worker harder to be the best ROH champ ever.

15 minute intermission between TV hours 2 and 3, kicked off by “The Final Countdown” over the loudspeakers to pop the longtime fans.

TV hour 3
The Decade (BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs) vs Caprice Coleman and Takaaki Watanabe
Decade gets the win in an OK match. Not much heat. Decade tried to give a shirt to Watanabe as an offer to join them but Coleman grabs it and throws it down and tells Page he’s better than having to put up with their treatment.

Jay Diesel vs Matt Taven
Taven controls the match for the most part, hitting big kicks and throwing Diesel into the guardrails and hitting big boots. Continues until Diesel grabs a pair of handcuffs from under the ring and nails Taven with them, then cuffs him to the rope. Diesel then walks out through the crowd leaving people confused until the House of Truth music hits and out come Lethal, Truth and Seleziya. Truth and Seleziya work over Taven until Lethal calls them off and takes his turn beating down Taven. Lethal then berates Taven on the mic, saying after he beats him at Field of Honor in a cage match, Taven will never have another shot at the TV title and will never hold ROH gold again.

Silas Young vs The Brian Kendrick
Really good match, Young is one of the best heels in the company. During his entrance, he picks up streamers fans threw and throws them back at the crowd and refuses a handshake to start. Lots of crazy spots from both guys, including Young suplexing Kendrick over the ropes to the outside. Young gets the win when he sits down on a sunset flip from Kendrick to get the pin and shakes Kendrick’s hand before leaving.

The Young Bucks vs Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)
The Young Bucks were getting chants all night, before the show started, during other people’s matches - they are the definition of over. The Bucks are decked out in all Bullet Club gear, shirts, bandanas and tights. Amazing match - this and Lethal/ACH were easily best of the night. Lots of high flying, lots of super kicks and lots of crotch chops and Too Sweet taunts. Bad Influence gets the win after Kaz hits a one-man Spanish Fly from the top. They all shake hands after the match and give each other the Too Sweet. Daniels cuts a promo about how they aren’t here to mail it in or cash in on their fame but to bust their asses and give the fans the best show possible and says they’re coming for tag team gold.

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