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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TNA to return to six-sided ring?

(I’m trying to think of a Beyonce joke about putting a ring on it but I’m not that funny)

I don’t really watch TNA. I might turn it on every once in a while because they have some talents I really enjoy watching (Samoa Joe, The Wolves, Austin Aries to name a few) but overall, the product they produce just doesn’t catch my attention the way WWE does or put on the type of matches I can find on the indies.

But today I found out they are doing something a bit interesting – TNA may be returning to the six-sided, lucha-libre inspired ring that they were once known for and are asking the fans if they want to see a return of said ring, starting at the Impact tapings in New York next week.

Personally, I hope they start to use the old style ring again. It calls back to a time when there was a hope that maybe, just maybe, TNA wouldn’t turn out like WCW. But more than that, I think the six-sided ring would actually help to set them apart from their competition (you can decide whether that competition is WWE or ROH). It might just be a gimmick to get some fleeting attention but honestly, anything TNA can do right now to get new eyes on their product and set themselves apart is a good thing.

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