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Friday, May 23, 2014

Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville – The future of WWE

ZvN by aase458

Sami Zayn
If you’ve followed the independent wrestling scene for the past few years, you should already be familiar with the participants of this match – Sami Zayn and the NXT Champion Adrian Neville. If not, let me fill you in.

This match took place during WWE’s current European tour as a dark match during a taping of Main Event. Sami Zayn formerly wrestled as El Generico on the indies and has been receiving all sorts of praise for his work in NXT, especially his matches against Cesaro. NXT Champion Adrian Neville formerly worked as Pac on the indies and even his nickname, “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” made the transfer from the indies.

Finding this match online recently was really cool because I wasn’t aware that either Neville or Zayn were touring with the main roster and which means that we could definitely see these two on TV sometime soon. It’s obvious that holding the NXT Championship is a good indicator that the holder will be called up soon, much like Big E and Bo Dallas have been. Though wrestlers like Adam Rose prove that gold isn’t always a prerequisite for getting a call up.

Outside of this match being really top notch, starting slowly and building toward and exciting finish, this match showcases two talents who could easily be considered the future of the WWE. Adrian Neville’s high flying ability is second to none in the company right now and it’d be no stretch to compare his abilities to someone like Rey Mysterio Jr. Though he could use some work on the mic, his ability to incorporate gymnastic ability and high flying, lucha libre inspired offense connects with fans more than words ever could.

Adrian Neville
While on the other hand, Sami Zayn is one of the most instantly likeable wrestlers that the WWE has seen in some time. He’s incredibly hard working and his ring psychology is second to none. But his personable demeanor and hard work in the ring really helps get fans behind him and invested in his matches.

The presentation of this match is a bit odd because it’s a dark match that clearly wasn’t ever meant to be broadcast – I’m not entirely sure how it even got out on the net. There’s no announcing, the crowd volume is turned way down and you can hear every squeak and creak out of the mat. But none of those aspects take away from the great match that Nevile and Zayn put on. I mean, how often is it that dark matches get “This is awesome” chants?

Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville will make their way to the main roster one day and all I can do is hope that day is coming soon.

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