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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Best of the Tubes – Quack vs. Colt; Hero vs. Claudio; Fox vs. Del Sol

Have you felt lately that your life is missing something? A deep, dark void in the pit of your soul?

I know what you need. More pro wrestling. And you’re in luck, because I have the medicine.

After spending much time and effort scouring the internet, I’ve decided to begin a weekly series called “Best of the Tubes,” a play on the Smark Mark Video series “Best of the Indies.” Each week, I’ll be posting a few various matches that I’ve found on my journeys around the internets, with a little bit of background on the wrestlers and matches themselves. I’m going to try and stay away from music video edits, mostly because the song choices in most are usually just awful. I’ll also try and stay away from deathmatches, even though I can’t deny I’ve a bit of a bloodmark side.

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush
National Pro Wrestling Day 2013
I’m going to start off this series with one of my favorite matches that I had the pleasure of seeing live last year at the first ever National Pro Wrestling Day, held at the National Guard Armory in Northeast Philadelphia. Eagle-eyed viewers get 10 internet points for spotting me in the crowd.

This match was spectacular for too many reasons to name. Colt and Quack are two of the most technically sound wrestlers on the scene today and both have such an intimate understanding of the sport that they can turn the simplest maneuvers and holds into comedy gold. This match isn’t flashy, fast-paced or high flying but it does feature some incredibly sound technical wrestling and comedy that only supremely talented wrestlers like Colt Cabana and Mike Quackenbush can provide.

As it would happen, National Pro Wrestling Day 2014 is just around the corner. Moving to Easton from Philadelphia this year, NPWD will be a bit of a hike for Philly-based fans but it will be well worth it. Cabana is again scheduled to appear with numerous other stars like Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, Eddie Kingston, Green Ant, Estonian Thunderfrog and many more. Oh and did I mention that the entire event is completely free AND benefits the Against Malaria Foundation? Free wrestling and helping a good cause? How could anyone possibly turn that down?

Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli 
2007 King of Europe Cup
The former Kings of Wrestling face off in this bout from the 2007 King of Europe Cup. It’s a fun match, showcasing the chemistry and athleticism that made them such a formidable team and fearsome opponents.

As WWE fans know, Claudio is competing on the main roster as Antonio Cesaro, though you may not recognize the Swiss native from 2007 since he still had a little bit of a pony tail going. Chris Hero recently made his return to the independent scene after being released from NXT, where he wrestled under the name Kassius Ohno. And I’m just noticing, but it also looks like Chikara senior referee Bryce Remsburg is the official for the match as well.

AR Fox vs. Samuray Del Sol 
CZW Super Saturday
AR Fox and Samuray Del Sol are two of the most impressive high flyers in wrestling today. Samuray Del Sol was recently signed to a WWE contract and now competes in NXT under the name Kalisto while AR Fox is still travels the independent wrestling scene and is the current Evolve champion (a promotion with a close working relationship to Dragon Gate USA).

WWE made an incredible pick-up with Del Sol as he sports one of the most impressive lucha libre inspired offensive move sets you’ll ever see. His movements are crisp and fluid and when matched against a wrestler like AR Fox, who shares a similar affinity for death defying dives, the result is nothing short of astounding.


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