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Thursday, September 17, 2015

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NXT, 9/9
NXT this week is on the road or something. “Dusty Classic too big for NXT” – so WWE just forcing their main roster catch phrases and buzz words into NXT programming.

Carmella out to the ring first. No Enzo or Big Cass though. Carmella takes on Peyton Royce, who was formerly Cassie, who was formerly KC Cassidy on the indies. She’s got new music and new ring gear to go along with her new name. Rich Brennan says this is her debut which…c’mon man.
No one is playing the heel and they’re both fist-bumping and shaking hands after each tie up. They exchange holds early on, nothing too spectacular. Royce holds Carmella on the mat in a choke hold. Crowd claps for Carmella to get back into it but Royce holds her down.
Carmella turns the tide though and hits a few big moves then it’s her turn to hold Royce down in a chinlock. But Royce fights up and rams Carmella into the corner to break the hold. She hits two big spinning kicks, taking advantage of her long legs, but only gets a 2 count. Carmella surprises Royce with a flatliner followed by the Figure Four choke and Royce has to tap out.
This match was longer than I thought it would be but it was pretty decent. Nothing exceptional but it was solid and they both performed well. And despite the meager compliments I give it objectively, compared to Eva Marie’s match last week, this was Owens/Zayn at a Takeover.

Samoa Joe visits Finn Balor in the locker room before their match with the Lucha Dragons in the Dusty Classic. Balor says he wants to win this thing for Dusty and before they leave, Joe picks up the NXT Title and gives it to Balor, saying “Hey, don’t want to forget this.”
Nothing sinister or overt in this segment, just continuing to foreshadow Joe’s desire for the NXT championship by showing that he’s constantly aware of it.

Next they show clips from a Dusty Classic match between Enzo and Cass versus Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton (at an NXT live event with like, 50 people in the crowd). Obviously, Enzo and Cass get the win to advance. They face winner of Joe/Balor vs Lucha Dragons.
Then they showed clips of Dash and Dawson beating Tucker Knight and Elias Sampson from a different live event with an equally meager crowd.

Nia Jax vignette. Still no word on her debut – just “coming soon.” Rich Brennan says he can’t wait for her debut. I think he’s alone on that one.

I think having Takeover in Brooklyn has killed Full Sail’s enthusiasm. They didn’t care at all about Carmella/Royce (which is understandable) but now they are almost dead silent for Tyler Breeze. Maybe they just know he’s teaming with Bull Dempsey? Bull still looking the same and doesn’t even have his Dr. Death robe. Bull wants chemistry with Breeze and does his pose in the corner (laying on the top rope) and Breeze is not happy with it.
And surprisingly Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa get an actual entrance. They get a decent response from the crowd and I even heard a faint “Gar-gan-o” chant before the match started, followed by a larger “Johnny Wrestling” chant.
Breeze and Tomato Camper in first. Breeze takes him over with a headlock and then trash talks Ciampa, and Ciampa slaps the teeth out of Breeze’s mouth. Breeze is stunned and tags in Bull. After much chanting (and a “This is Bull-Fit” chant), Bull takes Ciampa off his feet with a shoulder block and Bull tags Breeze back in.
Ciampa still has Breeze’s number and Gargano tags himself in. And the first thing he does is that slingshot spear, which he usually does like half way through indy matches. Gargano rolls through for a big kick followed by jumping neckbreaker (almost a Zig Zag) and gets a 2 count which sends Breeze running for a tag.
Gargano hits the ropes and cross body Bull but he just bounces off. Basically, the story of this match is that the indy guys have no answer for Bull’s size/fatness, which is weird. An enzi from Gargano takes down Bull and Ciampa knees him in the face for 2. Ciampa wears down Bull on the mat with a chinlock.
Ciampa on Bull’s back with the chinlock and Bull falls backward, squashing Ciama. Ciampa tags out and Gargano knocks Breeze off the apron then gets knocked down by Bull. Bull wants a tag but Breeze is on the floor. Bull trying to turn the tide but accidentally knocks Breeze to the floor himself. Gargano tags in Ciampa and sunset flip to Bull then Ciampa jackknife pin on Bull for the win! Gargano and Ciampa advance!
And what a surprise – they face Baron Corbin and Rhyno next, like I called on the Solid B+ Podcast last week (Sept. 4 edition available on Blog Talk Radio, iTunes and Stitcher).
After the loss, Breeze attacks Bull! He stomps away on Bull then hits a Supermodel Kick before leaving.

Lucha Dragons cut a promo on the honor being able to compete in the Dusty Classic, in honor of Dusty Rhodes. Also a great honor to compete against Samoa Joe and the current NXT Champion, Finn Balor. Then something about how Finn and Joe are gonna get burned because they’re the Lucha Dragons.

Devin talks to Dana Brooke about her match later. She says it’s been bothering her that Bayley is the new NXT Women’s Champ, even though Brooke has beaten her (which I do not recall). She says people don’t take her seriously. That she’s just a good body and a pretty face. Which makes her disgusted because she turned down an invitation to the Arnold Classic in Spain (or weren’t really invited or WWE told her she couldn’t go) to stay and compete in NXT.

Video package for the “Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger.

Billie Kay out to no reaction. She takes on Dana Brooke. There are actually some people chanting for her which is surprising.
I gotta say though – as green as she is overall, Dana has pretty much every part of her character down solid and just needs more in-ring experience. She can cut a decent promo (concise, knows what she wants to say and actually does it with some feeling), her mannerisms are on point and her physique rivals any other female wrestler in WWE.
They start off exchanging holds with Billie getting the better of Dana in them. But soon, Dana uses her strength to reverse a hold and takes control, driving Billie into the corner and choking her. Dana keeps a chinlock applied to keep Billie on the mat.
Dana tries to scissor Billie’s neck but somehow ends up in an arm bar position without the arm bar but eventually gets it right. Billie starts to turn it around and gets a 2 count off a big boot.
Dana hits an enzi followed by her finisher for the win. She really needs a name for that move.

Devin talks to Apollo Crews about how he’s taking NXT by storm. He can’t describe how he’s feeling, can’t put it in words. Says what you heard at Takeover and last week wasn’t just the crowd – it was the Apollo Nation and the Nation is about to take over NXT.

Short video package about Bayley’s #1 fan Izzy welcoming Bayley back to Florida after winning the Women’s title and Izzy getting a tour of the Performance Center.

Dafuq? The main event is Lucha Dragons vs Balor/Joe but it’s in the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island. Jimmy Uso and Tom Phillips on commentary.
Balor has a leather jacket on for his entrance, which is different. Doesn’t have lights though so it’s not as cool as his Real Rock’N’Rolla jacket.
Balor and Sin Cara working first, with Balor taking control. Kalisto trying to help out his partner but Balor handling them both by himself. Samoa Joe tags in and takes it to Cara in the corner and tags Balor back in.
But the Dragons turn the tables and keep Balor in their corner. Balor trying to fight back and works toward his own corner. Cara holds him up and Balor hits a Pele kick then dives and makes the tag to Joe. Joe goes to work hammering on Cara and takes out Kalisto when he tries to get involved. After a tornado DDT from Cara, Balor breaks up a close 2 count.
Sin Cara breaks out of a Muscle Buster attempt and Joe throws a big combo at him and sends Cara off the ropes. Kalisto blind tags himself in as Cara dives through the ropes onto Balor on the outside. Kalisto takes Joe over for a hurricanrana pin combo but only gets 2. Joe Muscle Buster to Kalisto to set up the Coup de Grace from Balor for the win.

ROH DA 9 /9
Lethal and Truth cut a promo to open the show. Lethal says as far as he's concerned, Roddy had his shot so now he should have to to the back of the line. He says Cheeseburger should get a shot before Roddy again.
Roddy promo. Doesn't claim to be Mr. ROH to stroke his ego. Every time he's out there he puts his heart and soul and pride on the line. Says Lethal is great but Roddy is better. And when the bell rings tonight, he will be a 2 time ROH World champ.

First match - Young Bucks take on The Addiction for the tag titles.
Bucks surprise the champs early but Sabin helps turn the tide for Kaz and Daniels. But it isn't long before the ref throws Sabin out. Sabin tries to come back, but the Bucks double super kick him. The Bucks go back to work but Kaz helps Daniels avoid a move in the corner and then Daniels hits an asai moonsault on both Bucks outside.
Back from commercials, Addiction are in control, keeping Matt in their half of the ring.
Next week, War Machine vs The Kingdom, reDRagon vs House of Truth. The Kingdom faces winner of Addiction/Bucks for the titles at ASE7.
Eventually, Nick gets the tag and starts to change the complexion of the match. After a while, Addiction takes advantage of an opening and are in control. Kaz has a submission on Matt but the Kingdom shows up and attacks Daniels which gets Kaz attention and he let's go of Matt. Bucks take advantage of the distraction and set up for Indytaker on Kaz. Nick moonsault on Kingdom then back up and they hit it! But Daniels pulls the ref out! Daniels blames it on Maria, says she pulled the ref out.
Daniels gets a belt, hits Nick. Matt ducks, superkick to Daniels and Matt hits him with the belt. Matt belt to Bennett on the apron and Maria is pissed. She grabs the belt from Matt from the apron, who was gonna hit Kaz. She yells at Matt and Kaz rolls up Matt with the tights and gets the pin to retain.
But Nigel shows up and says not on my watch. Says ROH built on best competition and a clean winner and the Kingdom (calls them wankers) ruined it. Says the Bucks still deserve a title shot. And because the Kingdom was responsible for the schmozz  (didn't actually say that), he wants to give the Bucks their title shot at ASE7 (and people boo because we wanted the match restarted). So Nigel decides, the Bucks are in the tag title match at ASE7.

Main event time - Lethal vs Strong for the ROH World title. HOT is out in force for this one. Loud dueling chants for most of this match of "Let's go Lethal - Let's go Roddy".
Neither wants to let go of handshake first and stare each other down then both start firing punches. Starts off crazy hot and stays that way. Both fighting for control but neither can maintain a lead. Roddy hits a crazy dropkick but Lethal stays in it, especially when Strong goes for a diving kick through the ropes and Dijack and Diesel catch him. Strong fights out but Lethal uses the opening to hit a super kick.
Lethal maintains control for a while. Strong tries to fight back but Lethal cuts him off every time. Roddy gets busted open hardway from a 10 count punches and an elbow in the corner, but it's not a big cut. Lethal keeps a headlock in the center of the ring, then throws Strong out and Dijack stomps on him. 
Back from commercials, Lethal goes for Lethal Injection but Roddy catches and nails a backbreaker. Strong starts drilling chops into Lethal's chest. Lethal tries to slow him down but Roddy is picking up the pace, landing blow after blow. They go back and forth and Roddy hits his own Hail to the King, the top rope elbow drop Lethal does in honor of Macho Man, but only gets a 2 count.
They go back and forth, Roddy in control and hits a top rope superplex but Lethal rolls him up in a small package as they hit the mat for 2. Lethal goes for Lethal Injection but Roddy follows him into the ropes and hits a Sick Kick as Lethal lands and knocks him for a loop but somehow Lethal kicks out at 2.
Back from commercials, Strong trying to fight off the whole HOT himself. Lethal takes tape off wrist tape to choke Strong in front of ref so he will take the tape and turn his back, so Lethal can hit Strong with the World title then a Lethal Injection but Roddy kicks out at 2! Lethal can't believe it and neither can the crowd. Lethal hits another because Strong can't defend himself and Lethal gets the pin to retain. Afterward, reDRagon stares down Lethal because they both have title shots at ASE7 (O'Reilly the World and Fish the TV).
Use that to lead into ASE7 card for Indy Minute.

All Star Extravaganza 7
Friday, Sept. 18
San Antonio, TX
Live on PPV and iPPV

ROH World Title
Jay Lethal vs Kyle O'Reilly

ROH TV Title
Jay Lethal vs Bobby Fish

ROH Tag Team Titles
The Addiction vs The Kingdom vs the Young Bucks

ROH World Title #1 Contender
Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole vs AJ Styles vs Roderick Strong

Open Challenge
The Briscoes vs ???

Best of 5 #3
Matt Sydal vs ACH
(Series at 1-1 – Sydal won on Sept 11, ACH won on Sept 12. On the site, says ACH feels like he can do more and wants to shake up his career. Kinda sounds like maybe he'll lose and turn heel, kinda like Cedric)

No DQ match
Cedric Alexander vs Moose

Silas Young vs Dalton Castle
(If Young wins, he gets the Boys. If Castle wins, Silas becomes a Boy)

All Star Extravaganza 7 TV Tapings
Saturday, Sept. 19
San Antonio, TX

No DQ match
Jay Briscoe vs Adam Page

ROH TV Title
Takaaki Watanabe vs winner of Jay Lethal and Bobby Fish the night prior

Best of 5 Series #4
Matt Sydal vs ACH

Also signed to appear:
ROH World Tag Team champions - The Addiction
The Young Bucks
The Phenomenal AJ Styles
#Reborn Matt Sydal
Mark Briscoe
The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis
Adam Cole
Silas Young
Dalton Castle
Cedric Alexander

New Japan Pro Wrestling
NJPW reporter Enuhito posted the other day that New Japan is interested in bringing the Briscoes Brothers on the ROH tour of Japan in 2016.
He also says that ROH wants Michael Elgin vs Tomohiro Ishii at their anniversary show in February. He isn’t sure if it will happen at the anniversary show or during the annual NJPW tour in America (which is usually after the anniversary show) but it seems likely that Elgin/Ishii is going to happen in America.

Joey Ryan going to DDT later this month (I’m sure he’s going to turn the sleaze up to 11 for DDT). Not exactly NJPW but at least it’s Japanese wrestling.
His dates are:
9/19 – Fukuyama
9/20 – Hamamatsu
9/21 – Niigata
9/22 – Shinjuku (DNA)
9/27 – Korakuen

Independent Wrestling

Brett Lauderdale posted this on Facebook (On Gage’s page on 9/13)

Just a quick update because there are a lot of rumors going around.

1) Nothing has been determined regarding Nick's long term future as of this moment and likely won't be for another few weeks.

2) Right now, Nick is locked up in Trenton on a Parole Violation. There are no new crimes or charges that have been committed and there is no automatic sentence on a parole violation.

3) There are a lot of rumors going around as to what happened and whats going to happen going forward. Nick is a pro wrestler in the public eye so people are free tp speculate but until the matter has been settled and either made public by the media or Nick himself, I would suggest that it should be taken as just that...speculation.

4) There is a chance Nick could walk out of jail in 2 weeks, or they could hold him for 2 months, or 9 months or more but NOTHING has been determined yet. When there is a resolution, I assure you everyone will know at an appropriate time.

5) There are a few people who ordered shirts online, and already made a payment. I have a record of those orders, and the shirts that go with them and will personally take them to the post office and get them out this week using my own personal money. Nobody will be stuck without the items they ordered. Please be patient.

6) If anyone wants to truly help Nick right now, there are a few things you can do that would make a big difference. Feel free to message this account if you want to talk about it. As always, letters would be great, whether he's there for 2 weeks or 9 months. I will post his address in a few days. I know that those people who have been in Nick's corner will continue to be, and he could use that support now more than ever.

7) When I know more, I will let you know. If you are a promoter who has Nick booked and I havent spoken to you yet I will contact you soon to discuss how to go forward. Thank you to Drew Cordeiro, Chris Bryan and John Thorne, Danny DeManto and Ricky Otazu for their understanding and willingness to stand behind Nick. And thank you to the many other promoters Nick doesnt work for, along with the hundreds of fans and wrestlers who have sent their support. He will know about it all, and I know he appreciates everyone. His wrestling family is his life. He loves his fans. That is very real.

8) ‪#‎MDK #MDK #MDK

And this is from his Facebook page, which I found through another group (posted 9/15)
Update: There is no update. There is no sentence. Still waiting for his hearing. Send letters if you wish:
Nick Wilson
SBI# 477441C
P.O. Box 7100
West Trenton, NJ 08628

Former UFC fighter Matt Riddle has been training at the Monster Factory in New Jersey and will be making his Evolve debut at Evolve 49 on Oct. 17 in Queens, NY and Evolve 50 on Oct. 18 in Deer Park, NY.
Riddle was a part of UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter” reality show and had the “biggest knockout in The Ultimate Fighter history” according to Dana White. Riddle ended his MMA career with a record of 8-3 before focusing on pro wrestling.
No word of his opponents for either night yet.

Down With The Sickness results
Sept. 12, Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, NJ
-DJ Hyde came out to start the show and remind everyone why they do the DWTS every year – to remember the guys who CZW has lost over the years like Chri$ Ca$h, Brain Damage and Trent Acid. The crowd started to chant JC Bailey’s name and DJ encouraged everyone to keep the chant going.

Joey Janela def. Lio Rush, Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee
(Was originally just Janela and Rush but Konley and Lee showed up to make it a fourway. Awesome start to the show and all four went all out. Small aside, I talked to Trevor Lee during intermission and I mentioned I loved all his PWG stuff so it’s great to see him in CZW to which he said DJ Hyde never wanted him before he went to PWG, which I thought was interesting. I also talked to Konley [they were both at the Highspots table] and I said I didn’t know he was gonna be at the show and he said neither did he.)

Dan Barry and Candice LeRae with Dick Justice def. Tabarnak de Team
(Was scheduled as a CZW Tag Title match but Bill Carr was unable to be at the show so he found the toughest partner in the back that he could – Candice LeRae. Despite the change in participants, this match was just as good as the opener, if not better. Candice was dressed as Carr and they tore the house down)

Greg Excellent with Chrissy Rivera def. Mia Yim
(Things started to slow down a little after two hot opening matches. This was OK but nothing special, mainly just Excellent using his size to pin down Yim and then won with two Tiger Drivers. Afterward, Dick Justice challenged Greg Excellent to a match to see who the best Junior Heavyweight is in CZW, but Excellent just walked away)

Joe Gacy and Frankie Pickard def. ‘The Pectoral Poseidon’ Rex Lawless and Wired champ Tim Donst
(Rex Lawless had a ridiculous entrance with guys in blue spandex bodysuits with like, fish hats on and was probably the best part of the match. I was pretty checked out for this one. In fact, I think I went and got food. My friend told me Donst walked out on Lawless when he went for a tag, which lead to the finish)

OI4K def. The Dub Boys
(No idea who the Dub Boys are. Wait, were they the security guys that used to be with Alexander James? Regardless, this was an OK match but I hate OI4K so I wasn’t into it. Afterward, Nation of Intoxication ran in to beat down the Crists, but the other OI4K guys (Eric Ryan and Alex Colon) got involved and overwhelmed Danny Havoc, Lucky and Conor Claxton since Devon Moore wasn’t there. Havoc challenged OI4K to a Tangled Web match next month)

Pepper Parks and BLK Jeez def. Sozio and CZW World Champion Matt Tremont
(Tremont is ridiculously over and I’m surprised it took so long to put the World title on him. And though I know that Jeez and Sozio [or Sabian and Niles Young] are former champs but I don’t want them or Parks in the World title scene. Actually, I’d be OK with Parks just because that means more Cherry Bomb. She wasn’t with Parks during the match because she broke her collarbone at WSU, though I didn’t find that out until later)

Next, David Starr got on the mic to talk shit and eventually JT Dunn comes out. Security tries to keep him back but Starr says it’s OK and to let Dunn in the ring. Starr talks more shit, including making fun of Dunn’s dead mother and sends him over the edge and he attacks Starr, setting up a match between them next month (finally).

The Amazing Gulaks def. Biff Busick and his mystery partner, Masada
(The Gulaks beat down Biff until his mystery partner, Masada, made the save. Not sure how long it’s been since Masada was last in CZW but I think it’s been a while. Gage was scheduled to be Biff’s partner but, well, we all know why he wasn’t there. Drew surprised Biff with a backslide to end the match rather anticlimactically but Biff got a nice sendoff from the crowd.)

The Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Ladder Match
AR Fox def. “Speedball” Mike Bailey
(This was for the “Real Best of the Best” title and the BOTB trophy was above the ring. Just a batshit crazy match that went all over the building and included a ton of spots I’ve never seen anything like before. AR Fox won with a Ca$h Flow from the top of the ladder through a table)

Excellence results
Sept. 12, Flyers Skate Zone, Voorhees, NJ

Hania def. Tessa Blanchard

Solo Darling and Brittany Blake def. Veda Scott and Angeldust

Athena def. Sumie Sakai by DQ when Hania attacked her, setting up a match later

WSU Spirit Title
Leva Bates (c) def. Penelope Ford

WSU Tag titles
Annie Social and Kimber Lee def Marti Belle & Mia Yim to retain their titles

WSU Title
Cherry Bomb def Candice LeRae to retain
(Cherry Bomb broke her collarbone in this match and she said on Instagram that apparently it’s one of the rare cases where the break was so bad it may need surgery. There’s a new t-shirt out for Cherry and the funds go to helping raise money for her medical bills – you can find it at

Jessicka Havok returns to WSU and cut a promo

Uncensored Rules
Hania def. Athena via DQ
(I saw a gif of the end where Hania pulled the old Eddie Guerrero and pretended to get hit with a chair and then threw it to Athena. Only problem is – this was supposed to be a no DQ match.)

Afterward, Athena cut a promo which was said to be very touching, since she is allegedly going to WWE.

Smash Wrestling
CANUSA Classic 2015 results
(Cherry Bomb was advertised for the show, in a tag with Kimber Lee, but was unable to compete due to the injury she suffered at WSU)
-Vanessa Kraven def. Heidi Lovelace
-Sassy Steph def. Jewells Malone
-Veda Scott def. KC Spinelli
-Xandra Bale def. Kimber Lee
-Candice LeRae def. Jennifer Blake
-Midwest Militia (Allysin Kay/Sassy Steph) def. Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez/Nicole Mathews)
-Courtney Rush def. Jessicka Havok

Team USA def. Team Canada, 4-2

Absolute Intense Wrestling
Faith no More
Sept 11, 2015
Cleveland, OH
-Alex Daniels def. Tyler Thomas

-Dick Justice def. Frightmare Eddy
(Eddy was revealed to be Jock Samson then hit Dick Justice with a bullrope for the DQ)

-Eddie Kingston def. Josh Prohibition

AIW Tag Titles
-To Infinity and Beyond (Cheech and Colin Delaney) def. Acquaintances At Best (Colt Cabana and Chuck Taylor)
(Colt was to team with

AIW Intense Title
-Gregory Iron def. Davey Vega, Frankie Flynn, Eric Ryan, Flip Kendrick and Joshua Singh
(Iron becomes the new champ in this, after hitting Vega with the title to win)

-Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tyson Dux and Tracy Williams) def. Nation of Intoxication (Lucky tHURTeen and Danny Havoc)

AIW Women Title
-Athena def. Candice LeRae

AIW Women Title
-Heidi Lovelace def. Athena
(Lovelace becomes the new champ after Athena put out an open challenge)

-Tim Donst def. “Hardcore” Bob Holly
(Donst reversed the Alabama Slam into a sunset flip for the win. Afterward, Holly hit him with two Alabama Slams)

AIW Absolute Title
-Rickey Shane Page (c) def. Ethan Page, Louis Lyndon, and Johnny Gargano to retain

Upcoming AIW shows
Girls Night Out 16 (Oct 3, 3pm)
Fresh Meat (Oct 3, 7:30pm)
No matches announced for either

Other upcoming shows
“Defining Moment”
Friday, Sept. 18, Merrionette Park, IL

Ethan Page defends the AAW Pro Heavyweight title

AAW Pro Tag Title match
Falls count anywhere
OI4K (c) vs The Hooligans

AAW Pro Heritage Championship
Louis Lyndon (c) vs Matt Cage

Grudge match
Tyson Dux vs Eddie Kingston

Justice Jones vs Kongo Kong

Christian Faith vs Trevor Lee

Chris Hero vs Johnny Gargano

Beyond Wrestling
Greatest Rivals Round Robin
Saturday, Sept. 26, Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island
Drew Gulak
Biff Busick
Eddie Edwards
Timothy Thatcher
An interesting concept for a show – four of the hardest hitting and most technically savvy wrestlers on the independent scene today take part in (what I think is) the first #GRRR. Gulak, Busick, Edwards and Thatcher face each other in six matches to determine a victor, with the winner earning the most wins on the night.

Other announced matches are:
-Team Tremendous vs Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett (Trevorett if you follow PWG)

-Ricochet vs JT Dunn

Powder Keg
Sunday, Sept. 27, Arts at the Armory, Somerville, MA

Ricochet vs Shynron

Death By Elbow vs The Kingdom

Donovan Dijack vs Andrew Everett

Trevor Lee vs Brian Fury

Lexxus vs Cristina Diamond

Team Pazuzu are allowed to pick their opponents for Powder Keg in return for not ruining Biff Busick’s sendoff the night before at #GRRR.
War Machine vs Doom Patrol

Pinkie Sanchez and EYFBO vs CAM-AN and ???

House of Hardcore 13
Friday, November 13
2300 Arena, Philadelphia, PA

Tajiri and Tommy Dreamer vs EC3 and Eric Young

Rhyno vs Abyss

Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

Eddie Kingston vs Tommaso Ciampa

Also appearing:
Chris Hero
Colt Cabana
Lance Hoyt
Little Guido
Tony Mamaluke
Thea Trinidad
Mia Yim/Jade
Justin Roberts
And more

House of Hardcore 14
November 14
Elmcor Center, Corona NY
Pretty much all the guys listed above but no matches listed yet

JAPW 19th Anniversary
Saturday, Nov. 14
Rahway, NJ

First time ever
Rey Mysterio Jr vs Low Ki

JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship
Joey Janela vs Blk Jeez

World’s Cutest Tag Team vs Chris Dickinson and Heidi Lovelace

Best of the Light Heavyweights
Shane Strickland vs. 2Hot Steve Scott vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA

Also appearing:
The Hardy Boyz
LAX reunite (Homicide, Hernandez and Konnan)
Jack Evans

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