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Thursday, August 13, 2015

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NXT, 8/5
A screen for Roddy Piper is the first thing on the broadcast tonight. Kinda lame Piper doesn’t get the same huge send-off that Dusty did, but then again Dusty meant a lot more to the program at NXT than Piper.

Charlotte opens the show this week. She takes on Bayley, who challenged Charlotte two weeks ago after she defeated Emma.
They shake hands to start and it’s clear that they aren’t going to hold anything back. Bayley and Charlotte lock up and try to get the upper hand on their opponent. Charlotte slams Bayley a few times with the figure four neck lock but Bayley gets out of it and right back into it with a dropkick through the corner.
Bayley knocks Charlotte down with a few back elbows and goes for one in the corner but Charlotte boots Bayley in the face and starts to choke her on the mat.
Bayley reverses a Figure 8 attempt into a roll up then comes off the ropes with a back elbow and they both are down. Bayley hits a few back elbows in the corner followed by an overhead belly to belly but doesn’t go for the cover. She puts Charlotte in the corner and hits a top rope hurricanrana but only gets a 2 count.
Bayley kicks out of a spear at 2. Charlotte can’t believe it and covers again for 2. Charlotte locks in the Figure 4 but Charlotte can’t bridge up as Bayley fights it. Bayley reverses the pressure and Charlotte gets to the rope to break it.
Bayley goes for a backslide but Charlotte kicks out. They hold onto the move and Charlotte fights for a backslide but Bayley flips over her with the help of the turnbuckle and hits a Belly to Bayley but Charlotte kicks out!
Bayley release German suplex and Charlotte kicks out at 2. Bayley rushes in and eats a boot and Charlotte roll up into the bottom buckle then sets up for a Natural Selection from the top. But Bayley fights out and hits a Belly to Bayley from the top to win!

Michael Cole sit down interview with Kevin Owens as NXT Takeover: Brooklyn looms on the horizon.
Cole questions the sincerity of Owen’s apology to Regal and Owens catches it and takes offense that Cole would ask that. Owens says it takes a “real man’s man” to make a comment behind his back, like Regal did about wanting Owens to lose at Takeover.
Owens says he needs the NXT Title. He just likes having it but it’s a reminder of what he did to Sami Zayn. Owens says he’s watched WWE his whole life and has seen that Regal isn’t a great person so who’s to say he won’t put a crooked referee in his match and create another Montreal screwjob, since he’s in a position of power and said he wants Owens to lose.
He says there’s only way he can guarantee that won’t happen – make it a ladder match. Cole asks him if he can beat the Demon but Owens takes off his mic, tosses it to Cole, and walks away.
It should also be noted that, per the NXT Twitter, the title match at Takeover will now be a ladder match.

Bull Dempsey watching the #BullFit segment from last week and can’t believe how much of an idiot he looks like. He thinks to himself he has to get into shape and he needs to do it right this time.
He gets back in the gym and starts working out and it just kinda ends when Bull tries to bench too much.

Baron Corbin out next. He takes on Steve Cutler.
Corbin punches him a few times then End of Days for the win.

Bayley talks to William Regal in his office. Bayley says she’s been on a bit of a roll lately. She just beat Charlotte and wants an NXT Women’s title match.
Regal says she has put in a lot of work – but she’s not the only person who deserves one. So next week, Bayley will face Becky Lynch for the Women’s Title #1 contendership to face Sasha Banks in Brooklyn.

Tyler Breeze out next. He takes on some dude…Aaron Solo or something?
Breeze works solo into the corner and yells at the ref not to touch him when he gets pulled out. Still talking about “who will be Breeze’s opponent” at Takeover on commentary.
During the match Breeze complains about his opponent, “This is it? This is who I get?” Breeze wins with a Beauty Shot.
As Breeze checks out his selfie, Regal comes out and says that Breeze has been badgering him about his match at Takeover in Brooklyn (which gets boos). And Regal is pleased to announce that his opponent at Takeover will be Jushin “Thunder” Liger.
And this is followed by a Liger video package.

Uhaa Nation video package. Uhaa working in the ring with guys like Solomon Crowe, Levis Valenzuela Jr. and Axel Tischer. Uhaa saying how he got into this business to be here (NXT/WWE) and to be champion.
But the biggest takeaway – Uhaa has a name! He’ll now be Apollo Crews and it looks like his first match is at NXT Takeover.

Finn Balor sits down with Byron Saxton. Balor says it’s been an emotional year at NXT. Everyone has the same goal and direction and he believes they’re redefining what the industry does.
Balor says he’s known Owens for about a year now, since they came into NXT. At first he liked him but over time, Owens’ actions made it clear that he shouldn’t have been surprised about what Owens did at the contract signing and it was no surprise he hit Regal.
Says Owens is a man of many words but he doesn’t believe anything that Owens says.
Balor says he’s been talking to Sami Zayn a lot about the championship and his match with Owens at Takeover. Zayn has been very helpful in preparing for the match and says to not underestimate Owens.
Balor says, in regard to Takeover being a ladder match, that Owens just wants to up the ante a little. But he’s going to prove that Tokyo was not a fluke and that the outcome of Takeover will be the exact same.

Dash and Dawson out next. They take on the Hype Bros.
Hype Bros have matching gear now which makes them look more legitimate. Ryder and Mojo in control early but Dash and Dawson distract Ryder and take over.
Hot tag to Mojo and he takes out both Dash and Dawson on his own. Hype Bros win with a Hype Ryder. But while celebrating, Dash and Dawson double team Ryder and beat him down in the middle of the ring and hit that double team code breaker, I think called the Shatter Machine.

 The Vaudevillains are talking to Regal about what happened in their tag team title match last week. Gotch says “You don’t exploit chivalry!” And Regal agrees with him and says on Aug 22, they will get a rematch against Blake and Murphy. Regal tells them, word to the wise, to think of some way to “curtail” Alexa Bliss.
So basically, get your own lady to make sure Alexa Bliss doesn’t screw you again.

Another BullFit video package. Bull just working out in the gym and seems to be picking things up. He tries to flip a giant tire but doesn’t go so well for him. But all the people in the gym who have been helping him, rally around him and cheer him on as he flips the tire on his own.

Main event between Rhyno and Samoa Joe now.
Both guys smashing into each other but neither really getting an advantage, until Joe dives through the ropes and into Rhyno. But the advantage doesn’t last long as Joe takes Rhyno down with an STO but he stays down too.
Joe keeps jabbing Rhyno in the face but Rhyno picks up Joe and slams him down in what looked like a TKO. The crowd is solidly behind Joe as Rhyno puts Joe in the corner.
Joe tries to lock in the rear naked choke but Rhyno flips him over his back and belly to belly. Rhyno sets up for the gore but Joe kicks him in the face then locks in the choke. Rhyno backs him into the corner to break it up then gets a 2 count from a clothesline.
Rhyno sets himself on the top rope but Joe catches him with an enzuigiri and then slams Rhyno with a muscle buster for the win.
A bunch of NXT wrestlers got new names recently. Along with the newly named Apollo Crews, receiving name changes were:
Jessie is now Billie Kay
Cassie is now Peyton Royce
Axel Tischer is now Alexander Wolfe
Mike Rallis is now Riddick Moss
Lina Fanene is now Nia Jax

Lucha Underground, 8/5
Ultima Lucha – last LU for a long time (maybe ever). Michael Schiavello is on commentary with Matt Striker, since Vampiro has a match against Pentagon Jr. Schiavello does commentary for a wide range of combat sports, usually calling MMA shows.
Johnny Mundo out first to take on Alberto El Patron. Mundo runs away early to try and stay away from Alberto but Mundo crawls under the ring and gets a handful of powder and uses it to blind Alberto.
Mundo takes control for a while but Alberto starts to make a comeback. The ref gets knocked down and Alberto makes Mundo tap with a cross arm breaker – but there’s no ref to call for the bell. After they get back up, Alberto catches Mundo in another cross arm breaker over the ropes but Melina appears out of nowhere and hits Alberto with the AAA title and they roll Alberto back in, and Mundo hits the End of the World for the win.
Afterward, Alberto gets in the ring and attacks Mundo as he celebrates with Melina. Melina is cornered by herself but Alberto throws Johnny out of the ring and follows him, throwing him into the guard rail a few times and into the chairs in the crowd. Alberto throws Johnny through the window of that other room in the temple (where Fenix got powerbombed) and Melina has seen enough and goes after Alberto. She slaps him a few times and Alberto puts her over his knee and spanks her as she goes to check on Mundo.
Mundo is a bloody mess as Melina pulls him from the window and Alberto walks in to mock him and walks away.
Kinda surprised to see Melina show up at the season finale. She’ll definitely be around if LU comes back and she should give Mundo the edge to be a legitimate title contender.
Wasn’t too surprised to see ADR lose this one. Mundo has been around since the first episode and is a big player in LU and getting the rub from beating Alberto along with being a LU cornerstone puts him in a great position for next season.

El Dragon Azteca finds Black Lotus in the temple and says he is going to get her out of there. But Dario Cueto is waiting for him and says Dragon broke an ancient treaty by entering his temple – and that the punishment for breaking the treaty is death.
Cueto takes the key from around his neck and Dragon tells him not to do it. But Cueto says he doesn’t have to as Black Lotus grabs Dragon by the collar and begins choking him through the bars of her cell.
And great, the upload got all fucked up right as Cueto was going to say something then the next thing I see is Lotus hit Dragon in the back, killing him I guess. Cueto opens her cell and wants her to come with him but she says no, she got what she came for. But Cueto tells her she just started a war and the only one who can protect her is Dario Cueto. And she believes him!
Cueto says this place is too dangerous and he must build a new temple. She asks about Matanza and Cueto says he’s coming with them and opens his cell to let him out.

“Cero Miedo” match – no count outs, DQs, anything goes.
Pentagon Jr. out first. Pulling a Minoru Suzuki, wearing all white instead of all black. Vampiro comes out dressed in a crazy outfit – like a priest with a big pope hat and one of those scent things. Has the classic Vampiro face paint too. Has a big V on top of a upside down cross on his pope hat too.
Pentagon blindsides Vampiro as soon as the bell rings, hitting him with a chair several times then kicks his legs out. Vampiro retreats into the crowd and Pentagon follows him. Vampiro uses the opportunity to get a few shots in against Pentagon.
Pentagon picks up the mat outside the ring and slams Vampiro on it back first. But instead of going for a cover, gets out several chairs. He throws a few at Vampiro and then hits the pile with another.
Rick Knox pushes Pentagon away and throws up the X as he checks on Vampiro but Pentagon doesn’t stop and uses a camera cable to choke Vampiro. They go to commercial as paramedics wheel out a gurney to take Vampiro away. They have Vampiro out toward an ambulance but he attacks the medics and walks back to the ring.
Vampiro spreads out a bag of thumbtacks on the mat and slams Pentagon on them. Vampiro goes for a mariposa/tumbleweed but Pentagon moves and Vampiro hits the tacks. And Pentagon gets out a few light tubes!
Pentagon smashes the tubes over Vampiro’s head and he’s bleeding immediately. Pentagon uses a broken piece of tube to gouge Vampiro’s head and then licks Vampiro’s blood off his own hand. Pentagon smashes Vampiro in the face with a few punches then a big kick to his face. But Vampiro pulls himself up as Pentagon pulls out more tubes.
Vampiro reverses an irish whip and hip tosses Pentagon into the tubes then rips open Pentagon’s mask. Vampiro takes a taste of his own blood then smashes Pentagon in the face with more light tubes. Pentagon tries to climb the ropes but Vampiro stops him then overhead belly to belly suplex Pentagon onto the tubes and tacks!
Vampiro sets up a table in the ring and lights it on fire, after spraying it down with lighter fluid. But Pentagon cuts him off and slams him into the table and the ring is on fire a little and Vampiro is on fire a little as he rolls out of the ring and the crew tries to spray him down with an extinguisher. Pentagon pins Vampiro outside the ring for the win.
Pentagon gets on the mic but Vampiro is yelling at him to break his arm and Pentagon is kinda taken aback and stops talking. So Pentagon obliges and breaks Vampiro’s arm. Pentagon on the mic says “Master, I finished what I promised. Where are you, master!”
Vampiro on the mic says, “You’re looking for your teacher? Well let me tell you something…as your teacher…you are ready, my son.” And Pentagon gets down on his knees in front of Vampiro, Vampiro picks him up and they do the Cero Miedo together.

7-way Gift of the Gods match now. Big Ryck taking control early and Sexy Star goes after him but she gets thrown out as well. Aero Star tries to stop Ryck but he gets tossed as well. Ryck teases going for a dive but the 6 others get in the ring quick to stop him. Fenix and Aerostar finally double drop kick Ryck out of the ring.
 Lots of stuff happening, it’s hard to keep track with so many people going in and out of the ring. Jack Evans and King Cuerno were working against each other, then Bengala and Sexy Star but for much of the match, Big Ryck is imposing his will with his size advantage.
Somehow Aerostar got on a platform near the roof above the announcers table and drops down on Fenix, King Cuerno and Bengala. Striker said “He literally fell from space!” which, I don’t think is accurate.
Sexy Star prepares to dive over the top until Marty the Moth shows up behind her and distracts her. She hits a tilt a whirl arm bar and Marty retreats out of the ring and crawls to Melissa Santos who seems pretty creeped out to have Marty so close to her.
Sexy Star up to the top in the corner and dives onto Fenix, Jack Evans and Aerostar and takes them out. But as she picks herself up off the mat, Big Ryck in the ring and pulls her in by her hair. Ryck misses a clothesline and Sexy Star hurricanrana from the top rope. But after she takes Ryck over, King Cuerno attacks her and hits Thrill of the Hunt of Star but rolls her out of the ring as he starts exchanging blows with Fenix.
Jack Evans backslide with a bridge on Aerostar but only a 2. Gets a guillotine locked on Aerostar but Aerostar stands up and DDT Jack. Hits splash on Jack but Sexy Star breaks up the pin. Sexy Star innovative pin on Aerostar but Ryck breaks it up and huge choke slam on Sexy Star. Then Daivari is at ringside and hits Ryck with a chair as he hits the ropes then gets in the ring and smashes him in the head with it. Jack Evans 450 springboard on Ryck but Cuerno breaks it up with a huge line. Cuerno locks Evans in a surfboard dragon sleeper but Fenix breaks it up.
In the end, Fenix rallies through a modified octopus stretch from Evans, moves him into a fireman’s carry, kneed Evans in the head several times then hit a fire driver for the win. And King Cuerno looks pretty unhappy outside the ring. But for now, Fenix is the Gift of the Gods Champion and will have a shot at the LU Championship next season.

Texano out first. The longest reigning AAA Mega Champion ever. Also the youngest AAA Mega Champion ever.
Blue Demon Jr. out next with The Crew, who Striker calls “The Blue Crew” since now they’re wearing suits like Demon usually does and they have blue ties and blue handkerchiefs.
Due to his legendary status, Dario Cueto has granted Blue Demon’s request to make this match no DQ. Meaning that The Crew will be getting involved plenty in this match.
In fact, they get involved right away. Texano puts down Demon with some punches and a line but Cisco and Cortez jump in but Texano takes them out. They bide their time on the outside, as Texano takes it to Blue Demon in the corner.
But before long, The Crew get back in and beat down Texano, holding him up for Demon to hit him with a kendo stick. Then Chavo comes out? He has a chair and Demon and Chavo have words while Chavo seems like who he’s deciding to hit with the chair – Texano or Blue Demon. Chavo smashes Texano with the chair and he and Demon start to square off but Chavo hands the chair to Demon, who hits Texano in the head.
Demon steps on Texano and the Crew forces Rick Knox to count the pin as Chavo, Demon and The Crew stand over Texano and gloat.

Main event time – Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes. Melissa Santos says by order of Dario Cueto, there must be a winner. Catrina is with Mil Muertes but Prince Puma is by himself since Konnan hasn’t been seen since he was taken away by Mil, Catrina and the Disciples.
Puma trying to meet Mil head on but Mil is just too big and strong for Puma and easily hammers him down to the mat. Puma hits a few kicks and a dropkick but Mil is unaffected and runs Puma out of the ring.
The fight up through the crowd and Mil hammers Puma with punches that send him over the bannister and onto the stairs. Then Puma hits Mil and sends him into the crowd on the other side of the steps.
They fight back to ringside where Catrina watches. Puma nearly hits her but stops himself, then picks her up and rams her feet into Mil and swings her around, hitting Mil in the head with her stiletto heels. Mil throws Puma into the chairs in the crowd but Puma uses his agility to evade him and catch him with some kicks.
Puma pulls out a table and sets it up at ringside. But Mil is aware of the table and they fight away from it. This match hasn’t been anything other than a fight. No technical wrestling, no chain wrestling, just Puma and Mil going at each other.
Some crazy stuff happens – Mil powerbombs Puma on the steps. Puma tope through the rope but Mil hits him with a chair in mid-air. Puma hits a version of the Benadryller but only gets a 2.
Puma gets a 2 off the Northern lights/vertical suplex combo. Puma catches Mil with a few head kicks but Mil runs him through the ropes and spear through the table on the outside. They only catch the edge of it and so Mil powerbombs Puma onto the parts which are still standing.
Puma evades a spear and hits several big, looping head kicks and finally knocks down Mil in the corner. Puma goes up top, looking for the 630 and hits it but Mil kicks out! No one has kicked out of that move so far.
Puma goes up top, looking for it again but this time Mil moves out of the way and Puma lands hard. Mil spears Puma out of his boots and basically breaks Puma’s neck with a flatliner but Puma kicks out at 2!
Mil jacks his jaw with a punch and drags Puma to the corner, but Puma keeps fighting and gets to his feet then up to the top rope. But Mil stuns him with a right hand and hits a flatliner from the top rope and pins Puma to become the new LU Champion!
Catrina gives Puma the lick of death as Mil celebrates over him in the center of the ring. And the Disciples of Death make their way to the ring and celebrate next to Mil and Catrina, now that they control all the gold in Lucha Underground.

Big wrap up segment which sets up lots of things for next season:

Black Lotus is in Cueto’s office, looks like she has a bag and is filling it with money from his desk. Cueto is there too and says “Dark times are ahead.” He gathers up some papers from his desk as she grabs the last stacks of money.
They both get into a giant black SUV hooked up to a trailer and we get the first view of Matanza, his face clad in a black leather mask, through a hole torn open in the side of the trailer.

Fenix carries the Gift of the Gods belt out to his Pontiac Trans Am with a giant fiery phoenix on the hood (which, of course he drives one of those). As he pulls out of the building, King Cuerno (in his Sin Carl outfit) follows him in his pickup truck.

Marty the Moth has snapped and apparently kidnapped Sexy Star. He has a crazy look in his eye and asks “You think I’m some kind of joke?” She’s all tied up and Marty says “Well you won’t be laughing…when you meet my sister.”

Son of Havoc walks up to Angelico, who is on a motorcycle, and says “We need to get those titles back.” As Angelico pulls out, Havoc walks over to Ivelisse on a motorcycle and says “What do you say, babe? One last ride?” And she says “Just shut up and get on” and they speed away.

Drago and Aerostar shake hands, putting their issues behind them. Drago explodes in a ball of flames and I guess Aerostar turned into a rocket and took off into space?

Pentagon Jr asks his master where are they going now? Hard to tell what he says but I think Vampiro says “To a dark place.”

That guard, the dude in the hoodie, takes up the mask of El Dragon Azteca and puts it on, then spray paints a big question mark on the Lucha Underground sign on the roof of the temple (couldn’t be any more obvious that about their future).

Cool shot of Dario Cueto exiting the temple as all the lights shut off and says “To Be Continued”

Social media campaign #NetflixNeedsLucha to try and get the first season on Netflix, which would both help grow the awareness and popularity of Lucha Underground. It could also be a home for the series in the future or in addition to appearing on El Rey – since it really needs a bigger distribution network than El Rey can provide.

AAA Triplemania XXIII results
(From what I heard, the PPV was plagued by technical problems like the sound dropping out and the video freezing. AAA released a statement about needing to improve the quality of their broadcast so hopefully they do)

Daga, Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown & Sexy Star vs. Dinastia, Drago, Goya Kong & Pimpinela Escarlata
Winners: Dinastia, Drago, Goya Kong & Pimpinela Escarlata via submission

Villano III's Farewell Match
Los Psycho Circus vs. Los Villanos
(Villanos are allowed by the athletic commission to put their masks back on for this one. And it was said to be awful)
Winners: Villanos via pinfall

AAA World Trios Title Match
Cage Ladder Match
Los Hell Brothers (c) vs. Jack Evans, Angelico & Fénix vs. Pentagon Jr., Hijo Del Fantasma & El Texano Jr.
Winners: Los Hell Brothers to retain the AAA Trios Championships

Blue Demon Jr. & La Parka Vs. El Mesias & Electro Shock
Winners: Blue Demon Jr & La Parka via submission
(And for the record, that’s not the original La Parka from WCW. He lost the gimmick somehow and now goes by La Park. Tribute to the late Hector Garza and Perro Aguayo Jr. and they're inducted into the AAA Hall of Fame)

Hair vs. Hair
Alberto El Patron (w/ Fenix) vs. Brian Cage (w/ El Hijo del Fantasma)
Winner: Alberto El Patron via submission (armbar)

Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Myzteziz
Winner: Rey Mysterio via submission
(Afterward, Pentagon Jr, Averno and Joe Lider attack Myzteziz and Mysterio with a staple gun. Myzteziz and Mysterio fight back together. But then Myzteziz turns full heel, says he doesn’t care about Rey or fans and challenges Rey to a mask vs. mask match. At the end, Konnan is apparently doing something in the ring, but the feed cuts out before the show is over)

Ring of Honor
ROH DA  8/5
Roddy promo to start the show. About their hour draw. Says nothing was settled. Says Lethal couldn't beat him and if time didn't run out, he would have won. Roddy says he's not asking Nigel, he's telling - Lethal is defending that title in a rematch against Roderick Strong.

War Machine vs Young Bucks first match. Bucks don't shake hands, tell then to suck it and War Machine begins the beatdown. But it isn't long before the Bucks hit a few super kicks and turn the tide. But it looks like Nick  may have injured his ankle on a dive onto both Rowe and Hanson. Officials check on Nick and Rowe drags Matt in and he and Hanson goes to work. AJ Styles comes out to check on Nick. Matt getting destroyed by both Rowe and Hanson, smashing him and slamming him into the mat.
Matt tries to count a comeback and AJ gets on the apron and gets tagged in (what? I'm not usually a stickler for rules but I don't think that's legal) but the ref allows it so whatever I guess. AJ starts doing work against Rowe but then he accidentally hits the ref. Hanson goes off the top but Nick back in and superkick him in the face and is apparently fine. Styles hits Styles Clash and Young Bucks, well Bullet Club gets the win.

Adam Cole promo about his match with O'Reilly and how there's no dissension between him and the Kingdom.

Cedric Alexander with Veda Scott out next. Caprice Coleman on commentary. He takes on Romantic Touch. Veda has had a longstanding grudge against Touch, assuring everyone that he is actually Rhett Titus and that she wants to unmask him.
Cedric jumps Touch early, while Touch enters the ring. Touch able to get the momentum but after a dive to the outside, Veda grabs the leg of Touch as the ref checks on Alexander. Cedric kicks rope into his ding ding and hits lumbar check for the win. After, Veda says people have lied to Cedric but she wouldn't and she knows he knows what she needs him to do and tell him to rip Touchs mask off. He starts but Coleman stops him and he shoves Coleman. Then Moose hits the ring and Cedric and Veda run.

Truth says Word title belt smells like a chicken coop and Jay Lethal says he wants to remove the stain of every former champion. Lethal says Roddy couldn't get the job done and that he begged Nigel for a rematch. Lethal says he needs to go to the back of the line...even though the rematch is Aug 21. Then Truth says some stuff about how House of Truth is wrestling cause they control all the gold.

Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly main event time. Christopher Daniels is on commentary for some reason. Kelly calls him Fallen Angel and Daniels says he isn't anymore because that implies he follows a higher power. Not anymore. He's the original main eventer in ROH and now he is "almighty". Guess that's his new name?
Cole and O'Reilly some good technical back and forth stuff while Daniels talks about how they got people to blame the Kingdom for the KRD even though it was him and Kaz and Sabin allowing them to win the titles. Goes outside and Daniels making fun of O'Reilly after he got thrown into the guard rail and Cole pushes him. Daniels attacks both guys and ref calls the match. Daniels hammers on Cole in the ring and O'Reilly makes the save until Kaz hits the ring and it's an all out brawl. Cole on the mic says Addiction have messed with him and O'Reilly for too long and tonight, Future Shock vs Addiction.
FS hits a big double team combo early but then Addiction takes over. Cole starts to fight back, shining wizard followed by Figure 4 on Daniels and Kaz breaks it up. Cole gets the win with a quick O'Connor roll and Sabin hits the ring to help Addiction beat down FS. Fish runs in to help clear house and KRD run off. But The Kingdom on the stage looking kinda upset about Cole teaming with someone else as crowd chants "new reDRagon".

ROH DA 8/12
-Watanabe vs ACH
-War Machine vs J. Diesel and Donovan Dijack
-Adam Page of The Decade is in action
-The Kingdom vs reDRagon

Aftershock TV tapings

Philadelphia, 8/21

ROH World title rematch
Jay Lethal (c) vs Roderick Strong

Adam Cole vs Shinsuke Nakamura

IWGP Junior Heavyweight champ Kushida vs Matt Sydal

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada and RPG Vice vs The Briscoes and IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hirooki Goto

Dalton Castle vs Cedric Alexander

Michael Elgin vs Silas Young

Also signed:
The Addiction
The Kingdom w/ Maria Kanellis

Field of Honor

Aftershock tour

Brooklyn MCU Park, 8/22

The Briscoes vs The Time Splitters

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal and Shinsuke Nakamura vs reDRagon

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada vs Roderick Strong

GHC Heavyweight tag team champions Killer Elite Squad vs War Machine

IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hirooki Goto vs Michael Elgin

Adam Cole vs Christopher Daniels

The Young Bucks, Matt Sydal and ACH vs The Kingdom and RPG Vice

Gauntlet match for TV Title shot on 9/19
ROH World tag team champ Frankie Kazarian
Donovan Dijack
Cedric Alexander
Adam Page
Dalton Castle
Silas Young

New Japan Pro Wrestling
Get the standings so far for the G1
(As of 8/13)
Block A
AJ Styles – 12
Hiroshi Tanahashi – 12
Bad Luck Fale – 10
Tetsuya Naito – 10
Katsuyori Shibata – 8
Togi Makabe – 8
Kota Ibushi – 6
Toru Yano – 6
Hiroyoshi Tenzan – 4
Doc Gallows – 4

Block B
Kazuchika Okada –14
Karl Anderson – 12
Hirooki Goto – 12
Shinsuke Nakamura – 12
Tomohiro Ishii – 8
Michael Elgin – 8
Yujiro Takahashi – 4
Satoshi Kojima – 4
Yuji Nagata – 4
Tomoaki Honma – 2

8/12 G1
Problems in Bullet Club? 
In AJ/Fale, Fale wouldn't lie down for AJ then they brawled into the crowd but in the end, they Too Sweeted and all was good.
But now Anderson and Takahashi are having issues as well. It seemed to stem from Anderson leering at Mao (Yujiro's lady friend, who, admittedly, is a stripper/prosto) but they really went at each other. Anderson tried to suplex him over the ropes, AJ was yelling at Anderson and they shoved a bit. Yujiro low blow later on. Anderson wins and they make Takahashi apologize and they hug. Then AJ and Anderson huh Mao and they all leave together. 

This crowd loves Elgin, I'm very surprised. They were cheering for him over Goto to start. I wonder what crowd sounded like on his entrance, since he got the muted music cause of copyrights. His strength and power moves have really gotten over in Japan. He comes really close in the end, hitting a buckle bomb and second rope deadlift falcon arrow. He raises Goto's hand too and the crowd loves it. 

Okada gets the win over a game Nagata. But afterward he's holding his right arm. Both the arm he uses for the Rainmaker clothesline and the arm Nakamura could target for submissions. He can't even hold it up for the Rainmaker pose.

Holy shit Honma won! And what a win, he beat Tomohiro Ishii in a crazy battle. His first G1 victory ever and it was in Korakuen too. I wish I could understand his post match promo.

Threemendous IV preview is out

Evolve 47
August 15 at 6 pm
Queens, NY

Evolve Championship Match
Timothy Thatcher vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Anything Goes
Johnny Gargano vs. Ethan Page

Singles Rematch From Last Queens Event
Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak

Special Attraction Match
Chris Hero vs. Mike Bailey

Special Challenge Match
Trent Baretta vs. Rey Horus

Bonus Match
Biff Busick vs. Tracy Williams

The Premier Athlete Brand of Anthony Nese & Caleb Konley w/ So Cal Val issue an open challenge

Evolve 48
August 16 at 8 pm
Deer Park, NY

No Holds Barred Match - The Final Showdown - Non-Title
Evolve and DGUSA Champion Timothy Thatcher vs. Biff Busick

Battle Of The Best
Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Former Partners Collide
Trent Baretta vs. Caleb Konley w/ So Cal Val

Special Challenge Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Ethan Page's Mystery Opponent

EVOLVE 41 Rematch
Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann

Tag Team Attraction
Drew Gulak and Tracy Williams vs. Mike Bailey and Rey Horus

I was watching the G1 Climax Wednesday night when I suddenly remembered Journey Into Chikara was on. I went to the website and found the link but as soon as I put it on, the show was over. Guess I’ll try next time.

Full King of Trios lineup announced

Teams are:
Devastation Corporation (2014 King of Trios)
Bullet Club (AJ Styles & Matt and Nick Jackson)
Crown and Court (Kimber Lee and Los Ice Creams)
Fight Club: Pro (MK McKinnan, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bate)
Nightmare Warriors (Hallowicked, Frightmare, Silver Ant)
BDK (Jakob Hammermeier, Nokken, Soldier Ant)
Team Attack! (Mark Andrews, Morgan Webster, & Pete Dunne)
The Gentlemen’s Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Swamp Monster)
Dasher’s Dugout (Dasher Hatfield, Icarus, & Mark Angelosetti)
Battle Hive (Amasis, Worker Ant, Fire Ant)
United Nations (JFDC, Proletariat Boar of Maldova and Mr. Azerbaijan)
Team AAA (Aero Star, Drago, & Fénix)
Arcane Horde (Oleg the Usurper and the Batiri)
Snake Pit (Ophidian, Shynron, Eddie Kingston)
bWo (Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy, & Hollywood Nova)
Battle Born (Kevin Condron, Missile Assault Ant and…some guy. Is that Volgar?)

KOT Night 1 matches
Team ATTACK vs United Nations
bWo vs Devastation Corporation
Crown and Court vs Arcane Horde

Rey de Voladores
A mini-tournament on N2 and 3, the RdV translates to “King of the High Flyers” so look for lots of outrageous high-risk moves in these matches
Matt Cross
Mascara Purpua  (CMLL) (Quack booked AAA guys and CMLL guys on the same show. Though I doubt the wrestlers care – it’s a feud between company owners)

Tickets for WrestleCon 32, which takes place at the Downtown Hyatt Regency in Dallas, Texas are on sale now.
Visit for tickets, travel info and more.
Many big stars are scheduled to be at WrestleCon this year, including:
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Justin Credible
Scott Steiner
Nikolai Volkoff
Jimmy Snuka
Missy Hyatt
Kelly Kelly
Honky Tonk Man
Kurt Angle
And many more

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