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Thursday, July 30, 2015

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NXT, 7/22
Starts with a short hype package for Finn Balor, hyping that the “Reign of the Demon has begun”
And the show kicks off with Finn in a suit with the NXT Title heading to the ring, throwing up a subtle Too Sweet. Greg Hamilton talks to Finn, asks how it feels to be back for the first time since winning the title.
Balor talks about how the sacrifices he made over a long career all over the world and even coming to NXT was a big risk, a big step for him. But it was all worth it for be able to raise the title over his head as the champion.
Then Greg asks him about his rematch with Kevin Owens. Balor talks about all the people Owens has beaten or hurt but that he didn’t beat Balor in Tokyo. But says he didn’t beat Finn Balor in Tokyo and on August 22 at the Barclay Center (which got some boos on the episode but from dirtsheets there were reports that the Full Sail crowd was pretty vocal and upset about not getting the next Takeover), he’s going to walk in as NXT Champion and walk out as NXT Champion.

Devin talks to Eva Marie about her in-ring debut next. She thanks William Regal for the opportunity and she’s taking it, like, so seriously you guys. She says there’s misconceptions about her but you just need to open your eyes cause you’re gonna like what you see. Eva still just has no charisma.

Eva Marie out to take on Cassie and surprisingly the crowd isn’t booing her as much as I thought they would. They definitely weren’t happy to see her though.
Eva locks up first but Cassie takes over easily and throws Eva with a lucha arm drag then gives her a few spinning kicks in the corner.
But then Eva takes over and she doesn’t really look much improved from before. Maybe a little bit - maybe. She puts Cassie in a few arm locks on the mat and hits a few more uninspired moves. But Cassie fights up and knocks down Eva with a series of kicks but only gets a 2 count..
Eva stuns Cassie by pulling her backward onto the ropes and wins with a Sliced Bread out of the corner, an homage to The Brian Kendrick who helped her train this past year.

William Regal walks into his office talking on his phone about NXT Takeover in Brooklyn and Tyler Breeze is waiting for him. Breeze wants to know what he’s doing at Takeover since he’s not in the championship match and Breeze says it better be something good. Something bigger. Something monumental. But Regal only tells him he’s working on it.

Next, Baron Corbin out to squash some jobber (had to look it up - it was Jesus de Leon).
Bell rings, Corbin throws the guy into the ropes then hits End of Days for the win.

Samoa Joe out next. He’s got some new music and it’s still not great but it’s better. It keeps the horns from that cool intro then uses them more a better, more intimidating sound.
Joe takes on Mike Rallis. Rallis goes right at Joe but Joe easily weathers the assault and corners Rallis, hammering him with kicks and punches. Rallis tries to fight back but Joe stops him with ease and during the match, they say Joe will face Rhyno in two weeks on NXT.
After a uranage when Rallis tried to rush into the corner, Joe hits a muscle buster for the pin.

Devin talks to Evil Emma and Dana Brooke. Devin tells her Bayley said next time she sees Emma she’s gonna do more than hug her and Emma says I guess she has a problem cause I broke her little hand. Emma says that if breaking her hand wasn’t enough to make Bayley take her seriously, maybe it’s time she broke Bayley’s childish spirit.
Dana tells her to calm down and asks Emma if she needs a hug. They hug it out and leave and Dana pats Devin on the head.

Evil Emma, with Dana Brooke, heads to the ring and she has one of Bayley’s slap bracelets around her wrist. She takes on Bayley who still has a brace on her injured hand.
Emma distracts Bayley with the slap bracelet and gets in the ropes to cause a break then cheapshots Bayley for an early advantage. But it isn’t long before Bayley turns the tide, hits a bulldog and gets a 2. Emma retreats to the outside and when Bayley follows, Emma slams her hand into the ring post then targets it.
Emma slams Bayley hand in the corner, stomps on it and chokes her with it. Emma locks in a straightjacket choke but Bayley reverses it and hits a few big elbows in the corner. They take each other down with clotheslines and pull themselves back up. Dana tries to pull Bayley’s hand over the ropes and the ref sends her to the back.
Bayley and Emma trade roll ups but then Bayley hits a Belly to Bayley for the win.
Afterward, Bayley says she wants to be Women’s Champion but to do that she needs to beat the best and wants a match with Charlotte.

After a short Battleground recap of the Divas match that Charlotte won, Dasha Fuentes, new interviewer/ring announcer, talks to Charlotte about the challenge Bayley threw down. Charlotte says the girls at NXT have finally gotten a chance on the main roster and if Bayley wants a match there is no one more deserving. And that no one wants to take the NXT Women’s Championship to Raw more than she does.
Then Dana Brooke interrupts. Dana says Charlotte has been given chance after chance at the Women’s title and now she’s been given a chance on Raw that she’ll probably mess up too. She says she’s never been given the chances Charlotte has been given. Charlotte says if that’s what she wants, she can have a match but she will make a statement Dana will never forget.

The Vaudevillains are out next. They take on Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. Gotch and Dawkins start off first and Gotch takes control. Rich Brennan says the Vaudevillains get their NXT Tag Title shot next week on NXT. (I don’t like that, I doubt the titles will change hands on TV).
But then Fulton tags in and starts to take control of Gotch, keeping him in an abdominal stretch. He tags in Dawkins who leaps high in the air for a dropkick as Fulton lifts Gotch then puts Gotch in an abdominal stretch. But Gotch uses his foot to hit Dawkins in the face and English gets tagged in and takes out both Fulton and Dawkins. They hit the Whirlish Dervish for the win.

Blake and Murphy and Alexa are backstage, sarcastically clapping for the Vaudevillains. Devin asks them about the Vaudevillains who are on a roll. Murphy says they (BAMF) are the best thing to come out of this century, where are the Vaudevillains from, 1999?
Then Alexa quiets them down and says when her boys face the Vaudevillains next week, they will leave the NXT Tag Team Champions - she will make sure of it. And tells Devin to shoo.
I really like how Alexa Bliss is the brains of Blake and Murphy and she is using them to stay associated with the gold.

Contract signing is up next. Whenever Regal mentions that Takeover is in Brooklyn the crowd boos. He talks up the rematch but is interrupted by Kevin Owens who makes his way to the ring. Then Regal introduces Balor.
Regal asks Finn to sign the contract but Owens speaks up and asks Finn how it feels to be NXT Champion. How does it feel to be the champ in the biggest match in NXT history and uses it to get boos by reminding the crowd it’s in Brooklyn. And that he’s going into the match as champ, but still as underdog.
Owens says he did do all those things Balor mentioned earlier. Owens reminds him the he won the title two months after his debut. He also did cripple Sami Zayn more than once. He did send Neville right out of NXT. He did beat Cesaro, drop Rusev on his head and he certainly did beat John Cena. And that’s just in his first 6 months.
In Brooklyn, he’s going to show Finn and all these idiots that Japan was just a fluke and become the first two-time NXT Champion and take Finn Balor out for good.
Balor sounds indignant about Japan being a fluke. He says everyone knows Owens likes to talk and in Brooklyn, shove his words down his throat and then signs the contract.
Owens eyeballs Regal as he signs the contract. After Regal announces it’s official for the Barclay Center and everyone boos, Owens throws the contract at Balor, flips the table and attacks him. Regal tries to grab him but Owens hammers him with a big punch. Then Owens in on Balor, raining down blows on Balor and sends him into the ropes maybe looking for a powerbomb but Finn leaps into him with a forearm and Owens rolls out. He tries to get back in the ring but Balor hits a dropkick and Owens heads up the ramp.

So the news that Liger is going to be at NXT Takeover went from "cool, a Japanese legend is gonna be at an NXT show" to "PANIC! WWE IS GOING TO RUIN THE ROH/NJPW RELATIONSHIP TO STEAL NJPW FROM THEM AND KILL ROH!" online this past weekend.
And allegedly, WWE is calling venues that ROH runs in and saying “Hey, we’re interested in running NXT in your venue…BUT only if you don’t book ROH anymore.” Who knows if that’s for real though.
I don’t know why WWE is trying to kill its best indy developmental system but it seems like they are.

NXT will be running head to head against ROH AGAIN. In Sept, ROH is hosting All Star Extravaganza on Sept 19 in San Antonio and NXT just announced a show that night in SA about 17 miles away (ROH is in Shrine Auditorium and NXT in Aztec Theater). NXT will also be in Houston on 17 Austin on 18.

Lucha Underground, 7/22
Dario Cueto and Big Ryck talk to each other as Lucha Underground opens. Cueto says they haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye, that there was a reason Ryck was the first he signed to a big money contract – Cueto had big plans for him. And Ryck picks up on Cueto saying “had big plans.” Cueto says he lost focus – blinded by Daivari’s money.
Cueto says he wants him out of Daivari’s shadow and back in the spotlight. Cueto says tonight he is revealing the power of the ancient Aztec medallion’s and asks Ryck what’s more important – money or power? And Ryck says “Why choose when I can have them both?” and gets a payout from Cueto as well as just being handed the final medallion.

Johnny Mundo out first to take on Texano. Crowd really hating on Mundo and really behind Texano. Chanting “Johnny Zero” and he flips off the whole crowd.
Mundo starts working on the knee of Texano early but can’t keep Texano down long. Texano tries to mount a comeback but Mundo using tricky tactics to keep Texano outside of the ring and slamming him into the railings to keep him dazed.
Mundo hits some knees and big kicks in the middle of the ring and gets a 2 count then keeps Texano on the mat with a chinlock.
Texano avoids the End of the World and sets up for a powerbomb but the Crew shows up and attacks Texano. Mundo looks at both Cortez and Cisco and they start stomping Texano together until Alberto El Patron shows up to even the odds.
Texano starts beating down the Crew with the bull rope and sends them scurrying away but then he realizes it’s Alberto in the ring with him and they stare each other down, since they have had issues in the past. Can’t tell if Texano looks a little sour about Alberto stealing his spotlight or his thunder or if he’s just pissed his match got interrupted.

Hernandez is in Cueto’s office. He tells Hernandez what he’s done with the leather strap (or a belt in other words) is nothing short of a masterpiece. And Cueto says that Ultima Lucha will be two weeks – that it begins next week and isn’t just on August 5.
Cueto seems to be getting at a stipulation match between Drago and Hernandez. Cueto says he’s gotten a lot of tweets from the fans about how they hate Hernandez, who says the feeling is mutual. But it gave Cueto an idea – “believer’s backlash”. Cueto is letting fans in close to the ring during their match, each with straps and if Hernandez and Drago get near them, they are allowed to deal out some punishment. Hernandez says he hopes Cueto has insurance because if anyone tries to hit him, he’s going to paint the canvas with their blood.

 The Mack takes on Cage. Cage starts off fast, reversing Mack’s offense and hitting lots of high-impact power moves. But Mack surprises him with a sunset flip out of the corner and wins in speedy, surprising fashion.
And Cage is pissed. He keeps attacking Mack after the match and then they start brawling outside the ring. The ref and security guards try to break them up but they can’t be stopped and keep brawling all over and up the steps.
Cueto comes out of his office and yells for them to stop. He tells them if they want to fight he’s going to find whatever he can in the temple, put it all around the ring and let them use it all to rip each other apart. And The Mack vs The Machine will kick off Ultima Lucha next week in a falls count anywhere match.

After dealing with The Mack and Cage, he gets into the ring to tell everyone what the Aztec medallions mean.
Cueto says together, the medallions make up what he calls “The Gift of the Gods” and unveils a new championship belt which features a spot for each medallion and with the belt, can challenge for the Lucha Underground championship whenever they want.
But there is a twist – you have to let Cueto know in advance when you want a shot (so he can promote the fight) and you have to defend it regularly so you may lose it before cashing it in. Once it’s been cashed in, the medallions will be redistributed and the fight for their power begins again.
At Ultima Lucha, there will be a 7-way match for the Gift of the Gods belt. He calls to the ring all the winners so far – Jack Evans, Aerostar, King Cuerno (Sin Carl), Bengala, Sexy Star, and Big Ryck. But what about Fenix?
Cueto calls for them all to put their medallions in the belt and they do. Cueto says since Mil Muertes destroyed Fenix, he’s putting the final medallion up for grabs in a battle royal tonight. And when there are only 2 luchadores left, the only way to win is pinfall or submission.
Just then, Fenix comes to the ring. Cueto says Fenix is a little late but since he’s feeling generous, lets him enter the battle royal.

In the battle royal are – Fenix, Killshot, Argenis, Famous B, Mascarita Sagrada, Daivari, Vinnie Masaro, Ricky Mandel, Super Fly, and Marty the Moth.
Mandel goes out first after trying to toss out Famous B while B was showboating for the fans. Argenis tries to sneak up from behind Famous B but Argenis gets flipped up over the ropes and knocked to the floor after landing on the apron.
Killshot starts working over Famous B in the corner but he gets interrupted by Daivari. Killshot sends him over the ropes but Daivari catches himself and lands on the apron as Killshot puts down Famous B with a cutter. Killshot playing to the crowd a little too much while going for a big dive onto Famous B and Daivari pushes him to the floor.
Daivari eliminates Masaro while he fights with Famous B and then Mascarita Sagrada eliminates himself while monkey flipping Super Fly off the ring apron to the floor.
Only four left now – Daivari, Famous B, Marty the Moth and Fenix. Marty lights up B with chops and tries to send him over the ropes but he hangs on. Maybe a foot touched but not enough to be eliminated. Marty tries to push him out and Daivari comes in to help. (They are really putting Famous B over a lot in this – letting him eliminate people, having two heels work him over) Finally both Marty and Daivari working together get Famous B to the floor.
Marty and Daivari go after Fenix together. Daivari tries to toss Fenix but Fenix turns it around at the last minute and sends Daivari to the floor. And now we have a one on one match.
Fenix having no trouble taking control of Marty early on. Marty using his size to match Fenix’s speed though. Marty teases a dive over the top but then flips off the fans.
Fenix hits a big lucha arm drag out of the corner and then a tope through the ropes but only gets a 2 count. Marty tries to reverses a head scissors but Fenix sits down on him and Fenix gets the three count to regain the Aztec medallion that he won to get a shot at the Gift of the Gods Championship. Fenix puts the final medallion in the belt and Cueto looks upset at the door of his office.

Prince Puma on his own tonight and will address the crowd for the first time. Konnan was taken away by the Disciples of Death and Mil Muertes in a casket last week and this is the first time Puma speaks in Lucha Underground.
Puma wearing a black mask, almost as if he’s mourning Konnan, and as he’s about to speak, Catrina and Mil Muertes interrupt him and head to the ring. Puma sees them at the top of the stairs and puts the belt down in the ring, drawing a line in the sand with it.
Puma takes off his jacket and beckons Mil down to the ring with it. But from behind, the Disciples of Death attacks Puma. Puma fights them all off easily and then takes them out with a corkscrew plancha. He keeps egging on Mil and Mil finally races into the ring, full suit and all.
They start trading punches and Puma hits a few big kicks that puts Mil down on the mat. Puma climbs the turnbuckle and stares down Catrina as he hits a 630 senton on Mil.
Puma stands tall with the LU Championship as the episode ends.

Ultima Lucha card:
-The Mack vs Cage (Falls count anywhere)
-Johnny Mundo vs Alberto El Patron
-Bengala vs King Cuerno vs Sexy Star vs Big Ryck vs Jack Evans vs Fenix vs Aerostar (Gift of the Gods Championship match)
-Texano vs Blue Demon Jr.
-Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse vs The Disciples of Death (Trios Championship match)
-Drago vs Hernandez (Believer’s Backlash)
-Vampiro vs Pentagon Jr.
-Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes (Lucha Underground Championship)

Ring of Honor
ROH DA 7/22
Clip show highlighting the biggest things to happen on ROH TV since getting a deal with Sinclair.
There's an 8-man (House of Truth vs Briscoes, ODB and Strong) but the rest is old stuff
First is reDRagon vs Addiction when Kaz/Daniels won tag titles. They had the help of the KRD and this was the first time it was revealed the Addiction were allied with Sabin and the KRD.
A recap of the steel warfare cage match when Kevin Steen killed Scum.
The finals of the Top Prospect Tournament between Dijack and Ferrara. And it was Dijack who won, and went on to join the House of Truth.
Next, reDRagon vs Sydal and ACH for the tag titles. ReDRagon retains.
AJ Styles vs Hanson. Raymond Rowe is on commentary. It's pretty good, the little they show of it. Hanson looks good but AJ wins with the Styles Clash.
Michael Bennett with Brutal Bob and Maria vs Lance Storm from 2012. Bennett wins when he hits his finish on a steel chair from Bob while Maria distracts the ref.
The 8-man up next. So the show is about 2/3 clips since the main event is 20 minutes. ODB and Truth start but they don't lock up, truth does a break dance spin on his back and tags Lethal in. Roddy tags himself in but Lethal tags out to Dijack. Roddy takes control and tags out to Jay then Mark.
But when they come back from commercials, Lethal is beating down Mark then tags in Diesel and Dijack. Later, Jay Briscoe is getting beat down and kept in the Truth corner. Truth himself gets in but gets punched in the gut once before tagging out again.
Briscoe tags out and Lethal and Strong come in, a preview of Death Before Dishonor. Roddy owns him and the fight spills outside, where the House of Truth gets the upper hand and ODB is cornered in the ring. She drinks from her flask and gets drunk strength and hits them all with forearms and slaps. But then Truth and Lethal kick her and she goes down but then the Briscoes and Strong make the save and everyone is brawling. ODB pins Truth in the melee after spitting flask booze in his face.

DA is apparently taking away a showing of ROH on their channel. It had been airing at 8 and 11 pm but now will only be airing at 11, because a new season of Bigfoot in America is beginning.

ROH Aftershock tour from Las Vegas results
July 17
-Will Ferrara def. Romantic Touch
- Bobby Fish def. Matt Taven
(To qualify for the TV title #1 contender match)
- Nanae Takahashi def. ODB
- Christopher Daniels def. Mark Briscoe
(To qualify for the TV title #1 contender match)
- ACH def. Kazarian
(To qualify for the TV title #1 contender match)
-  Roppongi Vice def. The Young Bucks
-  Silas Young def. Willie Mack
- War Machine def. The Kingdom
- Bobby Fish def. Christopher Daniels and ACH to become #1 contender to the ROH Television title
- Jay Briscoe, Kyle O’Reilly and Dalton Castle def. Austin Aries, Jay Lethal and Moose in a Wild Card match

ROH Death Before Dishonor 13 results
Baltimore, Maryland
- Silas Young def. Will Ferrara
- Cedric Alexander def. Moose
- The Briscoes def. RPG Vice
- Adam Cole def. Dalton Castle
- Adam Page def. ACH
- The Addiction def. War Machine, Matt Taven and Michael Bennett, and Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly in a four corner survival match to retain the ROH Tag Titles
- Jay Lethal fought Roderick Strong to a one-hour draw, so Lethal retains the ROH Title

ROH returns to traditional PPV with All Star Extravaganza

All Star Exstravaganza on Sept 18 in San Antonio, Texas
Bobby Fish earned a TV Title shot at the Aftershock tour in Las Vegas and will get his shot at ASE on Sept. 18.
Kyle O’Reilly has made Jay Lethal tap out twice so far in tag matches (most recently in the Wild Card match in Las Vegas) and will get a World title shot on Sept. 18.
But there is another twist – after Roderick Strong went to a 60-minute draw with Jay Lethal at DBD, he’s earned a rematch. And he will get that rematch on Aug. 21 in Philadelphia!

ROH COO Joe Koff is holding an AMA on Reddit’s Squared Circle on August 12 from 3 to 4 pm.


New Japan Pro Wrestling
Ricochet challenges for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title at the finals of the G1 25 Climax

Get the standings so far for the G1
(As of 7/29)
Block A
Tetsuya Natio – 6
Katsuyori Shibata – 6
Bad Luck Fale – 6
AJ Styles – 4
Hiroshi Tanahashi – 4
Kota Ibushi – 4
Togi Makabe – 4
Hiroyoshi Tenzan – 2
Toru Yano – 2
Doc Gallows – 2

Block B
Kazuchika Okada – 6
Tomohiro Ishii – 6
Karl Anderson – 4
Hirooki Goto – 4
Yuji Nagata – 2
Shinsuke Nakamura – 2
Michael Elgin – 2
Yujiro Takahashi – 2
Tomoaki Honma – 0

Days 1 and 5 have been the highlights so far but there have been good matches from each day.

It appears that Shinsuke Nakamura injured his left elbow in a match against Yuji Nagata and will be missing some matches in the G1 Climax. He was the favorite of many fans to win the annual tournament but now that seems much less likely.
He missed wrestling on the undercard on Sunday and missed Monday’s match against Michael Elgin (meaning Elgin’s first NJPW victory came by forfeit). Nakamura isn’t out of the tournament entirely but he only has 2 points right now and every match he misses is considered a forfeit so if he isn’t able to compete within the next few days, his chances of winning this year’s G1 are severely diminished.

-Pretty good so far – more good days/matches than forgettable ones
-Naito’s new attitude since joining Los Ingobernables (CMLL stable) is awesome and it seems to be really working for him
-Shibata is killing it but Block A is still pretty murky with so much top talent
-The head butt from Tenzan that busted open Yano’s head was crazy
-Elgin has been doing really well and the crowds are responding to him a lot more than I thought they would
-Too bad we didn’t get Elgin vs Nakamura but if there’s one Elgin match I and the rest of the net are looking forward to, it’s Elgin vs Ishii.
-Honma STILL hasn’t gotten a win somehow

Chikara KOT
Bullet Club (AJ Styles & Matt and Nick Jackson)
Dasher's Dugout (Dasher Hatfield, Icarus, & Mark Angelosetti)
The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive, Flex Rumblecrunch, & Max Smashmaster)
The Snake Pit (Eddie Kingston, Ophidian, & Shynron)
Team AAA (Aero Star, Drago, & Fénix)
Team Attack! (Mark Andrews, Morgan Webster, & Pete Dunne)
The bWo (Big Stevie Cool, Da Blue Guy, & Hollywood Nova)
Team Fight Club: Pro (MK McKinnan, Trent Seven, & Tyler Bate)
The United Nations (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Mr. Azerbaijan, & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova)
Gentleman's Club (Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, Swamp Monster)

Alpha-1 Wrestling is hosting an 8 man tournament  to determine the first Alpha Male Champion

House of Hardcore 9 results
House of Hardcore 9
July 18
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
 -Chris Hero def. Tommy Dreamer.
(Afterward, Dreamer thanked everyone for making HOH9 a success and said they would be back)
-Team Tremedenous Investigations, Matt Striker and Hacker Scotty def. RJ City, Ethan Page, Ben Ortiz and Vik Delishus
-Bobby Roode def. Pepper Parks.
(Roode was a surprise for the card and got a really big pop)
-Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) def. Tony Nese
-Kazarian and Daniels def. Matt Taven and Michael Bennett
(Maria Kanellis and Traci Brooks fought at ringside during the match. This was also Brooks’ farewell from wrestling and gave a speech after the match)
-Tommaso Ciampa def. Eddie Kingston
-Austin Aries def. Rhyno
-Team 3D def. The Young Bucks.
(Afterward, Bully Ray cut a promo putting over the Bucks and House of Hardcore)

“United We Stand”
July 17, Merrionette Park, IL
-D.J. Zema, Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett beat Zero Gravity and Tyler Thomas
-Matt Cage beat Shane Hollister (after interference from Scarlett Bordeaux)
-Louis Lyndon (Heritage champion) and Colt Cabana beat Gregory Iron and Christian Faith
-OI4K beat The Hooligans to retain the AAW Pro Tag Titles
-Eddie Kingston def. Buck Nasty
-Tommaso Ciampa def. Chris Hero
-Tyson Dux def. Markus Crane
-Candice LeRae and Heidi Lovelace def. Allysin Kay and Taeler Hendrix
-Ethan Page def. Johnny Gargano to retain the AAW Pro Heavyweight title
AAW returns on Sunday, August 9.

Beyond Wrestling
Americanrana ’15 results
Bailey vs Cannon match
-“Speedball” Mike Bailey def. Danny Cannon (who came out of retirement for the show then re-retired after the match, which was unadvertised)
-The Kingdom w/ Maria def. Drew Gulak and Biff Busick.
-The Garden City Gods won a 4-way match. Davey Vega was taken to the hospital after the match after he hit his head hard on the floor after a top rope rana
-David Starr def. Johnny Gargano
-Beaver Boys def. Brian Myers and Ryan Galeone
-Matt Tremont def. Stockade in a Casket Match.
(Was said to be a crazy, really bloody hardcore match)
-“Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams def. AR Fox
-Best Friends def. Dan Barry and Dick Justice
(Barry announced beforehand that Bill Carr had broken his foot at PWG)
-Donovan Dijak def. Brian Fury
-Team Pazuzu def. Da Hit Squad, Nick Gage, Synron and Eddie Kingston
-Kimber Lee def. Heidi Lovelace
- Death By Elbow (Chris Hero and JT Dunn) def. The Young Bucks

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