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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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NXT 6/17
Opens with the Dusty Rhodes tribute video that they showed on Raw. Means even more on NXT TV because of the contributions that Dusty made to the wrestlers down in NXT. And if that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye every time you see it, you’re heart is a few sizes too small.
Enzo, Cass and Carmella out first to take on Blake, Murphy and Alexa. Enzo does usual entrance promo but what I noticed is that the fans don’t seem to be nearly as hostile to Carmella as they used to be. She says Blake and Murphy are a couple of cheating pigs and that it’s pathetic they use a chick to handle their dirty work. And that Alexa is about to get dissed - disfigured and dismissed. As Cass starts spelling the one word to describe Blake and Murphy their music hits and interrupts him.
Big “You look stupid” chant directed at Blake to start the match. Enzo handling himself pretty well against Blake to start things off. When Murphy tries to get involved, Cass comes in and drives him to the corner and Carmella Thesz Press on Alexa. Drake struggling to restore order.
I like how it’s basically lucha rules when a girl tags in or out. Blake tagged Alexa in and suddenly Carmella was legal and once Alexa tagged out, all of a sudden Cass was legal.
Cass slams Blake and tags in Enzo, tosses him into a splash and they get the win over the tag champs.
Recap of the Owens/Cena match at MITB and how Owens disrespected Cena after the match, after he tried to shake hands, by powerbombing him on the apron.
Devin talks to Samoa Joe. Asks if fighting Owens was the reason Joe came to NXT. Prides himself on competing in places set to take over, places that are on the cutting edge - and that perfectly describes NXT. But Owens - he doesn’t like Owens. He likes to make Owens fear people and what he will do to them in the ring. But intimidation is a tactic of the weak and cowardly, of a man who doesn’t want to fight. And tonight he will make his own statement to the prizefighter, the NXT Champion, and beat him down unmercifully.
Hype video to take a closer look at #1 Contender Finn Balor - “Who is Finn Balor?”. Well not so much a hype video as it is a “getting to know Fergal Devitt.” Talks about his family and growing up and they even have quotes from Becky Lynch, since they knew each other from years back, in Ireland where Devitt trained her. How his dad worked his way up to become a train engineer from being a platform sweep which helped inspire him to be the person he’s become. Talks about how wrestling had a big influence on his childhood and always wanted to be a wrestler. Even includes footage from Insane Championship Wrestling Revolution Pro Wrestling UK, big rub for them.
Becky says “Without Fergal, there wouldn’t be a Becky Lynch.” Starts to get a little teary as she recalls a quote “Imagine how your life would be if you didn’t meet the one person who changed everything” and for her, it was Fergal. If he never opened a school in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, she wouldn’t be living her dream right now. Her brother was gonna go to England to a wrestling school because there weren’t any in Ireland but then they found out about the one Devitt was opening and went there. Becky was only 15 at the time but told Devitt she was 17 so she could train. Devitt says Becky always had it in her to be great and to see where she started to where she is now is amazing.
Talks about how the president of New Japan was visiting UK and saw him at ICW or maybe Rev Pro and invited him to train at the NJPW Dojo. Didn’t want to leave but he had to do it, to prove it to himself.
Next week is part 2
Charlotte out now to take on KC Cassidy (though they might just be calling her Cassie) Cassidy holding her own against the former Women’s Champ. But Charlotte his a big boot and starts dropping knees, showing her genetic superiority.
Charlotte locks in the Figure Four and bridges into the Figure 8 for the win.
After the match, Devin talks to Dana Brooke. She tells Devin to address her as Miss Brooke. Actually no - Miss Understood because at Takeover they called her a former fitness competitor when she’s a current fitness competitor who took part in the Arnold Classic in Brazil. Trash talks Charlotte about how some people earn their way into NXT while others use their family to get in. So don’t misunderstand her when she says she will shove Charlotte right out that same door and slam it shut.
Main event - Kevin Owens out first to take on Samoa Joe. Man, Joe’s music is just bad. It starts off so good then after a few seconds of build it just kills whatever heat and enthusiasm the intro built.
At the bell Owens jumps to the outside but Joe follows closely and gets right in his face. Back in the ring and they lock up and Joe drives Owens into the corner. Owens breaks it off and yells in Joe’s face about “You can’t do this to me, I’m the champ! The champ is here!” but Joe unleashes a flurry of punches and strikes.
Joe really taking it to Owens, even once Owens tries to turn the tide Joe overwhelming him.
After a break, Owens is inexplicably back in control, choking Joe on the ropes and hits a cannonball in the corner, followed by a standing senton.
Owens trying to wear down Joe on the mat, keeping him in a tight chinlock and yells out “Chinlock City”, which a fan in the crowd actually has a sign of and it starts a “Chinlock City” chant. Crowd trying to will Joe back into it and he finally gets to his feet and lands a few blows to create separation. Joe hits the ropes but Owens hits a big knee. Owens yells “This is my house!” but Joe hits a big boot followed by a senton of his owen.
Joe tries to set up for the muscle buster but Owens blocks it. Sends Joe into the opposite corner and runs in but Joe slams him with a uranage. Owens rolls out and Joe follows and Owens sends him into the post. Owens tries to set up for the apron bomb but can’t get him up and they start brawling. The ref breaks them up and Owens rushes back into Joe and hits the ref and he calls for the bell. They start brawling up the ramp and more refs come out to break them up. They keep fighting and Owens heads back to the ring as they try to take Joe to the back, but he gets away and runs to the ring, sweeps Owens legs and drops punches and security hits the ring to try and separate them. Even with 10-15 guys in there, they can’t keep them apart. They finally get Owens out of the ring and he drops two security guards on his way to the ramp and yells “The champ is here!” as the episode ends.

Lucha Underground, 6/17
Opens with a recap of Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron’s feud. Their run-ins, Mundo losing to Alberto in a match then screwing over Alberto during a match with Hernandez for #1 contender.
The entire episode tonight will be Prince Puma defending his Lucha Underground Championship against Johnny Mundo in an “All Night Long” match (iron man match). Konnan not at ring side for this match which is kind of surprising.
No time limit on the screen though there is a pin counter. Puma extends his hand for a handshake to start but Mundo pulls him in and seems to be the more aggressive of the two.
Starts with grappling and technical, chain wrestling. Crowd seems more quiet than usual, watching the back-and-forth intently. Get into the flippy shit quickly, trading ranas and sends Puma to the outside. Mundo flips over the ropes but lands on his feet as Puma slides back, hits the ropes and takes out Mundo with a corkscrew.
Come back from commercial still 0-0 and 33:45 left.  Puma gets the first pin with about 33 minutes left with a victory roll type move. 1-0
Puma in control after that first pin, keeping Mundo on the mat then hits a big standing moonsault. But Mundo starts to get back into it, working Puma’s arm but Puma turns the tables and drops Mundo with a cutter but can’t cover. Puma goes for a cross body but misses and Mundo sets up for End of the World. Puma pulls him down but Mundo turns it into a cover, using the ropes but the ref doesn’t see and we’re tied at 1-1 (about 30 minutes left in ep). Mundo quickly rolls out of the ring to get a brief rest. Puma pleading his case but to no avail. To commercial and when they come back 28:20 left on clock.
They fight to the outside and Mundo goes under the ring. Puma pulls him out but with him Mundo brings a chair, a box and I think a crowbar. They fight for position and Puma hits a Samoan Driver on Mundo through that box. I guess this is no DQ? Must be because Mundo hits Puma in the stomach with that crowbar then bends it around his head with a stiff shot and the ref is allowing it all. Puma dropped like a stone with that shot. Mundo rolls him in and gets a pin, 2-1.
Ref Marty Elias checks on Puma who wants to continue and Mundo hits Moonlight Drive on Puma to take a 3-1 lead. Mundo springboards off the ropes and kicks Puma in the face and hits End of the World to take a 4-1 lead and huge boos from the crowd. Mundo takes a break and drinks some water as Puma is still flat, face down on the mat. Mundo slams the bottle on Puma and gets jeers from the crowd. Puma pulls himself up in the corner and Mundo runs in but eats an elbow. Puma rolls forward and nails a DDT and both are down. Crowd willing Puma back to his feet as Mundo rolls to the apron. On the apron, Mundo hits a crazy neckbreaker which takes Puma down on his neck on the apron and lands hard on the outside as Mundo stands over him.
Back from commercial, 20 minutes flat left and Mundo pulls out a giant ladder. He readies it and takes aim at Puma. Puma pulls himself up and Mundo takes it like a battering ram smashing it in Puma’s face. Mundo now sets up the ladder to a balcony and pulls out a table. And now a second table. The ladder was set up against the bleachers, Mundo on the railing after he set Puma on the tables, but Puma pulls himself up and stops Mundo and the fight through the crowd.
Puma suplex Mundo on the hard in the stands. Puma gets a third table and sets it up on the two already there. Then a 4th! Puma tries to suplex Mundo from the crowd through the tables but he puts on the brakes. Mundo nails a super kick and Puma hits the mats and misses the tables. Mundo transitions the ladder from the stands to the band platform and gets on the mic. Trash talks Puma about the scoreboard (4-1) and the crowd boos him. He yells at the band to play him a song as he takes a water break. Puma pulling himself up the ladder and Mundo swings a 2x4 at him, but Puma blocks it, pulls it out of his hands and nails Mundo in the head, then slams a guitar over Mundo’s head! Then Puma spears Mundo off the platform and through all the tables!
Back from commercial and 11 minutes left. They’re still in the rubble of the tables and Mundo is busted open. Puma is so beaten down, he’s having trouble dragging Mundo’s dead weight to the ring as time is getting close to run down. Puma pins Mundo for 4-2. They start trading punches in the center of the ring and both nail a clothesline. Mundo misses a springboard kick but Puma lands a big kick. Puma gets another pin with the spinning inverted DDT, 4-3.
Puma sends Mundo to the ropes but Mundo pulls himself out and doesn’t seem to want to get back in. Puma tells him to get back in and follows him out but Mundo runs away and jumps in the crowd, trying to run out the clock. Puma into the crowd and Mundo back out and runs away again. Puma gets his hands on him but Mundo slides away again. Mundo at announce table and puts Vampiro between them. Mundo goes back in the ring and Puma knocks him down with a big head kick. He heads up top and misses a Phoenix Splash and Mundo rolls out of the ring.
Mundo runs up the stairs and Alberto El Patron blindsides him! Hammers him with punches and sends Mundo down the steps! He throws Mundo into a wall and into the announce table then lands a DDT with about 5 minutes left on the clock. He throws Mundo into the ring and walks away as Puma lands a 450 to tie up the score 4-4!
Alberto on the mic says if Mundo walks away with the title be ready, because he is going to kick Mundo’s ass. And even if Puma wins, be ready, because he’s coming for the LU Title. But then again, you already knew that.
3 minutes left and they are face to face in the ring. Mundo scoops Puma and rams him to the corner and hammers punches. They both go for pin combos but only 2 counts. Knee to Puma’s face and 2 count. Mundo hits the ropes and standing Spanish Fly but only 2! Mundo puts Puma on top. Not sure what he was going for but Mundo missed and Puma rolls to opposite corner. 40 secs left. Puma shotgun dropkick and goes up top for 630 senton and lands flush! Puma 5-4 with seconds left and Puma retains, 5-4!
No segment after, kinda surprising. Just awarding the belt to Puma and a “That was awesome” chant from the crowd and the show ends.

Ring of Honor
ROH DA 6/17
Decade vs War Machine
War Machine are pretty awesome. They have that "presence" that everyone attributes to Baron Corbin – except War Machine has it for real. After Page has Colby pull up his knee pads Whitmer tells Colby to take his spot in the match because his dad Steve doesn't get it yet but he will and he needs to see it again (as in get his ass kicked by someone way bigger). Page in first and immediately tags out to Colby who tells Rowe to tag in Hanson and Rowe, who Kelly says has known Colby since he was 10, tells him he's not ready and to talk about this with his dad and Colby slaps Rowe, who tags in Hanson.
Corino can't believe the way his son is acting and Colby attacks Hanson as he gets in but it's not very effective. Corino pleading with ref to stop it.  Rowe in and Colby not doing much to him. Rowe tells BJ to get in the ring and Colby keeps attacking so Rowe backbreaker, chestbreaker, powerbomb combo and throws Colby into The Decade corner and yells at Page to tag in. But Page turns his back on Colby and walks away yelling for him to fight. Colby turns around and War Machine hits him with Fallout (Rowe lifts into a backdrop and Hanson leg drop off the top). Whitmer in Corino face and Kelly tries to calm him down.
Next, Cedric Alexander says this time last year he was breakout star but he's not that guy anymore and he needs to prove to his family that his dream of being a pro wrestler aren't a waste. Says he needs to start winning and calls out Moose, who is undefeated.
Really solid match so far, Cedric taking it to Moose. Cedric 7 corner dropkick but Moose won't go down and Cedric rushes in and Moose spear and both are down. Veda tells Stokely Hathaway to distract the ref and she slides Moose a wrench. He says no, he doesn't want to cheat to win and Cedric takes it, hits Moose and wins! He walks off saying "Whatever I gotta do! I know I got what it takes!"
I was incredibly surprised to see Cedric end Moose’s streak right before Best in the World. And after the events of BITW, it seems like they are moving toward a Moose/Cedric feud.
Sydal and ACH vs Naito and Tanahashi. ACH dressed like dude from One Piece (some anime show) for some reason. Tana and Naito don't want to shake??
Next week, Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles and Bucks takes on Okada and RPG Vice?! Daaaaamn.
Really good tag so far with N/T working heel and controlling ACH to set up a hot tag for Sydal. But like tweener heels. Really turn up the intensity and it turns into a crazy, awesome tag match. Tanahashi has ACH in a cloverleaf and Naito stop Sydal, but Sydal gets there to break it up. ACH slingshot downward spiral and Sydal SSP pin on Tanahashi but Naito breaks it up. ACH goes for 450 on Naito and Tanahashi but Tanahashi gets his knees up, Slingblade and Tanahashi pins ACH with High Fly Flow.
Nigel out there for the contract signing. Lethal and Truth out first. Jay with Mark out next. They both sign, no problem but then Lethal gets on mic and says the one reason why he doesn't flip table and put down Briscoe because he wants, no needs Briscoe at his best when he proves he's #1 in ROH. And after he wins, says Briscoe has no business in ROH anymore and by signing, made the biggest mistake of his life like his parents made 31 years ago.
Briscoe says he's gonna beat Lethal so bad he'll have to go back to being Black Machismo. Lethal flips table and they yell and hold their belts up. Lethal yells "I made this! That belt made you!" about how he made the TV Title important but the World title made Briscoe important.

ROH 6/24 TV preview
Roderick Strong vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Gedo vs Michael Elgin
Kazuchika Okada and RPG Vice vs Bullet Club (AJ Styles and the Young Bucks)

Okada, Nakamura and Kushida coming to ROH for shows in Philly and Brooklyn on Aug 21 and 22

Best In The West results
-Mark Briscoe def. Donovan Dijack
-The Decade (BJ Whitmer and Adam Page) def. ACH and Matt Sydal
-Dalton Castle def. Silas Young
(I missed the first two matches admittedly but Castle vs Young was a really solid match. It ended with Castle winning but Young attacked one of his boys afterward to create animosity going between them going forward)
-War Machine def. C&C Wrestle Factory
(OK match but more about furthering Alexander’s heel turn. But with levels since he didn’t seem to want to attack Caprice Coleman)
-Roderick Strong def. Michael Elgin and Moose to become #1 Contender
(This match was a lot better than I thought it gonna be, like way better. I thought Moose was gonna win but I definitely am not mad at Strong winning. This also ended with Moose refusing to cheat again and Veda turning on him and joining with Cedric so I gotta imagine they will be making Moose’s life difficult)
-Bullet Club def. The Kingdom
(This was a stellar match. It was the same pairing as the War of the Worlds show I was at in Philly just with the opposite outcome. The feud between the BC and the Kingdom, who have joined Chaos, is in full swing and it’s hard to say exactly how one group will get an advantage on the other)
-The Addiction retained tag titles against reDRagon
(As great as O’Reilly and Fish are as a team, The Addiction win with the help of Chris Sabin. Hopefully this means that O’Reilly and Fish move into singles competition now. I think O’Reilly is getting a World title shot coming up since he beat  Lethal in a tag match by submission in the past month or two)
-Jay Lethal became the new ROH World Champion def. Jay Briscoe
(This was just a stellar match. It was a little longer and built really well with Lethal getting the win over the unpinned in the last two years Jay Briscoe. I’m sure the Briscoes will try to get the belt off him going forward but hopefully they go back into tag team competition to help build some up-and-coming tag teams to challenge The Addiction. Or to finally start that War Machine feud they’ve been teasing for like, a year)

Matches for Death Before Dishonor XIII, 7/24 from Baltimore, MD on iPPV
Jay Lethal defends World title against Roderick Strong
Addiction defends tag titles against War Machine, reDRagon and the Kingdom
Cedric Alexander vs Moose
ACH vs Adam Page

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Threemendous IV
American Wolves, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards return
Akira Tozawa returns
Jack Evans makes his return as well and Lucha Underground star Angelico makes his PWG debut. And, according to MLW Podcast, Angelico/Evans will face Young Bucks at Threemendous IV. (Though one of the Bucks said on Twitter, in a tweet I can’t find now, that that match isn’t happening. Which could be misdirection but they are working so often in Japan I could see it being the truth.

BOLA participants so far
1. Will Ospreay
2. Marty Scurll
3. Timothy Thatcher
4. “Speedball” Mike Bailey
5. Chris Hero
6. Biff Busick
7. Mark Andrews
8. Brian Cage
9. Ricochet (2014 winner)
10. Tommy End
I’m still really hoping for Zack Sabre Jr to be announced as well as guys like Trevor Lee, Johnny Gargano and AJ Styles. Considering Monster Mafia is no more, Ethan Page could be included as well. And I just had this thought – how insane would it be if Nick Gage got booked in PWG or BOLA? Now that he’s back on the scene he’s been working everywhere lately and they could definitely bring him in in the insane brawler role that Necro Butcher used to fill.

Upcoming shows
AIW – Absolution X
Friday, July 10 at Ohio City Masonic Arts Center

AIW Absolution Title
Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ricky Shane Page
(This isn’t necessarily a spoiler but I wouldn’t be surprised if RSP wins since Alexander is retiring)

Cleveland Street Fight
Dudes on TV (EC3, Matt Cross, DJ Z, Ray Rowe and Samoa Joe) vs. Team AIW (Josh Prohibition, Johnny Gargano, The Young Bucks and Alex Daniels)

Intense Title Match
Davey Vega (c) vs. BJ Whitmer

Anything Goes
Tim Donst vs. Nick Gage

AIW Women’s Title Match
Veda Scott (c) vs. Athena

I Quit Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Ethan Page

AIW Tag Team Title Match
To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney and Cheech) vs Hot Sauce Entertainment (Tracy Williams and Tyson Dux)

Six-Pack Scramble
Chris Sabin vs Tyler Thomas vs Candice LeRae vs Cedric Alexander vs Flip Kendrick vs Louis Lydon

The Iron Curtain vs Joshua Singh, Kaplan, Frankie Flynn and Brian Carson

And also Big Van Vader will be there!

Allegedly, Nick Gage is going to be running his own deathmatch tournament in September. I have no idea where or who will be in it but he’s been talking about it on Twitter later. I don’t know if it would have the backing of CZW or what but I’m definitely intrigued to say the least.
I’d want to ask him if this is for reals or not but I’m too scared of Gage taking offense to it actually question the things he says so I’ll just keep an eye on the situation from afar.

AAW Pro “United We Stand”
July 17, Merrionette Park, IL
Shane Hollister vs Matt Cage
OI4K defend the AAW Tag Titles against The Hooligans
Ethan Page defends the AAW Championship against Johnny Gargano

Evolve 45
July 10, Tampa, FL
Drew Gulak (c) and Roderick Strong vs Anthony Nese and Caleb Konley
Davey Richards vs Zack Sabre Jr.
Chris Hero vs Trevor Lee
Rich Swann vs Timothy Thatcher
Biff Busick vs Andrew Everett

Evolve 46
July 11, Tampa, FL
Evolve Championship
Drew Galloway (c) vs Trent Baretta
Chris Hero vs Timothy Thatcher
Davey Richards vs Biff Busick
TJ Perkins vs Zack Sabre Jr.
Anthony Nese vs Trevor Lee
Caleb Konley vs Andrew Everett

House of Hardcore 9
July 18
Ted Reeve Community Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Young Bucks vs Team 3D
Matt Taven and Mike Bennett with Maria vs Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
Tommy Dreamer vs Chris Hero
Rhino issues an open challenge

Also scheduled to appear:
John Hennigan (aka John Morrison aka Johnny Mundo)
Tony Nese
Eddie Kingston
Thea Trinidad
Tommaso Ciampa
Team Tremendous
Traci Brooks makes her final pro wrestling appearance

Also, West End Wrestling is promoting another show coming up on their Twitter ( For a small company with only one show ever promoted before, they announced some pretty awesome talent for their second show. Ricky Shane Page, Gran Akuma and Ethan Page have been announced for the Sept. 26 show at the West End Fire Company in Stowe, PA. And I’m just now realizing it’s been literally one year since their last show (first was 9/27, 2014).

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