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Thursday, May 28, 2015

NXT, Lucha Underground, and Indy Wrestling Minute - Your Weekly Source for Independent Wrestling News

NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, 5/20
The first match on Takeover was Tyler Breeze taking on Finn Balor for the #1 contender spot. Breeze came to the ring flanked by several “models” each taking selfies or whatever as Breeze entered.
Before the match starts, they show video from the parking lot where Hideo Itami was “attacked” prior to the show to write him out of the match. He allegedly has a severe shoulder injury and could be out 6-8 months. Several arriving wrestlers rush over to help him but Kevin Owens walks by unphased and just says “That’s a shame.”
Finn Balor debuts slightly updated demon paint. Now he has wings and spikes on his back as well as a giant eye on his back.
Breeze takes off the turnbuckle after hitting a Supermodel Kick and stomps Finn in the opposite corner but the ref pulls him out. Finn rolls up Breeze and when he kicks out, Finn is tossed into the exposed buckle. Breeze hits a Beauty Shot but Finn kicks out! And Breeze is furious with the ref.
Balor escapes the ring and heads up the ramp. He surprises Breeze when he walks by then climbs the entranceway and leaps onto Breeze. Finn drags Breeze back to the ring and shotgun dropkick into the corner followed by a Coup de Grace for the win. Kevin Owens watches the match on a monitor backstage.
Hafthor Bjornsson (The Mountain on Game of Thrones and basically a demigod out of Norse mythology after breaking a 1,000 year old strength record) is in the crowd with Stephanie McMahon.
They do some recaps of the NXT tour shows in Philly and Albany.
Next match, Dana Brooke and (Evil) Emma vs Charlotte and Bayley. Thought it was interesting that Bayley got top billing, entering after Charlotte.
Brooke starts with Bayley but Charlotte soon tags in to take a few shots at Brooke. Emma and Bayley go face to face but Emma runs away and puts Brooke in between them, but Bayley leaps through the ropes and dropkick both of them.
Charlotte locks in Figure 8 but Brooke breaks it up. Bayley takes out Brooke with a Belly to Bayley and Charlotte hits Natural Selection on Emma for the win. Bayley and Charlotte hug and both do a Flair Strut as the segment ends.
OK match overall but they didn’t seem to work well together, the teams that is. Brooke is still a little too green and missed some spots which made the match feel uneven overall.
Recap of Sami Zayn vs John Cena to hammer home that Zayn is hurt, in case you missed it.
Next, Rhyno makes his way out to take on Baron Corbin. Rhyno gets a huge reaction but Corbin’s reaction is pretty mixed.
Corbin botches falling out of the ring. Before long, Corbin takes control of the match, keeping Rhyno on the mat. Rhyno fights back a little and they collide both going to the mat. Rhyno starts to get some momentum. Corbin fights out of a belly to belly but Rhyno hits one. Sets up for Gore but Corbin catches a lariat and wins with End of Days.
Corbin’s longest match by far. Showed a little more than he has before but wasn’t overly impressive. Still lots of little slip ups and needs to work on developing his heel persona more.
Recap of Kevin Owens on Raw, taking out Cena and stomping on the US Title belt.
NXT Tag Title match next, Enzo and Cass out first to take on Blake and Murphy. Enzo calls Blake and Murphy Team Cottonelle, because they’re S-A-W-F-T SAWFT.
Blake and Murphy have new, more subdued music now, but their tron and light show is still seizure inducing.
Enzo in first but quickly tags out to Cass who takes control of the tag champs. Enzo and Cass using good double team moves to keep the champs off balance.
Cass tag Enzo and sets him up on the top rope to throw him into a splash but Alexa Bliss attacks Carmella from behind which distracts Cass. He goes to check on Carmella and gets super kicked by Murphy while Alexa pushes Enzo from the top rope behind the ref’s back. Blake pins Enzo to retain and Alexa walks out with the champs.
Recap of Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks’ former friendship and how it all fell apart during a fatal fourway for the title, when Sasha beat Charlotte for the title.
Becky unveils a new look for the match, a vaguely steampunk aesthetic and fiery orange hair. Sasha gets a surprisingly big response from the crowd but people are behind Becky, more and more as the match goes on.
Becky doing a lot more technical work than usual in this match, really work toward the arm bar finish she’s been using in recent weeks. They trade nearfalls early on in the match too and I’m having flashbacks to RVD vs Jerry Lynn.
Sasha eventually takes control, mocking Becky’s pose to the crowd and stretching her with a straight jacket choke. Becky tries to fight back but Sasha stays a step ahead, throwing her into the corner and then drops the knees on Becky’s arm. Sasha even stretches Becky like how Pentagon Jr breaks arms.
Becky takes Sasha to suplex city, using a hammerlock belly to back suplex then a pump handle suplex to weaken Sasha’s arm. Becky eventually locks in the seated arm bar but Sasha gets to the ropes. Sasha tosses Becky out while still on the mat after the rope break then hits a dive through the ropes but Becky sorta catches her, then throws Sasha into the ring steps.
Becky goes to the top but Sasha surprises her and pulls her down, snapping Becky’s arm across her knee then locking in the Bank Statement for the win.
Recap of the Zayn/Owens feud. Sami comes out first and is fired up. Owens out next with a Cena US title “Champ is here” shirt and gets a “You can’t see him” chant.
At the bell, Owens jumps out of the ring and stares down Zayn. But Zayn rushes out after him and hammers away on Owens all around the ring, brushing off Owens’ attacks and pressing his own attack. Owens sets up for an apron powerbomb but Zayn flips him backward and continues to hammer on Owens.
Zayn throwing Owens around outside, into the steps and into the guardrail, knocking it loose. They start brawling into the crowd, despite the ref trying to get them back into the ring. Owens tries to power bomb Zayn on the bare floor but he holds onto the bleacher railing to save himself. He pops Owens over the guard rail back toward the ring then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2 count. Owens tries to escape but he is pulled back in and sends back elbows into Zayn. Zayn half and half suplex but only 2.
Owens counters a springboard tornado DDT into a back breaker. He sets up for a cannonball but Zayn escapes. Zayn exploder into the corner and sets up for Helluva Kick but Owens rolls out of the ring. Zayn exploder outside and sets up for Helluva against the ring post but Owens pops him up into a powerbomb on the apron.
Refs out to check on Zayn but Owens still hammering on him. More refs show up and pulls Owens off but he won’t stop. The trainers try to check on Zayn but Owens won’t relent and Owens throws him back in the ring. Owens drags him to the center by his neck and picks him up and suddenly William Regal is there in his face. Regal tries to back him off and it looks like Owens may be listening, but then he goes back after Zayn and Regal pulls him off by his nose and Owens turns and headbutts Regal and he falls to the mat in a heap.
Owens goes outside to get his belt but also grabs a chair. He gets in the ring and winds up as the refs beg him to stop and he gets one swing in before strange music hits that we’ve never heard before. Owens looks to the entrance way and...WHAT’S SAMOA JOE DOING IN THE NXT ZONE?!
Joe gets in the ring to loud “Joe is gonna kill you” chants and gets right in the face of Kevin Owens. Owens backs off but Joe gets back up in his face and Owens turns and walks off before anything happens. Owens comes back out after a replay and drops his belt, looking like he’s gonna fight and Joe puts up his hands but Owens gets his belt and walks out,

Lucha Underground, 5/20
In the first match of the night, Marty “The Moth” Martinez faces Prince Puma. Striker talks about Marty says he can trace his roots back to one of the original Aztec tribes but says it in a way that makes his lineage sound suspect.
Konnan tells Puma “This guy is a joke - treat him like a joke.” Marty goes to shake hands and Puma does but then Marty hugs him too, I guess because they are both Aztec. Marty wants a pre-match photo op and Puma agrees but Marty clotheslines him when he isn’t looking.
Marty puts up a good fight but Puma gets the win with a 630 senton.
Afterward, Hernandez appears at the top of the ramp. Konnan tells him he thought they were boys but turns out Hernandez is nothing but a sorry son of a bitch. He tells him that he makes lambs look tough, calls him baby nuts and that if he wants a shot at the title to step in the ring and face Prince Puma right now. Hernandez was walking toward the ring but then stops and turns around and the crowd chants baby nuts at him.
Vampiro sits down with Johnny Mundo. Asks him why Mundo threw ADR through the window. Mundo says he came to prove he’s the best in the world and thinks done a good job proving that. There’s a lot of talented people in LU, but none as good as him. Says he’s know Alberto a long time and did what he did to make a statement, to make him understand, to make him realize. Vamp asks if he’s jealous of Alberto. Mundo says he’s been here since day one busting his ass then Alberto just strolls in. Says he’s overconfident, overpaid, and overrated. Says Alberto is done, he forced his hand and went through the window. Says maybe he thought I was just some dude in catering he could slap around. Mundo says he came to LU because he wanted to be here, not because he didn’t have anywhere else to go. He doesn’t care that Alberto is a 2nd generation luchadore, who he is or where he’s from - Johnny Mundo is the biggest star in Lucha Underground and this is his world. But you already knew that and winks.
Dario Cueto in his office talks to The Crew about how ancient Aztecs made human sacrifices to appease the gods. And that the Crew has a similar opportunity, to climb the ladder and make a sacrifice of Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico. And if they can’t, that wouldn’t just anger him, it would anger the gods. And he knows someone who would have no problem sacrificing them.
The next match, “The Golden Warrior” Delavar Daivari is in the ring to take on...Texano? Again? At least this time Texano is a little more calmed down and they might actually have a real match this time.
Daivari runs out of the ring  and sneak attacks Texano when he enters back in the ring. Striker and Vamp talk about how Daivari got his money from his rich, real estate family but Texano had to work for everything he got. Why are they trying to make Texano a face?
Daivari works Texano’s arm with numerous holds, getting a few near falls. Texano takes him over with a big superplex and it looks like he’s building momentum. He hits a codebreaker and gets a 2 count and looks like he is in control but Big Ryck shows up from nowhere and clotheslines Texano for the DQ. Did Daivari pay off Ryck?
Daivari calls him in and stomps Texano, takes him to the top rope and Daivari hits a hurricanrana. Ryck forces the ref to the mat to count a 3 as Daivari covers Texano while sipping his whiskey.
Cueto watches the action from his office and someone pokes him in the back but when he turns around, there’s no one there. He sits down and suddenly Catrina is behind him.
She says if it’s a sacrifice he wants, Mil Muertes will deliver. She wants him to let Mil end the man who cannot die and he agrees to a match next week. Asks her what match she wants and she simply says “deathmatch.” a for reals deathmatch?
Black Lotus walking down train tracks with a bag. Looks like she left El Dragon Azteca. There’s a voiceover of her saying “She appreciates all you’ve done for me but I’m ready to fulfill my destiny - to kill the brother of Dario Cueto.” Sounds like a letter to Dragon. Shows Dragon reading the letter and suddenly Chavo appears and says “If you don’t want her to die, you’re gonna need my help.”
After commercial, Chavo sits down with Dragon and says his tribe, the Guerreros and the Cuetos have a rich history - most of it painted in blood. Dragon says the Guerreros are liars and cheaters. Chavo agrees but they are also familia and they are in danger and Dragon can make it stop. And in return, he’ll protect Black Lotus. Dragon says he will clear his debts but he must protect Black Lotus with his life.
Ladder match time for Trios Championship. The Crew out first. Followed by the champs with Ivelisse on crutches. Before they even get to the top of the steps, the Crew are running up them to jump the champs. The Crew overwhelm Havoc and Angelico as Ivelisse struggles to make her way down the steps. Bael attacks Ivelisse and knocks her down, choking her with a crutch.
Havoc pulls out a massive ladder but Cortez and Cisco attack him before he can do anything with it.
Crew 3-on-1 Angelico as he tries to climb the ladder. The Crew has ample opportunity to climb the ladder and get the belts, but instead they choose to keep battering the champs. And it bites them in the ass as Havoc starts to fight back and takes out all three. He sets up a ladder under the belts but Cortez and Cisco stop him.
The Crew is definitely more interested in inflicting pain on the champs than going for the belts. The Crew tears the boards off Cueto’s office window and hammer Angelico with them. They then set up two tables outside the ring and Cisco climbs it but Angelico dumps him off and into Cueto’s office. Angelico lays Bael on a table and leaps off the top of Cueto’s office and prepares to dive on Bael but Cortez attacks him from behind with a kendo stick.
Havoc takes on all 3 Crew in the ring. He takes two out with a double back elbow and sets BAel on a table. Cisco tries to stop him but he gets pushed off through 2 tables on the outside. Havoc hits a SSP on Bael on a table but doesn’t get all of it and the table doesn’t break. Angelico is still in a heap on top of the office and Ivelisse is nowhere to be seen.
Cortez is in the ring by himself. He starts to climb the ladder and Angelico from nowhere, leaps off the office and missile dropkicks Cortez! Everyone in the ring is down and Cueto looks on from his office. Ivelisse starts to make her way into the ring. She starts climbing the ladder but Cisco gets in and climbs the other side. She bites his hand and reaches for the belts. She finally reaches one and unhooks it, winning the match for her team. Cueto looks pretty distraught in his office.

LU maybe officially renewed?
According to the Univision corporate website, it seems that Lucha Underground may be officially picked up for a second season on the El Rey Network.
The website lists the second season as starting 4th Quarter 2015 (October 28) – 3rd Quarter 2016 (July 27). It doesn’t list any other specific info like a set number of episodes in the second season.

Ring of Honor
ROH “Best in the World”
Friday, June 19
Jay Briscoe vs Jay Lethal – Title for Title
Moose vs Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong – World Title #1 Contender
Six-man tag – The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett, and Matt Taven) vs Bullet Club (AJ Styles and the Young Bucks)

ROH “Aftershock” tour taping
June 20
Already signed – Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs The Addiction

Figures Toy Company announces Series 1 of ROH figures. They will include Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Adam Cole and Kevin Steen.

Ring of Honor is headed to Destination America! I did a write up yesterday, which you can find at this link.

Lucha Libre World Cup results
AAA “Lucha Libre World Cup” Results
May 24
Mexico City, Mexico at Palacio de los Deportes
AAA’s Lucha Libre World Cup tournament featured top stars from the U.S., Mexico, and Japan representing AAA, TNA, ROH, NOAH, and All-Japan.
The match ups sounded cool (I haven’t gotten to watch any of the show) but in the end, the AAA Dream Team won (Alberto El Patron, Rey Mysterio and Myzteziz/original Sin Cara) won the tournament in a surprise to absolutely no one.

Trios Rosters
– Team AAA Dream Team: Rey Mysterio & Alberto El Patron & the Original Sin Cara (Mistico/Myzteziz).
– Team Mexico Legends: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Blue Demon, Jr. & Solar.
– Team AAA: El Hijo del Fantasma & Psycho Clown & Texano, Jr.
– Team U.S.A./TNA: Matt Hardy & Mr. Anderson & Johnny Mundo (Lucha Underground).
– Team U.S.A./ROH: Moose & A.C.H. & Brian Cage (Lucha Underground).
– Team Int’l: Drew Galloway (TNA) & El Mesías & Angélico.
– Team NOAH: Yoshihiro Takayama & Taiji Ishimori & Atsushi Kotoge.
– Team All Japan: Kenzo Suzuki (representing All Japan) & Tiger Mask (Koji Kanemoto) & Masamune.

AAA Dream Team def. Team NOAH in the opening quarterfinal match.
Team U.S./ROH def. Team AAA in a quarterfinal match.
Team Mexico Legends def. Team All Japan in a quarterfinal match.
Team U.S./TNA def. Team Int’l in a quarterfinal match.

AAA Dream Team def. Team U.S./ROH in a semi-final match.
Team U.S/TNA def. Team Mexico Legends in a semi-final match.

AAA Dream Team def. Team U.S./TNA in the finals to win the tournament.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
May 23

-The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) def. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry and Bill Carr)
-The Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet and Rich Swann) def. Drew Gulak and Biff Busick
-Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett def. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey and Matt Sydal
-Monster Mafia (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) def. The World’s Cutest Tag Team to become the PWG tag team champions (Roderick Strong interfered to cause the loss)

-The Beaver Boys def. Monster Mafia to become the new PWG tag team champions
-Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett defeated The Inner City Machine Guns

-Johnny Gargano def. TJ Perkins
-Roderick Strong def. Chris Hero and Brian Cage to retain the PWG title

-Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee defeated The Beaver Boys to win DDT4 AND become the new PWG tag team champions

Absolute Intense Wrestling
JT Lightning Invitational results
 Night 1, May 23
(Both Jennifer Blake and Alessandro Del Bruno were unable to make the show. Tyson Dux could not make the tournament due to family issues and Alexia Nicole could not make the Girls’ Night Out show on Night 2 due to border issues)
Opening round
-Louis Lyndon def. Tyler Thomas
-Matt Cross def. Joshua Singh
-Josh Prohibition def. Dick Justive
-Davey Vega def. Heidi Lovelace
-DJ Z def. Alex Daniels
-Athena def. Flip Kendrick
-BJ Whitmer def Doug Gilbert via
-Cedric Alexander def Colin Delaney
-Nick Gage def. Eric Ryan
-Tracy Williams def. Little Guido
-2 Cold Scorpio def. Cheech
-Raymond Rowe def. Rickey Shane Page

Night 2
Girls’ Night Out 15
-Rae Lyn def. Angeldust
-Mary Dobson def. Marti Belle
-Mary Elizabeth Monroe and Taeler Hendrix def. The Social Network of Annie Social and Heidi Lovelace
-Ethan Page comes out and talks about border issues. He has his tights on and talks about debuting on GNO 6. Page challenges Tyler Thomas.
-Ethan Page def. Tyler Thomas with the spinning Dwayne
(Candice LeRae missed her flight.)
-Jenny Rose def. Annie Social (replacing Candice LeRae)
-Allysin Kay def. Mia Yim
-Veda Scott and Josh Alexander def. Athena and Rickey Shane Page
-Alex Daniels, Kaplan, and Brian Carson def. Joshua Singh, Frankie Flynn, and Ryan Fairly

JLIT 2015
-Josh Prohibition def. Matt Cross
-DJ Z def. Cedric Alexander
-Tracy Williams def. Athena
-Raymond Rowe def. Nick Gage
-Intense Champion Davey Vega def. BJ Whitmer
-Louis Lyndon def. 2 Cold Scorpio

-Samoa Joe def. Johnny Gargano with the musclebuster
-Tim Donst came out to cut a promo when Nick Gage interrupted. Donst revealed that he will be coming back at Absolution X to wrestle Gage!
-Nightmare Freddy def. Dick Justice with a claw hold

(Davey Vega is out of the tournament because of an injury. Louis Lyndon gets a bye to the finals.)
-Josh Prohibition def. DJ Z
-Raymond Rowe def. Tracy

Absolute Championship
-Josh Alexander def Ethan Page after a tombstone to retain

AIW Tag Team Championship
-To Infinity and Beyond def. the FBI when Delaney pins Smothers

JLIT 2015 Final (three way elimination)
-Raymond Rowe def. Josh Prohibition and Louis Lyndon to win the 2015 JLIT

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