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Friday, February 13, 2015

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Just wanted to make a quick note before I begin – NXT Takeover: Rival was this past Wednesday and it was pretty great. Not overall as good as R Evolution was but still a really solid show overall. I won’t be going over that in this post, but I should have a short write up of the show later today.

NXT, 2/5
Enzo and Cass open NXT this week, but it’s probably just to introduce Carmella (it is), who is legit the worst. It’s like her gimmick is actually what people believe about Eva Marie – that she has no idea how to wrestle (but she thinks she’s awesome) and is only on TV cause of her looks.
Carmella takes on Emma who’s been demoted back to NXT after doing literally nothing on the main roster besides getting fired.
Carmella makes Emma tap to that Figure Four choke after a short match. Nothing much more to say here. Carmella is still doing her heel shtick even though Enzo and Cass are both very well-liked by the crowd. I hope they advance their characters sometime soon. I would hate for talented guys like Enzo and Cass to get dragged down by the awful heel/heat-drain that is Carmella.
Oh man, Finn Balor vs Hideo Itami tonight. That should be great. Can’t wait to see if it begins the turn for either of them. I’m hoping it will be Itami because he could get over as a silent killer type heel.
But first, Adrian Neville takes on Baron Corbin. Neville is the longest reigning NXT Champion ever but Corbin is still undefeated and been tearing through everyone.
Corbin has the obvious size advantage which he uses early to back up Neville into the corner but then breaks clean. Surprised he isn’t acting more aggressive or violent, I thought that was pretty much his character. Dude needs more muscle mass, though. He’s got the frame for it, just need to tone and build some more.
Neville tries to get some offense going but Corbin uses his size to keep Neville off his feet. After Neville kicks out of a modified front suplex, he starts mounting a comeback. He takes Corbin off his feet with a dropkick to the knee then sends him to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Neville plancha over the ropes onto Corbin but gets caught and dropped on the guardrail. Corbin rolls him back in and as the ref checks on Neville, Bull Dempsey pushes Corbin into the ring post and runs back into the crowd. The ref continues his count and Corbin barely gets back in the ring before 10.
Back in, Neville lands a big kick to Corbin’s face and hits a Red Arrow to defeat Corbin, his first loss in NXT, as Dempsey smiles on the ramp.
Video package of Sami Zayn talking about his title match at NXT Takeover: Rival next Wednesday. Calls Kevin Owens a master manipulator for acting the way he has and goading Sami into putting the NXT Title on the line at Rival.
Bayley and Becky Lynch to face off against each other a week prior to taking part in the Women’s title fatal fourway. I really hope Becky starts getting more of a push. If anyone deserves a chance to show off, it’s her. (Made her debut in 2002, trained by Fergal Devitt and been all over the world)
Corey Graves really hates Becky Lynch, even though I thought he was supposed to be a heel commentator. Says he’s bother by her because “She headbangs at inopportune moments, blatant misuse of the devil horns and is the kind of girl that wears the band’s shirt to the concert.” Easy there, Jeremy Piven in PCU. Yeah, that’s right. I get that reference. And easy on Becky Lynch and her faux-Lita gimmick. (And honestly, there’s something about her voice and her accent which makes me wish they let Becky speak more often)
Anyway, Becky spending most of the match working Bayley’s knee, keeping her on the mat. Sasha Banks eventually comes to ringside as Bayley starts getting some momentum built up. Rolls up Becky and starts working on her knee and locks in a single leg crab. Commentary chalks it up to Bayley being more aggressive in the ring than before.
Becky rolls to the outside to catch her breath and Sasha comes over yelling at her that she’s got it, but then throws Becky back in, who gets Hug-Plexed by Bayley for the three. Sasha doesn’t look too broken up about costing Becky the match.
Kevin Owens backstage segment. He says he got what he wanted from the contract signing – a title match instead of nontitle. And that two months to the day from walking into NXT, he’s going to win the NXT Championship.
During a hype segment for Balor/Itami, there’s more Solomon Crowe interference. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him show up tonight or at Rival.
Blake and Murphy (who have lost their first names) defends the tag belts against the Lucha Dragons at Rival.
Tyler Breeze telling himself he’s gorgeous while looking at himself in his phone is interrupted by Devin Taylor who wants to talk about how he was eliminated from the tournament and his plans now. Says he lost one match, big deal and plans on watching the rest of the tournament very closely. (Apparently he attacked Hideo Itami in a segment to set up a match between them at Rival.)
Adrian Neville joins commentary for the other semifinal match.
The crowd chants “We’re not worthy” as the match starts. Sometimes, sometimes this crowd can be pretty cringe-worthy. Then later on they chant “marking out” as if to cement my claim that there is a fine line between great crowd and really cringey, smarky crowd.
Match starts out with a really quick trading of holds. Neither can really get an advantage for long. Neville says Balor and Itami are “The best in the world at what they do” lololol.
Itami teases the GTS again but Balor wriggles free. Looks to hit the reverse DDT but Itami gets free and hits a head kick but Balor musters the strength to hit a Pele kick right after and both men are down.  
Why does Rich Brennan (and Michael Cole) have to point out who is who (Itami on your left, Balor on you right). WE KNOW. WHO DO YOU THINK IS WATCHING THIS? PEOPLE WHO DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA WHO THESE GUYS ARE? THAT ISN’T HAPPENING, WWE.
Balor picks up the win after a big dropkick sending Itami into the buckle followed by a double stomp from the top rope.
Afterward, Balor offers a hand to Itami who is still on the mat. Itami struggles to his feet and they shake hands as Itami leaves the ring.
Neville stands on the announce table and applauds Balor then shakes his hand at the top of the ramp.
Show ends with a video package hyping the Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens match. 
K- “Traveled the world for 10 years. Everywhere you hear Zayn brag about, I’ve been there too. And it was all to end up here together. But they called him first. Sami stole me and him getting here together. And I’ll admit thinking at one point that this wasn’t gonna happen for me.”
S- “Everything I ever did out there was about getting me here. And it was the same with him. The truth is we were on the same path but he got married and had a kid and I think that’s when things really changed for us.”
K-“All he has to worry about is himself.”
S-“He was never gonna do it for non-title, cause that was his plan all along. He ruined more than a moment. He ruined a friendship, he ruined a lot of things but I just know – I’m gonna hurt him. He hurt me and I’m gonna hurt him.”
K-“Kevin Owens is going to win the NXT Championship two months to the day after his debut. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it.”
The way they're portraying both dudes is really different from how WWE usually sets up characters. Owens seems like the asshole for attacking Zayn – but it's all to try and provide for his family so can you really blame him? And at the same time, Zayn is obviously the face but that video put a little spin on it making Sami seem selfish, leaving his best friend and going to NXT without him. In such a short amount of time, Zayn and Owens have displayed a much wider range of emotion and character development than most guys on the main roster exhibit in their entire careers.

Lucha Underground, 2/4
Show opens with a recap of Johnny Mundo’s feud with Dario Cueto (the 100 grand, the key, and the Asian chick) as well as Cage’s feud with Puma over the LU title.
Son of Havoc in the ring with Ivelisse. Ivelisse grabs the mic first. She says they’re tired reading tweets on social media about how Son of Havoc sucks. She doesn’t date losers and if anyone has a problem with him, they have a problem with her too. And she is the baddest bitch in the building too, apparently.
Havoc will take on Angelico.
Starts off with good chain wrestling but quickly gets into fast-paced reversals and strikes. Angelico kneeing Havoc’s face like crazy. Despite his smaller size, Havoc out muscling Angelico, using power moves to slam Angelico around. Also doesn’t hurt that Ivelisse gets involved to choke out Angelico behind the ref’s back. But Angelico staying in it with strikes and high flying maneuvers and dives over the top rope.
Angelico evades a top rope shooting star and Havoc reverses a crucifix powerbomb into a rana. A couple spots with Ivelisse on the apron, teasing running into her after Havoc gets a kiss from her. Havoc with a waist lock pushes Angelica into the ropes and he tries to kiss Ivelisse, who slaps him and Havoc rolls him up but gets a 2. But when Angelico kicks up, he shoves Havoc into Ivelisse and knocks her off the apron. Havoc looks outside at her concerned and Angelico gets the roll up victory.
Havoc checks on Ivelisse who is really angry with him and pushes him away and storms off by herself as the crowd chants “You f*cked up” at Havoc, which they bleep out so it sounds awful.
Cueto is talking to Mundo, says he hasn’t been around since Aztec Warfare and wants bygones to be bygones. Cueto tells him he’s in the main event tonight against Cage (“That hambone who tore apart your title belt? Well, you better get a new one.”)
Famous B in the ring, so you know it’s definitely not gonna be a squash. He takes on Pentagon Jr. Video package before the match hyping Pentagon. About how he combines martial arts and lucha libre to create the best fighting style possible and has allowed him to fight without fear.
Pentagon pretty much in control the whole time. B getting some offense in but Pentagon always taking the momentum with big strikes. Pentagon hits a Package Piledriver and locks B in a crazy arm submission. Steps over one arm and pulls the other back until B taps. Then with the arm, falls back and snaps it.
So Pentagon is sort of a tweener I guess. He acts like a heel, he’s very evil looking and has a vicious in-ring style. But Chavo turned on him before when they were allied (not sure if I would say friends) and Pentagon isn’t necessarily being a heel, just doing what he knows how to do to get ahead. But, still closer to heel while tweener, since he didn’t let go of that submission and really cranked it after B tapped. Though, the crowd seems to really be getting behind Pentagon.
Afterward, Pentagon on the mic says he’s ready and he’s loyal to his master. And that he’s ready for the next step. Not sure what that means.
Cueto is in a dark room, holding the key and talking to someone (or something). You can hear heavy breathing off camera. He says what’s happening in the temple is spreading but it’s a shame “you” can’t share it with me. Says that Asian chick came looking for “you” and calls herself “The Black Lotus.” Apparently Matanza did something to her when she was a little girl. Says he should give her the key and let her have her revenge - but he’s not a fool. He has to protect the temple from “Matanza.”
Drago vs Aerostar next. Really great back and forth match with lots of high flying. Drago gets the win with a Blockbuster into a DDT. Usually uses that crazy pin combo Striker called the “Dragon’s Lair” but must be using a new finisher. Drago helping Aerostar to his feet after the match and Aerostar raises Drago’s hand.
Video package showing Fenix working out on a heavy bag. Catrina walks up behind him and touches his neck but disappears and reappears in front of him. Asks if the dream catcher tattoo on his chest keeps him from having nightmares. But what could scare a man who can’t die? Says she has a message but not from Mil, from her - and kisses Fenix. Says to keep it between them because if Mil found out, he’d bury them both.
Mundo back for the first time since Aztec Warfare. Cage comes to the ring with the torn championship belt slung around his neck. Mundo trying to start fast but Cage using his strength to throw Mundo around and easily stop his offense. But Mundo uses his unique style and mix of speed and high impact strikes to stay in the fight.
King Cuero watching the match from the rafters. Both trading falls after big strikes from Mundo and slams by Cage. After Mundo hits a corckscrew cross body over the turnbuckle to the floor on Cage, Cuerno starts making his way down the stairs to the ring. Mundo rolls Cage back in the ring and as he gets in, Cuerno runs down and trips him on the apron then hits him with a big line as the ref calls for the bell. Cuerno puts the boots to Mundo on the floor.
Continues the attack, rolls him in the ring and smashes Mundo’s knee on the ring post. Gets a chair, yells “The hunt begins again!” and smashes his knee with it. Cage laughs about it and walks off but then Cueto appears from his office and tells everyone to hold on. Tells Mundo he won’t let his five-star matches end like that and restarts the match - even though Mundo’s leg is all messed up and Cuerno has disappeared.
Cage going after that knee right away. Tries to kick Cage with his busted knee, who ducks and Mundo smashes it on the ring post. Cage stretches Mundo’s leg with a Stretch Muffler but he barely gets to the ropes. Mundo gets a 2 off the Moonlight Drive, a flipping neckbreaker.
Cage hits an F5 but only gets a 2. Cage sets up for Weapon X and Mundo reverses into a Yoshi Tonic for a 2. Cage looks pissed, hits a discus line and sets up for Weapon X again. Hits it and gets the pin over Mundo. Stands on Mundo’s chest with the torn belt in his hands.
As the credits roll, Cueto is on the phone with someone, saying Black Lotus found the temple but he’s not sure how. She’s pissed off and he needs them to do something about her - now. But then, someone starts hammering on the door - ALBERTO EL PATRON.

Ring of Honor
Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Show is March 1 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It’s also the company’s debut show in Las Vegas. Not sure how big the venue is though. Vegas isn’t necessarily a hotbed of pro wrestling but there’s lot of foot traffic there so hopefully they draw a big crowd.
The card is great, though, so hopefully they draw a lot of people from the bigger cities in California. They recently announced a few new matches.

Big matches set for Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary Show in Las Vegas on March 1.

ROH World Title
Jay Briscoe defends in four-way against Tommaso Ciampa, Hanson and Michael Elgin

ROH TV Title
Jay Lethal defends against Alberto El Patron

ROH World Tag Team titles
reDRagon defends against The Young Bucks

ACH vs IWGP Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles

Grudge match
Roderick Strong vs. BJ Whitmer

New Japan Pro Wrestling
The Bullet Club is still making waves in New Japan. Though for several months the stable only held one championship (Kenny Omega’s IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship), at NJPW’s New Beginnings this past week, the Bullet Club brought two championships back to the group
The Young Bucks regained the IWGP Junior Heavyweight tag team championships in a triple threat match against reDRagon (who held the belts) and The Time Splitters. The Bucks regained the titles when they pinned Kushida.
AJ Styles defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi to win his second IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Styles is proving to be one of the most impressive wrestlers in New Japan, having soundly defeated former contender Tetsuya Naito at Wrestle Kingdom 9 and now having defeated Tanahashi twice for the biggest title in the company.
This also means that Styles and the Bucks will be bringing the IWGP belts to ROH’s 13th Anniversary show, raising the profile of both companies.

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