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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Indy Minute - Your weekly source for independent wrestling news

Welcome back wrasslin’ fans to another installment of the expanded Indy Minute, your favorite segment on Ring Rust Radio. Lots of interesting NXT and independent wrestling news to cover so let's get into it.

  Mojo Rawley opens the show with a Takeover rematch against Bull Dempsey. Jason Albert, Renee Young and Rich Brennan are on commentary.
  Mojo attacks bull on the ramp during his entrance, clearly upset about his loss at Takeover. Mojo starts the match fast but Bull hits him with a big shoulder block/body block followed by the top rope diving headbutt for the win.
  After the match, Tyler Breeze hits the ring while Mojo is still down at ringside. Mojo kinda brushes past Breeze and Breeze takes offense and throws Mojo into the ringpost. Looks like they are going to feud but going against Breeze is not going to win Rawley any fans. People already don’t like him but love Tyler Breeze, despite him being a heel. I would’ve liked to see Mojo and Bull be given more time to feud, maybe a longer match where they just hammer on each other or a hardcore match.
  Tyler Breeze takes on Justin Gabriel. Tyler Breeze seems a little less composed than usual and  Gabriel easily takes the advantage over Breeze. Breeze evades the 450 and hits a superkick followed by the Beauty Shot for the win.
  Natalya talks to General Manager William Regal about giving Tyson Kidd another title shot at Adrian Neville. But if he loses, Regal says it’s his last shot at the NXT Title as long as Neville is champ.
  Bayley versus Alexa Bliss is up next. Sounds like Alexa has new theme music (and doesn’t do that glitter-blow anymore now that Stardust stole it). Good to see that Bayley still has the whacky waving inflatible arm flailing tube men and streamer entrance gear. Bayley and Alexa are a “pile of adorable” according to Renee. Drake is the ref in this match (seems like he’s doing a lot of the women’s matches lately). Alexa with a lot of quick, high flying moves (up and over sunset flip in the corner, flying head scissors). Brennan says that Bliss has been studying a lot of lucha libre and then she and Bayley high-five which starts a “Sportsmanship” chant. Bayley avoids the moonsault double knees (Frightmare’s Knee-colepsy, if you’re familiar with Chikara) from Alexa and hits the Belly-to-Bayley.
  (Saw an “I want Graves” sign in the crowd. It’s gonna be a while, buddy. If ever.)
  After the match, Bayley calls out Charlotte and asks her to come to the ring. Says she hasn’t been able to sleep since her loss at Takeover, she feels like she let everyone down and asks Charlotte for another shot at the Women’s title. Charlotte says Bayley finally earned her respect and will give Bayley another shot at the title next week.
  Enzo and Cass bring Carmella to the Performance Center in a prerecorded segment. Carmella wants to start knocking girls out and is upset when she realizes it’s just a gym and there’s no ring. Enzo says she needs to get into shape first, Cass says he can’t be talking like that to women and Enzo says he knows everything there is to know about women. These two are some of the best in NXT. Not the flashiest guys in the ring but easily the best talkers. Whenever they come up “SAWFT” and “How you doin’” are going to get over with crowds big time. Adding Carmella to the mix either doesn’t hurt, I just hope they don’t wind up fighting over her and break up.
  Enzo versus Louis up next. Sylvester LaFort comes out to the ring with Marcus Louis who is rocking the Kurt Angle “wig in headgear” look. This was supposed to be a tag match, but LaFort “pulled his hamstring” and now it’s just a singles. Louis gets hung up over the top rope and Enzo pulls his wig off and rolls up Louis for the win.
  Tyson Kidd says he doesn’t need anyone, especially his wife, getting title shots for him. His actions speak louder than words and he can get a title shot whenever he wants. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s going to beat Neville.
  Sami Zayn says it’s pitiful Tyson needed his wife to beg for a title shot for him and that Neville is desperate to hang onto it. But that he’s still gunning for the NXT Title.
  Lucha Dragons face Ascension in a rematch for the NXT tag titles in the main event. Lucha Dragons rocking new t-shirts. Konnor starts against Sin Cara, hitting him hard and fast, going for early covers. But Cara hits high flying moves, tags in Kalisto and pull off double team moves.
  Konnor and Viktor quickly utilize their size over Kalisto to keep him on the mat and in the corner. (Just noticing the Danzig tattoo on Viktor’s shoulder) These teams have really different styles but are making it work well. Ascension using power moves and keeping Dragons grounded but Cara and Kalisto hit high-flying, quick maneuvers whenever they tag in, often off double teams too.
  At one point, Hideo Itami’s music hit and he stares down the Ascnesion from the ramp, distracting Konnor and allowing Kalisto to hi the Selina del Sol on Viktor for the win. Konnor rushes him but Itami beats him down with a flurry of kicks and strikes as the show ends. They are really building Itami strongly, having him take on the Ascension by himself and usually end up with the upper hand.

  In other NXT news, at an NXT taping last week, it was revealed that Prince Devitt will now be known as Finn Balor. The name comes from the combination of an Irish folk legend Finn McCool and Balor, which is the name of an Irish demon and translates into “the deadly one.”

  GFW/New Japan
  According to PWInsider, New Japan Pro Wrestling will present WrestleKingdom in America for the first time ever, with the event taking place on 1/4/15. But it seems like it will be under Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling banner. It seems like the show will be branded as GFW in the states and the news that GFW is involved also seems to suggest that the show will feature an English announce team.
  I’m still kinda confused as to why this show is being branded GFW instead of New Japan in America and hopefully there is some more news to come to clear things up. But it seems pretty certain right now that you will be able to purchase WrestlingKingdom via PPV this January.

  Ring of Honor
  Ring of Honor’s “Champions vs All Stars” will take place on October 11 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. World champ Jay Briscoe, TV champ Jay Lethal and tag champions reDRagon will face Mark Briscoe, ACH, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong in a huge 8-man tag match.
  This match has huge implications. ACH has had his sights set on Jay Lethal the TV Title for some time now and Adam Cole is looking to win back the ROH World title. Roderick Strong is a perennial contender in ROH and recently has been vying for the tag team titles with the Decade against reDRagon while Mark Briscoe, the current World champion’s brother, is eager to prove that he’s just as talented as his brother Jay.
  ROH also recently announced they are coming to Atlanta on Feb 21, 2015 for the first time in four years. North Atlanta Trade Center

  This past weekend in Wheeling, WV, ROH hosted  a stop on the “Reloaded Tour” and filmed several TV shows. These results are spoilers for those shows so skip past these results if you don’t want spoilers.

Show one:
-Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.
-Jay Briscoe cuts a promo but is interrupted by Adam Cole and the two need to be separated.
-RD Evans and Moose beat a local team represented by Prince Nana, The Bloodbound Warriors, Red Scorpion and Grey Wolf.
-Michael Bennett won a 20 man Honor Rumble. He gets a shot at Jay Briscoe. Also included were Jay Lethal, ACH, Mark Briscoe, all the members of the Decade, Caprice Coleman, Brutal Bob, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, Cheeseburger, Romantic Touch, and Hanson. Tomasso Ciampa tried to enter the match but Nigel McGuinness had security keep him out.

Show two:
-Hanson defeated The Romantic Touch.
-Adam Cole comes out with the Kingdom and cuts a promo about how he’s not happy that he didn’t win the Honor Rumble. Maybe there’s trouble in the Kingdom?
-Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas competed in a no DQ match but ended in no-contest when the Decade forced Thomas to hit Page with a chair and hit Jimmy Jacobs instead, effectively leaving the Decade.
-Adam Cole defeated Cedric Alexander.

Show three:
-reDragon defeated Jimmy Jacobs and Roderick Strong of the Decade to retain the ROH Tag Titles. O’Reilly and Fish played the faces in this match. Adam Page tried to hand Strong a chair to use but Strong refused and reDRagon got the win. Afterward, Strong and Page get into it with Jacobs breaking them up.
-Jay Lethal defeated Will Ferrara to retain the ROH TV Title.
-Jay Briscoe defeated Michael Bennett to retain the ROH World Title. After the match, Adam Cole attacked Jay but Mark Briscoe made the save. Matt Taven makes a surprise return and attacks the Briscoes, taking off his dress shirt to reveal a Kingdom tee. Lots of chants of “You sold out” at Taven.

Show four:
-Mark Briscoe defeated Caprice Coleman.
-Nigel then called out Tommaso Ciampa. After a back and forth, Nigel reinstated him with the caveat being that if Ciampa touches another non-wrestling official, he is fired. Ciampa wants to face Jay Briscoe, who came out. Nigel keeps them from fighting, threatening to fire Ciampa, who goes to the back followed by the Kingdom attacking Jay Briscoe. Mark comes to make the save but gets beat down as well.
-BJ Whitmer and Page beat Cheeseburger and Brutal Bob. Roderick wasn’t with the Decade.
-AJ Styles beat Matt Sydal in a great match.

  There are only four shows left before the Season 14 finale. There’s plenty of fallout from King of Trios to work through – Jakob Hammermeier controls the BDK and possibly the Eye of Tyr; Soldier Ant returned to attack his former Colony mates; Delirious has it out for Ultramantis Black for controlling him with the Eye of Tyr for so long; Deucalion killing off two members of the Greenhorn Militia before Kid Cyclone escaped; Eddie Kingston turning on the Flood and helping Icarus after the King of Trios main event. 
  I have to believe the Flood will be looking to make an impact as the Chikara season comes to a close. The Devastation Corporation may have won the King of Trios tournament but Jimmy Jacobs was denied the Grand Championship when Eddie Kingston turned on him. I kinda wish Deucalion wasn't unmasked, though. He was a more imposing figure when he wore the crazy mask and the way he could kill off wrestlers made him seem almost inhuman. But now, he's just another dude.
  Though Ultramantis Black is known as "devious" and started off a villain, the fact that Delirious, who is with the Flood, is gunning for him makes me think he and the Spectral Envoy will continue to stand with Chikara. The way I see it, now that Jakob seemingly controls the BDK and the Eye of Tyr, the Flood may start to turn on each other while the Chikara heroes stand together. All this we'll find out as Season 14 heads to a close.
  The final four shows are –
  Thunderball 10/25 in Gibsonville, NC
  Moonraker 10/26 in Richmond, VA
  On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, 11/15 in Haverhill, MA
  For Your Eyes Only, 11/16 in South Windsor, CT
  The final show Tomorrow Never Dies on 12/6 but no location announced yet

  Sports Illustrated reported on Chikara wrestler Ophidian having his gear stolen. The story was also picked up by the local Philadelphia NBC affiliate. The story centers around the value of his lost gear and fans rallying to raise money for him to have new gear made and a fan donating an old Ophidian mask for him to wear at his upcoming events.

  Wrestling is Fun is hosting the Young Lion’s Cup over two nights in October and November. Night 1 is being hosted on Oct 11 in Haverhill, MA and Night 2 on Nov 1 in Norristown, PA.

  All 12 participants in the tournament have been announced by the Wrestling is Fun! Twitter feed, @Wrestling_isFun. Also announced for the Oct. 11 show in Haverhill will be the King of Trios winners Devastation Corporation in tag team action against the Osirian Portal, Ophidian and Amasis.

The 12 Young Lion’s Cup competitors are:
Rey de Voladores champion Shynron
Marq Quen
Race Jaxon
Donovan Dijak
Anthony Greene
Missile Assault Ant
Rex Lawless
Kevin Quill
William Frederick Kingsley
Devin Blaze
Prakash Sabar

  I’ve seen Shynron compete once or twice and he’s an impressive high-flyer and seen Missile Assault Ant once or twice as well but can’t really say anything stood out about him (or the other Colony Xtreme Force members). I’m unfamiliar with any of the other competitors so it’s hard to say how good YLC will be overall. But if Chikara and Wrestling is Fun feels these wrestlers will put on a good tournament, I’ve got to believe they’re ready for the spotlight.

  On Saturday, myself and two friends attended the first West End Wrestling show, “Burning Down the House,” in Stowe, PA and they had a really strong first showing. It seemed to be mainly Chikara wrestlers – Leonard F. Chikarason was even on commentary. But there were many guys you’d never see in Chikara (these days) like Chris Dickinson, Matt Tremont, Tim Donst or Danny Havoc. I’m really hoping West End Wrestling continues to put on shows because this first show was awesome and I had an excellent time.
 -Opened with a four way of guys I didn’t recognize but they put on a great match (Aaron Arbo, Andy Header, Andy Harner and Bruce Maxwell). Andy Harner won.
-Danny Havoc came to the ring and said he has a broken foot and couldn’t compete though he tried to go on it. Kingston comes out and makes fun of him, limping around on a crutch. Devon Moore comes out and challenges Kingston for later in the night instead.
-Next, Hallowicked defeated Oleg the Usurper
- Dasher Hatfield defeated Jaka
- Chris Dickinson defeated Silver Ant
-Annie Social defeated Amber Rodriguez
-Akuma defeated Lucky tHURTeen
-Icarus defeated Matt Macintosh
(During Icarus’ entrance, he came by me and my buddies for high fives and we told him he was much better as a heel and he agreed with us that he was much better at it. He then creepily sang his entrance music to my buddy, proving he’s much better as a heel)
-Eddie Kingston defeated Devon Moore
-Tim Donst retained the AIW Absolution championship against Matt Tremont in a no-DQ match. This was a wild brawl that included dollars being stapled to Tremont’s face, bumps onto a pile of Lego’s in the ring and Donst tapping Tremont with a barbed wire bat crossface.

CZW Deja Vu results from Dayton, OH                               
- The Preacher defeated Mason Price
- Alex Colon defeated Latin Dragon
- Joe Gacy defeated Aaron Williams
- Sozio w/ CZW World Champion Biff Busick defeated “The Obsession” Caleb Konley
- WSU Showcase: Nevaeh defeated Kimber Lee
- 4 Corners of Ultraviolence Match: “Ruthless” Ron Mathis defeated “The Wrench” Conor Clacton
-DJ Hyde’s match never started as he was jumped from the crowd by LuFisto. They brawled in and out of he arena until LuFisto produced a knife, sending DJ running to the locker room.
- CZW Wired TV Championship Match: Shane “Swerve” Strickland(c) retains the title against Flip Kendrick
- CZW Heavyweight Championship: Biff Busick(c) retains against Drew Gulak. Biff shakes the hand of Gulak postmatch, which drew a strange reaction from Mr. Sozio at ringside.
- CZW Tag Team Championship Match: OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) defeated The Juicy Product(c) to become the new CZW Tag Team Champs. Respect was shown postmatch between the two teams.                                   

FWE returns this weekend in Brooklyn, New York with “ReFueled” two big events on 10/3 and 10/4. The event Friday will be streamed live on YouTube for free.
The Young Bucks vs The Addiction (formerly Bad Influence)
Drew Galloway vs Carlito Colon
Tommy Dreamer and Ivelisse Velez vs World’s Cutest Tag Team
Adrenaline Express vs Jigsaw and Tony Nese
Johnny Gargano vs Chuck Taylor
Sam Shields vs Wes Draven vs Bandido Jr vs TBA (Was Rich Swann but out)
Hania vs Veda Scott
Orange Cassidy vs Alex Reynolds
Jorge Santi vs Damien Darling
Robbie E vs Eric Young vs Colt Cabana (Live crowd exclusive)
And a special appearance by Joel Gertner
Plus Maria Kanellis on commentary

4 way TLC for FWE tag team titles
Adrenaline Express (c ) vs The Addiction vs Young Bucks vs Jigsaw and Nese
Tommy Dreamer vs Drew Galloway
FWE Women’s title match
Maria Kanellis (c ) vs Ivelisse Velez
Sonjay Dutt vs Chris Sabin
Johnny Gargano vs Colt Cabana
Veda Scott and Christina von Eerie vs Candice LeRae and a mystery partner
Joey Ryan vs Wes Draven
Bandido Jr vs JT Dunn

  Beyond Wrestling was supposed to host “Makin’ Moves” this past Sunday at Fete Music in Providence, Rhode Island but wasunfortunately cancelled.
Apparently, there was a situation the night before between patrons that turned into a shooting outside the club and police shut down the club for the next few days. Hit this link to find out more info.
  The card sounded amazing too. The Kingdom vs Juicy Product; Eddie Edwards vs Silver Ant; Psychotic F’n Machines (Tomasso Ciampa and Brian Cage) vs Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson and Jaka); Biff Busick vs AR Fox; as well as The Throwbacks, Team Tremendous, Shynron, Pinkie Sanchez, Matt Tremont and more.

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