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Friday, March 14, 2014

Best of the Tubes – Chuck Taylor Edition

Chuck Taylor, or Sexy Chuckie T as he’s known to smarks, is my favorite wrestler on the indys right now. Not “one of,” not “might very well be” – no, he’s easily my favorite. His ability to blend comedy into his work is rivaled only by Colt Cabana he’s easily one of the best talkers in the business and isn’t afraid to tell the crowd exactly how to cheer for him:

But being hilarious on the mic isn’t where his talents end. Chuckie T is also very adept at making kids cry.

Chuck Taylor almost always plays the part of the heel and he does it so well because he’s a pretty intelligent guy – well-spoken in interviews about the industry and even has a college degree, which isn’t something a lot of indy wrestlers can boast.  I found this short interview with Chuck Taylor, which I’m posting below, and it’s great because you get to listen to a guy who clearly has a huge love for the business. He talks about everything he’s sacrificed for wrestling and about what makes professional wrestling as interesting and fun as it is.

But what would a “Best of the Tubes” be without some in-ring action? I say “in-ring action” instead of wrestling because the following videos are mainly comedic with just a hint of wrestling thrown in there. But these vids show just how well Taylor can blend humor into his wrestling to really draw the crowd into his matches and create a unique experience that not many other wrestlers can deliver.


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