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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What will you watch when WWE Network goes live?

On February 24, the WWE Network goes live and there is already a huge buzz around the new venture. With scheduled and original programming, live Pay-Per-View events, access to a huge library of archived PPV events from WWE, WCW and ECW and more, the WWE Network is an amazing value for any pro wrestling fan.

I wanted to post a complete list of the PPV events that will be available on the WWE Network when it goes live in two weeks, but it's literally too long for me to post here. I thought that WWE would only make a handful of events available at launch but it seems they've put up almost everything available from the history of WWE, WCW and ECW.

Being from the Philadelphia area, I'm incredibly excited to watch all the older ECW PPVs that I've never seen before moving onto some of the WWE events that I barely remember seeing in my younger days. But I'm really looking forward to rewatching some of the older TLC and MITB matches as well. I'll eventually get around to WCW, but I'm less excited about them because I never really watched any when I was younger. Though I would like to check out some WarGames matches, since the concept always seemed interesting to me - and thanks to WWE Network I finally have the chance!

To see a full list of the PPVs available when WWE Network goes live, click here.


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