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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Shield vs The Wyatts - how would it go down?

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Leakee (Roman Reigns) from FCW (what turned into NXT) for a shot a Leo Kruger’s FCW championship. A great match that really shows you how far these 
three have come and gives you a glimpse of where they’re going.

I thought I’d add a little bit of extra thought on this subject – specifically how the Shield and Wyatt Family would match up in the ring if the two teams ever were to clash. Because even though the Shield has been the most dominant trio in the WWE in recent months, the Wyatt Family is poised to take that spot.

Ever since the Shield arrived on the scene, they’ve used overwhelming numbers to help obliterate any opposition in their path. Whether you know they’re coming or not, the Shield always travels in a pack and prefers fights where they outnumber their foes.

The Wyatt Family operate in a similar manner but with a slight distinction. Where the Shield utilizes all their members – Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose – in their attacks, it is generally only Luke Harper and Erick Rowan who will appear in the ring to deliver a beatdown. However, much like when the Shield attacks, when the Wyatt Family sets their sights on a Superstar, it will be only the Wyatts left standing. Usually, Bray, the man Harper and Rowan take their orders from, will only involve himself if his prey is sufficiently weakened.

In terms of sheer power, the Shield is at a disadvantage against the Family. Though they are three men to the Family’s two, Harper and Rowan are absolute monsters that not even the muscle of the Shield (Roman Reigns) can evenly match up against. And with Bray Wyatt always at ringside, the tide of a match can easily swing to the favor of the Wyatt Family in an instant.

But make no mistake, the Shield would be able to hold their own against the Family. Though the Shield are easily overmatched in terms of size and power, they make up for it by bringing a various, offensive styles to every match they’re in as well as possessing a much more sound, tactical approach to matches than the Family.

If the Shield and the Wyatt Family ever were to meet for a sanctioned match (remember when that was a thing – whether a match was sanctioned or not?) – whether it was a six-man tag or traditional tag – it would be a very interesting encounter to say the least.

Harper and Rowan, while possessing size and strength, seem like wild animals at times, often fighting each other for the opportunity to attack their opponents. The Shield could easily exploit this, having Reigns keep their attention using his own size and power while Rollins and Ambrose use their speed and under-handed tactics to keep the Wyatts off-balance. In a match between these teams, the Shield would need to stay focused and have a solid plan of attack to counter the size and durability of the Family.

In a tag match, I’d give the edge to the Shield. Bray Wyatt seems content to let Harper and Rowan fend for themselves in the ring whereas the third Shield member in a tag match would be actively participating and working for a Shield victory. But in a six-man tag where Bray is involved to take part in the action as well as direct Harper and Rowan, I have to believe that the Family would eventually be too much for the Shield.

And this video below really doesn’t fit with the article, but I can’t see where else I’d use it. I really can’t wait until Luke Harper breaks out the hurricanrana. And yup – Harper’s ring gear has never changed.


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